What to do if teeth crumble?

A lot of people every day faced with the problem of crumbling teeth. This phenomenon contributes to a large number of adverse factors (ecology, poor nutrition, inadequate care for mouth, etc.) Everyone who suffers from this disease, of course, interested in the question what to do if teeth crumble?

The problem is that it is not a single but a complex disease and evidence of serious problems throughout the body. Often, people do not pay enough attention to this disease, and begin to be active only when the front teeth are crumbling or have painful feelings associated with damage to the tooth nerve.

Why crumbling teeth in an adult?

Immediately it is worth noting that there are many reasons of this disease. Why? First, is food. This can be attributed to what we eat and how we do it. So, in the era of globalization and scientific discoveries in genetics, chemistry and other Sciences, the increased number of tasty, but extremely dangerous for the teeth food additives.

Secondly, it is extremely important for human teeth is the quality of drinking water, its composition, etc. If there isn’t enough variety of minerals (such as fluoride), it has extremely adverse consequences for metabolism in the human body, after which can start crumbling enamel.

Often the first to begin to crumble the teeth, on which falls the greatest burden in the process of eating. It could be the front teeth, and rear. In most cases it happens gradually and it looks like in this photo.

Also, the tendency to fracture of the tooth is affected by the place of permanent residence. In regions where not too much sunlight, the human body gets enough vitamin D, which, in turn, strengthens the teeth. Also important is the age factor, because over time derived from the body a variety of nutrients, which, among other things, greatly affect the strength of the teeth.

Cause crumbling teeth in children and adolescents

The age factor is not only important from the point of view of human aging, because children and teenagers are also sometimes affected by this disease. Often this occurs because of malocclusion. However, there are cases when the cause lies in poor metabolism, which also negatively affects the condition of the tooth enamel and leads to fracture of the tooth at the same type.

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Important is the fact that children’s tooth enamel is more exposed to harmful food additives, than the enamel adults and children nowadays are actually consumed the same food as their parents, and in most cases much more harmful.

Some researchers have noted that children’s teeth are prone to fracture due to bad genetics, although this claim is controversial, although to reject it completely is not worth it.

What to do if the tooth crumbled?

If the broken tooth is first necessary to turn to dentist. At home you can only temporarily mitigate the effects of a dental chip.

  1. If you feel severe pain, you should take painkillers, it’s fairly strong action (e.g., caution);
  2. When bleeding can use a sterile swab;
  3. You should also try to close down the place where crumbled tooth, do not load it.

However, all these measures are temporary, and you need to quickly go to a dentist that will provide you with expert help and will tell you what to do next.

Restoration of chipped teeth in dental clinic

In the dental clinic professionals to not only localize the consequences of a chipped tooth, but will be able to restore it. This is done in different ways: from the establishment of crowns and fillings to cover the problem area with special mixtures.

When such complications when nerve damage, the doctor will likely remove it. Also, if the cause of these dental diseases is beyond the competence of the dentist, it can advise to address to other professionals.

Still, most cases of dental chipping, restaurerede doctors through composite materials. The damaged area of the tooth, in this case, it populates rapidly solidifying composite «resin».

Thus, the composite material and the tooth not differ in color and shape from original appearance. However, this form of restoration is suitable for those who have been a chipped tooth is not alarming scale.

Otherwise, severe loss of dental tissue in consequence of a dental chip, doctors can use veneers – thin facing material of pressed ceramics. They give the teeth the desired shape and color, it is so good that this technique is often used for front teeth, because the tooth is restored looks like new throughout the life of the patient.

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Have child crumble milk teeth — what to do?

If crumbling teeth in children, especially when it happens with babies, you should immediately contact your doctor because it is important to establish the cause of the disease.

Do not neglect the chipped baby tooth, and rely on the fact that they still fall out. In this case, the following teeth are likely to not grow to be healthy, so, again, you need to consult a doctor.

With regard to aid, the child can rinse the mouth with boiled water, that would get rid of the pieces of dental tissue and food debris. If there is small bleeding, it is possible to get rid of it with a sterile cotton swab.

After these steps you should contact your doctor who will determine the nature of the cleavage and milky tooth and further actions. You may want to remove, or not to touch.

Crumbling teeth during pregnancy and after childbirth

It is worth noting that often the teeth crumble not only among children but also among mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The fact that the mother’s body conveys a lot of useful substances to the organism of the child, which they may not be enough for the body of the mother. In this case, it is necessary to use a large number of vitamin complexes, calcium, etc., in order to restore the necessary balance.

However, it is important that the dental problems that occur in women during pregnancy indicate that something went wrong in the body before her. You might have problems with metabolism or the care of the oral cavity. Thus should not all be blamed solely on the processes associated with pregnancy.

With regard to the treatment of such problems, it is necessary to consult a dentist, but the active in treatment of tooth chipping and tooth construction is carried out only after delivery.

Do I need to remove root if it crumbled, and the tooth is left?

In the case when the root of the tooth crumbled, and the tooth is intact, what happens not so often, are dental surgical procedures that include removal of the affected area of the tooth and the nerves, and replacing them with artificial materials. In this case, the upper part of the tooth can remain intact.

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However, this is not always. The fact that the tooth may appear intact only in appearance, but inside he has already been irreversible processes, which are not possible to cure him. In this case, it is easier to resect with a root and an implant.

Why crumble the wisdom teeth and what to do about it?

This problem is quite common. Often, a wisdom tooth begins to crumble, even when it has not grown completely and in this case, you need immediate intervention of a dentist.

If the process of chopping occurs with the wisdom teeth it is likely that this means the complex problems of the whole organism, not just the mouth.

In this case, you will need to undergo a comprehensive study, not only dentist but other doctors, for example, from a gastroenterologist. The fact that may be impaired digestion, in consequence of which and problems with metabolism and brittleness of tooth enamel.

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Prevention should take the following measures:

  • Eat plenty of vitamins, calcium, etc.;
  • Pay attention to the quality of drinking water (it should be with a normal amount of minerals such as fluorine);
  • Regularly consult a dentist;
  • To give up such harmful habits for the teeth, how to chew on solid objects, smoke, etc.;
  • To practice oral hygiene.