When to start brushing teeth baby: how old

Young moms and dads who have a baby often interested in the question of when to start brushing teeth baby how to choose hygiene products, it is advisable to carry out oral hygiene at an early age. The answers to the questions will help you to find this article.

The need for oral hygiene

How many years to clean teeth. It is not necessary to wait for a certain age and looking at the calendar, start processing the mouth need right from birth. Care of the dental units is carried out directly after their appearance. To the cleansing procedures must be approached responsibly. The baby is still not able to care for your body. All these concerns should take parents.

Tongue, gums, mucous membranes of lips and cheeks in need of purification from plaque in the first days of life. Breast milk and mixes are favorable environment for reproduction of microorganisms. If plaque is not cleared in a timely manner, develop inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Co-factors of stomatitis are:

  1. Decrease in immunity.
  2. SARS.
  3. The herpetic infection.
  4. The incidence of fungi.
  5. Hypothermia.
  6. Trauma of the mucosa.
  7. Teething.

Inflammatory processes in the mouth bring suffering to the little man. The severity of the condition depends on the type of pathogen, patient’s age. The baby mood worsens, he becomes capricious, increased body temperature. The signs indicating the presence of stomatitis: salivation, pain when eating, refusal to eat.

Up to 6 months of age of the child, it is sufficient to clean the oral cavity with a sterile gauze pad or swab. Gauze holds the plaque and cleans the inner side of the cheeks, lips, gums, tongue. Before you begin the procedure, a gauze tampon moistened in a glass of boiled water.

Should not be used for procedures a cotton pad. It does not fit in the structure, a bad job, when in contact with salivary fluid breaks up into fibers. They get stuck in the mouth, in contact with the root of the tongue, causing a gag reflex.

Basic requirements for cleaning the mucous membranes of the mouth baby:

  • The purity of the hands of parents;
  • Change of napkins;
  • Disposable sterile material.

Features hygienic procedures. Diseases of the oral cavity

How many months cut first tooth unit? With 6 — 8 months, babies begin to appear the first teeth. Not worth it to bother to look at the calendar, if your son or daughter for 9 months, and my mouth no ones. They will erupt.

With the advent of teeth, hygienic procedures be rigorous and mandatory. To brush first teeth the child under one year need special brushes and pastes. Diseases of the mouth appear even in very young children. The carious process develops quickly, within a few months affects the entire dental unit.

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Gingivitis is a common problem. It is accompanied by pain, bleeding gums, unpleasant smell from the mouth. The disease is a chronic focus of infection, reduces the immune system, prevents the baby to fully develop, to play and socialize.

You have to know! When to start brushing teeth child breastfed?
Dentists believe that after feeding mixture, it is necessary to clear the mouth of the baby. At night feeding a mixture of children 6 — 7 months undesirable. If you ignore this rule, increases the risk of abnormalities. Breast milk is the optimal food for newborn and infants it is better absorbed and contains high amounts of calcium. The baby can vskarmlivanie breast milk at night. In this case, carry out traditional hygiene morning and evening.

Care dental units in children from 1 year

If your baby turned a year old, and certainly his mouth had already cutters. How to teach your child how to properly brush your teeth in a year? At this age, kids are savvy, they tend to imitate adults and are happy to learn interesting and useful game.

For the procedure you will need:

  1. A glass of warm boiled water.
  2. Toothbrush with soft and slightly rounded bristles.
  3. Safe toothpaste without fluoride. Of the baby are still not able to fully spit out the saliva with hygienic products.

How to care for first teeth

For babies pharmacies sell special toothpaste that is safe if swallowed.

Pediatric dentists suggest the following accessories for babies:

  • President baby;
  • Lacalut baby;
  • gel with calendula Weleda;
  • Splat juicy set;
  • Splat junior from 0 to 4;
  • Rocs — pro baby.

The task of parents — to inspire a child procedure. If your baby is actively refusing the hygienic measures view with him an instructive cartoon.

To the child it was fun, get a special time wind-up toys. Watch them, yet implementing procedures.

