What is different about the light seal from the usual: which seal better

Caries is a pathological process that leads to the destruction of healthy tooth tissue. It develops under the influence of pathogens and contributing factors. These include: poor implementation of hygiene of the mouth, injury of the enamel, hypovitaminosis, periodontitis, periodontal disease.
To stop further destruction is possible after special treatment. The dentist at the reception, removes decayed tissue, holds antiseptic treatment, fills the cavity with a filling material. The patient is given the right to exercise the choice to install chemical or photocomposite seal. They can vary in price and quality.

In some cases, the necessary restoration

The use of dental composites is necessary in the following situations:

  1. Treatment of caries;
  2. The restored teeth with the aim of improving the aesthetics with wedge-shaped defects, fluorosis, congenital anomalies;
  3. Tissue repair dental units after injuries, abrasion of enamel and dentine in connection with malocclusion, bruxism;
  4. The material is installed after the treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis.

Many patients wonder, what seal is better?

Depending on the financial condition of the person, the presence of the clinical picture, the dentist may advise you to make a choice in the direction of the composite. Latest light-curing materials are called photopolymer. They meet the demands, more aesthetic, secure and practical.

Chemical seals are standard colors. They are almost impossible to conduct high-quality aesthetic treatment. Therefore, the restoration of the dental units within the smile zone is preferably carried out by light materials.

If, in addition to the beauty, chemical composites also have pretty good qualities, which include: durability, reliability, safety, quick installation, availability of materials.

Advantages of nanomaterials for restoration

Advantages of composites the light over the chemical are obvious:

  • Beauty. If you compare the chemical composites with light in terms of aesthetics, the difference is quite noticeable. After the treatment with helioples, the tooth looks as natural as possible. With the help of skilled skills dentist recreates the natural form. The color is chosen in accordance with the physiological characteristics specific to the patient. Large selection palette allows the technician to perform their work as efficiently. Man, the last procedure for the restoration of destroyed dental tissues can feel free to smile, to fully communicate. Even on close examination, is quite difficult to distinguish between the presence of dental interventions;
  • Practicality. Light composites bond well with natural fabrics, do not allow the tooth to decay. They differ from the chemical seals that react with the walls of the tooth and form a single integrity. Therefore, photopolymer rarely fall out, they complain less patients;
  • Long service life. With good care and the quality of the treatment, the composite material is located in its proper place before 8 – 10 years. Subsequently, the material sags a bit, there is a need for re-restoration. In the absence of secondary caries, this procedure takes just minutes;
  • Absence of allergic reactions. As a rule, after treatment, there are negative manifestations. The seal is not toxic and traumatic to the pulp. Man after a few hours it forgets about the presence of past problems;
  • Quick installation. Restoration of damaged tissue is performed within one session. It is carried out after removal of pathological tissues and antiseptic treatment of the cavity. If necessary, before the procedure the specialist local anesthesia. Thorough drainage cavity is an important part of successful therapy. For better bonding of the filling material and dental tissues, using special glue adhesive. In cases of medium and deep caries, use special medicated pads. They have a regenerating effect on the tissues and protect the pulp from traumatic injuries.
  • The lack of special care. After treatment, patients live a normal life and carry out the usual hygiene treatment.
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After preparation, the dentist makes a layer-by-layer material into the cavity of the tooth. After each application, is blowing out the material with a special UV lamp. Under the influence of light triggered a chemical reaction, the seal hardens and firmly adheres to podgotovlennoi to the seal cavity. After the production was made, the doctor adjusts the seal depending on the malocclusion of the patient, removes waste material, carries out the grinding and polishing.

Depending on the presence of pathology and the skill of the specialist, treatment can take from 30 to 1.6 hours;


From photopolymer, there are the following disadvantages:

  1. Higher price, compared with a chemical compound;
  2. The seals eventually shrink. They must be replaced every 5 – 7 years;
  3. Over a long period of operation, the composite material to change its color. This trouble often occurs with the abuse of coloring products. These include: strong tea, coffee, the bright juices of vegetables and fruits. Smoking has a negative impact on the condition of the teeth, making them dark, pigmented and ugly.

Had a light seal. Reasons

Despite the fact that light composites are high-quality and reliable, after treatment, can be a nuisance. One of these days, a person falls seal. In case of accident it is necessary to go on reception to the expert. If trouble occurs within 6 months after implementation of the dental action, re-manipulation, would be carried out for warranty service.

There are the following reasons which fall out of the seal:

  • Errors doctor. These include the development of secondary caries, in connection with poor treatment given. If during installation was not complied with basic norms and rules, during the first months, can happen trouble.
  • Loss of material in case of injury of the jaw and malocclusion;
  • The person who does not care about his mouth, chewing solid foods, there is the inevitable sagging and loss of material.
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If the tooth remains healthy only a thin wall, after the restoration of tissues, it is necessary to cover the unit with a protective crown. Ignoring the recommendations of the expert, will lead to the fact that in the event of mechanical impacts, a tooth break off, the seal will fall out.

Sometimes, after installing a light composite may experience discomfort, a little pain. In the case of constant increasing pain, after a dental intervention, you must call for a consultation to the dentist. He will do the x-rays, making the clinical picture, will create a plan of action. If the inflammatory process involved the nerves, it is necessary to remove the seal and efficiently treat root canals. Only after that you can again restore the seal.

The implementation of the care of the oral cavity

These simple rules should follow every patient after their dental actions:

  1. At the end of the procedure, refrain from eating for 1 hour. Drinking clean water is not prohibited. Final reaction and the bond material will occur within 24 hours. At this time, you can not drink staining drinks and food;
  2. Perform high-quality processing of the oral cavity. Twice a year visit your dentist for inspection and hygienic processing;
  3. Treat caries at an early stage. If necessary, a few years re-make the restoration;
  4. It is forbidden to have a mechanical effect on the teeth. It is not necessary to chew the rind nuts and seeds, chew bones and cartilage;
  5. Keep dental units from harmful aggressions acids. After eating the food that destroys the enamel, make sure you take treatment of the oral cavity;
  6. Avoid extreme temperatures when consuming drinks and food;
  7. In the presence of malocclusion, absence of teeth, take appropriate treatment.