What to do if you had a temporary filling

The seal is temporary and permanent. First put on time, and then they’re replaced by the second. Temporary materials can be put for a period from two days to one month. The duration depends on the reasons for its installation. They put, on living teeth and pulpless, that is, of which the nerve is removed. By themselves, they are plastic, to put them easily, but harden for a very long time in contrast to permanent. Fully cured one hour after installation. It is through this time, the patient is allowed to eat.

What is a temporary filling and why it is

Temporary filling material is placed, in order to protect the cavity from falling into it bacteria and avoid further infection. In other words, it is necessary that the tooth was hermetically closed and keep the food in which bacteria multiply. As the seals using artificial dentin, dentin-paste, vinoxy, zinc oxide and oil of cloves, cement with calcium. All except the first, which hardens within three minutes, fully cured from two to twelve hours, depending on the material. The increasing popularity of dentine-paste. It is very plastic, it is easy to install and give any form. But curing takes a few hours. It is sometimes to diagnose, and in other cases to temporarily close carious, pre-treated cavity. It is also easy to remove as to put.

In some cases, install temporary filling

In fact, there are many clinical situations where the dentist just needs to install a temporary material for filling. The cases in which they are placed can be divided into the following points:

  • For diagnostic purposes;
  • During treatment;
  • In prosthetic dentistry for holding the prosthesis.

For diagnosis it is used for treating deep caries. Sometimes the diagnosis is complicated because symptoms of deep caries and chronic pulpitis are very similar. Every dentist tries to keep the nerve in the tooth, increasing its activity. Therefore, in order not to jump to conclusions, the doctor puts a special drug with calcium and closes the temporary blombacka. Thus, if the tooth underneath was not sick, especially at night, it isn’t a pulpit, and you can save the pulp without removing it.

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During therapeutic interventions, it so happens that there is no possibility to install permanent material. This occurs in the public dental clinics, where each patient is given half an hour. For example, the canal properly treated. During this half hour you can have time to process their mechanical and medicated and sealed. Not to mention the fact that they have yet to find and after sealing an x-ray quality control of sealing. So you have to put the seal on a time and release the patient.

Very often it is used when treating pulpitis by devital method. I mean, the nerve of the tooth is removed is not alive, but only after its immobilization. This is done using ARSENICAL paste, which is applied to the exposed area of pulp and dentin closes the top-dressing. The patient should take place during that time, as long as the arsenic. Similarly, it is used when treating periodontitis. The channels put medicine and cover a temporary filling to check how the tooth will survive the sealing. If suddenly there are severe pain, the patient can remove it, or he can immediately contact your dentist.

What to do if the temporary filling falls out

Was on reception at the dentist put a temporary filling, and it flew in the same evening. Why is this happening and who is to blame? In fact, the reason that there has been a material loss may be the doctor and the patient. It is worth to analyze separately both to know and to prevent. Because of the doctor temporary material falls very rarely, as opposed to permanent. Because of his special installation skills are required.
It is necessary to completely treat a cavity is to dissect and spend antiseptic processing. Well dried, to isolate from saliva. It is a common cause of loss of filling material, for both temporary and permanent. Must be set so that it does not over-bite. Otherwise the patient trying to close the teeth, can push out the seal. Another reason for the mistake is that he was not informed the patient information care filling. What you need to do, and what not. And patient ignorance can cause the loss of fillings.

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The fault of the patient drops out due to the fact that he does not observe the doctor’s recommendation. These include:

  • Eating is only possible in two hours;
  • To avoid eating tough and rigid products;
  • Do not use chewing gum;
  • Do not exert any mechanical stress;
  • It is not necessary to do the rinse on the sealed side.

All of this can affect what filling goes. She can fall off in pieces, to crumble. This is normal, because it is a fragile material. Importantly, the tightness was not broken.

What to do during a full loss

What to do if the temporary filling falls out? The most appropriate action is to immediately contact a specialist. In that case, if it is more than half the time, during which she had to stand may already be sealed with permanent material. It is the case that patient for the time nothing was too much trouble. Or put another temporary filling. All depends on the situation.

If it is a temporary filling early must this immediately be reported to your doctor. Before you go to the reception should meet certain conditions, especially if it is not possible to go on the same day.

  1. Should not eat on that side, where he was treated for a cavity. Avoid getting food there.
  2. After each meal be sure to rinse your mouth, if it is done more often is even better.
  3. In that case, if the channels involved, it is necessary to isolate them, this can be closed with a sterile piece of cotton moistened with antiseptic.
  4. After she fell, you can not pick, to use too cold or hot meal, in that case, if the tooth is alive.
  5. In any case, you should not try to close on their own, because there is a high risk of infection.
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If concerned about pain, you can take pain pills, do rinse the soda-salt solution, applying vetochku soaked with anesthetic – novocaine or lidocaine.

And of course not to put off going to the dentist. Only he can make the necessary arrangements. Besides, the more the tooth is open, the higher the probability not only to make it worse, but to lose a tooth. Because the temporary filling material placed in the already dissected carious cavity. That is, it is vulnerable to all factors, if not close.

But then again, it is not necessary to try to do this because people at home will not be able to create such conditions that you want to install the seals. So at the first opportunity, you must schedule an appointment to doctor appointment.