How to brush teeth-old child

Pick up a brush or put it on a special finger brush a fingertip. Dip it in clean water or just rinse under the tap. Apply to the bristles of toothpaste the size of a pea. Thoroughly clean each tooth, on both sides. You and your kids can clean teeth, only smooth movements, from the gum to the cutting edge. Do not use force and do not press on the handle. Make sure that toothbrush not penetrated deep into her mouth and causing a gag reflex.

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After thorough cleansing, rinse the brush. The pure bristles will make several movements and rinse hygiene products. The special nozzle clean the gums, inside of cheeks, lips, tongue.

Offer the kid a glass of water and asked to rinse the mouth. The spitting liquid for infants — a complicated matter. So do not despair if the first attempt will lead to the fact that the liquid would just be swallowed. Quite often the crumbs begin to cough and choke.

To teach to spit the fluid, you can give the child a glass of boiled water during the day and ask you to rinse your mouth, in addition to morning and evening brushing. Hygienic the event turn into an exciting game, come up and tell the right tale.

Important information

Answers to interested questions that relate to the care of the mouth in babies:

  • How to teach a child to brush their teeth? Begin to instill a love and respect for your body need with newborns. If children from infancy parents carry out hygienic procedures, it is becoming a tradition. In such cases, if one forgets to brush his teeth, he feels discomfort and hastens to correct the situation.
  • How to encourage your child to observe daily hygiene in the morning and evening? Forced to do nothing. Parents should not only teach, but also to follow important procedures. It is necessary to approach to hygiene not only liability, but also with humor. It is noticed that the crumbs love to learn, if the case is to draw the game.
  • How to care for baby teeth problems? Complaints of a child should not be ignored. During the visit, the doctor will examine the baby, will conduct the examination, make a treatment plan. If necessary, for the protection of the enamel, the dentist carries out the treatment of teeth children special protective solutions. Tooth decay is a common problem. It is a consequence of poor dental care units. After treatment, the doctor will give recommendations for further care and monitoring, which must be strictly adhered to.
  • How to teach child to brush teeth independently? This should be done consistently. Do not expect that the child at 11 — 12 months will be to exercise correctly and self-hygienic procedures. Parents are fully in control of the process to 3 years. From 3 to 7 years kids take care of themselves almost by themselves, but sometimes need assistance. With 7 years children have a good command of their actions, can perform the procedure independently, without supervision. Daily oral hygiene will significantly reduce the risk of disease, will give confidence and good health. How to care for baby teeth, tell the pediatric dentist. It is necessary to visit with the child every 6 -7 months from one year of age.
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When to start brushing teeth with the Waterpik? Irrigator for mouth is a good helper in the fight against plaque and bacteria. Through individual nozzles is carried out treatments with 7 — 10 years of age.

At what age to brush their teeth with floss? To begin to use sanitary means of appropriate after 7 — 10 years. Before you apply an innovation, the parents should instruct your son or daughter about the rules of safe use. This will help eliminate the negative effects.

  • Do I need to clean the dental units before meals? No, cleansing the oral cavity with a toothpaste and brush are changed 2 times a day, in the morning after Breakfast, in the evening, after dinner. At night without eating.
  • How to brush teeth to children after the loss of the tooth? In the first days eliminate mechanical impact on the area of the missing units. In the days that followed, perform quality oral hygiene. To reduce the risk of injury, use special soft toothbrushes.
  • How to brush teeth with mouthwash? To do this, purchase secure means, which are suitable for age your child. When applying ensure that the son or daughter not swallow the liquid.
  • When the child need a dentist? Preventive monitoring is carried out 1 time in 6 — 7 months. Not to forget about important events, put the date in the electronic calendar.

If the baby complains of pain and discomfort, you must consult the doctor as early as possible.


As has become clear, start brushing the teeth is necessary from the moment of their appearance. The child needs from infancy to instill important values to care for your body. In this case, the risk of abnormalities of the teeth and gums is greatly reduced. For children as for adults, healthy teeth are an important element in the success and harmonious development.