What is better to put braces teen? Price and reviews

Often for parents is difficult to decide which braces are best to put a teenager? What is the price of the issue and patients ‘ feedback on different systems? Because in this case you have to make a decision not for himself, but for sensitive and damaged child, whose desires do not always coincide with the parent.

The need for orthodontic treatment is obvious to adults and doctors. But the child may be completely disagree or to resist such a rude and unsightly treatment. How to approach a teenager, and a system to use in order to change the present defects?

Causes of malocclusion

Not always the position of the teeth is regulated only by natural variation. There are enough factors that affect it and they are not related to the natural growth of the teeth:

  • incorrect posture;
  • bad habits – thumb sucking, pacifiers, propping up his chin;
  • insufficient quantity of trace elements in the body of the child in the growth period, especially of calcium and fluorine;
  • mouth breathing, which often occurs because of the constant colds, the presence of adenoids and other health problems;
  • the predominance of soft food in the diet of the child, when he almost does not chew solid foods – apples, nuts, carrots, crackers;
  • injury or disease, leading to violation of the provisions of jaw or teeth.

Of course, genetic predisposition and congenital abnormalities can cause malocclusion that cannot be influenced.

The best age for braces

Depending on how badly broken jaw structure is, will depend on the best time to correct the bite. The most effective treatment results are achieved in children.

But there are nuances:

  1. In 7-9 years you can start the correction, if the violation is obvious and further waiting will lead to more serious problems. But this solution takes only orthodontist on the basis of the assessment of the child. He should have cut the first permanent upper incisors and grow to such a length that allows you to secure the design. But this age is quite dangerous to wear braces because in this case it is easy to damage a child’s enamel.
  2. When the child is already 11 or even 13 years. This is a more favorable period for the treatment, because teeth are more easily amenable to correction, and to harm them is more difficult. Active jaw growth at this time gives you the opportunity to significantly influence what position will occupy the units and form a perfect smile.
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Not to miss the right period to treat, you need another 3-4 years of taking the kid to a specialist who will assess the General condition of the teeth and the position of the jaws. Also the doctor will give advice on nutrition, day regimen and will tell you how to correct the defects, if any.

The dentist decides on the correction of occlusion and time to make it better, depending on the complexity of the problem, the overall development of the child and the natural state of the surface of the enamel.

What is better to put braces teen?

Most often patches of bite do it in adolescence, as this is the time when all permanent teeth have erupted, but the jaw is still in the process of growth. Difficulties when choosing braces is mostly a psychological condition of the child. So, it is influenced by the following factors:

  1. The teenager ignores the rules of personal hygiene and does not want to thoroughly clean the teeth and set design. The fact that to maintain oral health while wearing braces, it is very important to clean after each meal. And spend need it for 10-15 minutes three times a day, at least. If a teenager refuses to additionally monitor the cleanliness of the teeth and products, then the best choice would be metal braces, how to care for them a lot easier.
  2. The tendency to break the rules and craving for the forbidden foods. If an adult is capable of two to three years to abandon nuts, chips, chewing gum, gummy candy for the sake of beauty and health, the teenager is much harder to do. If you are confident that your child will be able to follow a special diet, it is best to install the same metal braces, as they are more durable and harder to break.
  3. When the teenager carefully monitors their appearance, he wants to correct crooked standing teeth or uneven bite, but actively resists unsightly appearance to the structure. This problem is solved by wearing a plastic, ceramic, sapphire, or lingual braces. But doctors do not recommend to wear at this age because the care of such systems is much more complicated, they are more fragile and thus very expensive. And lingual, and not at the time violate the diction, it is quite difficult to get used to. So you should explain to the child that the plastic or ceramic options, of course, will be less noticeable, but wearing them longer, and care more difficult. Perhaps it is worth to agree on metal options to finish the treatment early and enjoy the result achieved.
  4. Another issue in adolescence – lack of awareness of what the occlusion should be corrected. The child may not understand why would he want to change something, if so, it’s all right. Moreover, it is ugly, bulky and unwieldy structure, which should be carefully treated and cleaned, for the sake of it to refuse from your favorite foods, etc. In this case, it is necessary to find approach to the child and explain how it will affect his health and future. Sometimes, you may have to wait until the teenager does not agree themselves to such treatment.
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The price the issue

The choice of braces is also quite an influence the cost. So, the cheapest plastic are considered – from 10 000 rubles, but they are rarely used in pediatric dentistry, because they can be used to correct only mild defects. Next come the metal braces, which will cost 25-35 thousand, but they are the most suitable for the treatment of malocclusion in adolescents.

If to speak about more aesthetic options, invisible to prying eyes, then you would have to pay a lot more. Price for ceramic braces is around 50 thousand rubles, sapphire systems are about 60 000, and lingual – from 100 thousand and more.

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