What toothpaste is the best and how to choose?

Regular oral hygiene is an integral part of the day, but it is important to know which toothpaste is the best and how to choose?

With the right kind of toothpaste can prevent any problems of the mouth, to cope with the plaque deposits and tooth decay. Quality toothpaste is one of the best methods of prevention of dental diseases, therefore we will tell about the rules for its selection.

How to choose toothpaste?

Perfectly healthy teeth are rare. Even if there is no caries, periodontitis or other diseases of the teeth, still the enamel can be destroyed, it is sometimes lack of fluoride and calcium, there is an overabundance of minerals. While addiction to coffee or cigarettes teeth are constantly exposed to negative impacts, requires regular preventive maintenance, to prevent any disease.

It is best to consult the doctor and only then choose the right pasta. If it is correct, it is not just cleaned of plaque, but also to prevent Tartar, periodontitis, caries and other diseases that can lead to tooth loss.

Pasta is divided into several types, depending on what effect it has on your mouth:

  • sensitive teeth need gentle cleaning that will not damage natural defences. The dentin becomes exposed due to the destruction of enamel and in the future, this situation threatens the destruction of the tooth. Mainly he is protected by sealing or applying fluorine, and pasta provides further protection. At high sensitivity it should include a chloride of strontium, salts of potassium, since these components strengthen the enamel. It is important that the content of abrasive particles was low. Dentists give advice: on the package need to pay attention to the index of the RDA, which should be more than 75;
  • required bleaching darkened teeth, but the enamel they should be strong. To use the paste, giving a whitening effect, you need 2-3 times per week, otherwise the enamel will begin to break down after six months. Best bleach these pastes, in which the index of abrasiveness is greater than the number 200. Darkened enamel will be brighter, but will not be white. If the manufacturer declares that a similar effect, it is only a publicity stunt. Whitening toothpaste should have oxidizing components, i.e. carbamide peroxide or hydrogen sodium bicarbonate. But if the composition is chalk, coarse grit will scratch him enamel and will destroy the neck of the tooth;
  • antiseptic paste. That the oral cavity is the area of the body which is contaminated with bacteria the most. Regular cleaning of them is very important, otherwise they will destroy the teeth. But dentists claim to use a special antibacterial toothpaste is required only when the sores on the mucosa, inflammation, stomatitis. In all other cases, cope proper hygiene and self-saliva. Pastes with chlorhexidine is better not to abuse, not to eliminate more and beneficial microflora of your mouth. Gum is very useful components, such as chamomile, sage, calendula;
  • anti-caries toothpaste — they must include the following components: calcium glycerophosphate, sodium fluoride, sodium monoftorfosfat and aminopterin. But the fluoride in the toothpaste should not be much, because it lacks water, otherwise it will only hurt excess. If not enough of calcium, it is preferable that the composition was calcium glycerophosphate, as it will not wash off over time from the enamel;
  • baby pasta is a category of pasta, requirements should be more strict, you can’t blindly trust the packaging. The cleansing ingredients that you need to choose an exceptionally relaxed (dicalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide). Index RDA toothpaste can have no more than 50. Fluoride should be removed, and if the child is older than 3 years, the content of this component should not exceed 0,025%.
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Made now and a special paste for those who have an addiction to Smoking, tea, wine or coffee. They are similar to with bleaching, but additionally refreshing, preventing the formation of bad breath.

Thai pasta is also in the category of bleach, but a distinctive phenomenon is its organic composition. Due to the lack of chemical compounds, its taste is not so pleasant, but the first results from using it noticeable after a few days: there is the healing of the gums disappear sores in the mouth, less actively developing cavities, and the teeth cleaned of plaque.

Black toothpaste some people are afraid of unnatural composition, although in fact the color she had because of birch charcoal. This means not only whitens, but also kills germs, freshens and does not provoke enhance the sensitivity of the teeth. No wonder because of so many unique properties, it is very expensive.

What toothpaste is the best?

Find the right brand of pasta you need based on the features of oral cavity state and what effect you want to obtain. We reviewed the most popular toothpastes and their properties.

Name Manufacturer Properties Price
Colgate China Has a good cleansing impact, as there is just 2 of the abrasive. 60 p.
President White + Italy Suitable for periodic use as part of a unique abrasive that removes sediment, and even solid deposits. 130 p.
Lacalut Germany Pyrophosphates, fluorides and abrasives with special cut – this composition is suitable for teeth whitening. When using at most 4 times a week and still has a strengthening effect on the gums and enamel. 200 p.
Parodontax UK The ingredients included chamomile, sage and mint. Pasta is not suitable for cleansing, but helps to strengthen teeth and prevent periodontal disease. 150 p.
Splat Landsat Russia It has a powerful antiseptic effect, prevents gum disease. Pasta has anti-inflammatory, cleansing using bleaching salts mild. Additionally helps to reduce tooth sensitivity. 140 R.
New pearl Russia Suitable for preventive purposes. Freshens breath, helps strengthen enamel cleans the plaque. 30 p.
Blend-a-Med Pro-Expert America Protects against the formation of Tartar and removes plaque efficiently. Struggling with erosion of enamel, tooth decay, reduces gum sensitivity. 200 p.
R. O. C.’s Coffee and tobacco Russia, Switzerland Perfect for daily use to cleanse the enamel surface from pigments. Cleaning occurs in two components – silica and bromelain. With regular use, the rate of formation of plaque and Tartar reduces. To normalize the microflora in the oral cavity and does not contain antiseptics and fluoride. 240 p.
Forest balm 2 in 1 Britain and the Netherlands Refreshes and kills germs, improves blood circulation in the gums and strengthens them. In the composition, in addition to toothpaste, there is a special balm with extract of fir, which strengthens gums. 160 p.
Sensodyne Immediate effect UK Paste is able to stop pain in tooth sensitivity. She also promotes rapid healing of wounds on the mucosa and is ideal for everyday use. 140 R.
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Toothpaste Parodontax my doctor recommended me. Studied composition and acquired, as he I was not alarmed. Components of natural, herbal: chamomile, Echinacea, sage, myrrh oil. It is simple and affordable. Only after that grit is too aggressive. Read the information about the toothpaste and found out that the main cleansing ingredient is sodium bicarbonate (i.e. baking soda). For someone with such a powerful cleansing effect, I also had to be abandoned in favor of a more gentle cleansing.


I presented a black toothpaste Splat Blackwood. Looks unusual, I even thought it was a joke, but apparently not. Decided to try it. It turned out that it perfectly refreshes and whitens. Pasta itself is thick in consistency, like a gel, which has a small dark blotches if you look close. Spent economically, refreshing, but no burning sensation what happens from mint toothpastes. I often drink coffee, but thanks to this toothpaste teeth a much whiter look. Only use it now a couple of times a week — too much clean, almost «squeaky».


Long time use toothpaste «Colgate». I don’t smoke, tea and coffee too are not fond of, so I don’t need to buy a professional toothpaste for strong whitening. I like the affordable price, refreshing, and fluorine contained in it, strengthens the teeth. I do not like to overpay for such hygiene products as very happy with this toothpaste.