Whether from tooth sore throat

Usually people wonder whether tooth sore throat. Once there are unpleasant sensations in the throat, it is difficult to swallow, the majority is sent to the pharmacy for antiseptic medicines and antibiotics. Almost everyone writes off the symptoms for a sore throat. Only if early intervention cannot prevent the development of serious inflammatory process, a person writes an appointment to the audiologist. And here he has heard that a sore throat because of problems with teeth.

The eruption and removal of teeth

Improper growth of tooth injury occurs to the mucosa. In the formed pocket begin to accumulate food particles which turn into a favorable environment for pathogenic microorganisms. Inflammatory process begins, requiring the immediate intervention of the surgeon. Removing the pus does not solve the problem, but reduces the risk of complications, allowing the tooth to erupt.

The most inconvenience take the wisdom teeth. By the time of their occurrence in the jaw is already no free space, so they have to «move» those teeth that have already become part of human life. The process is slow, accompanied by severe pain, causes swelling of gums, increase in temperature. Often starts inflammatory process, increased pain, radiating to the neck or ears. The lack of adequate treatment leads to the tonsils to fight infection. When sick, teeth and throat, are required to appoint an antiseptic mouthwash, for example, Miramistin or Furatsilinom. When severe pain specialist assigns painkillers. Self-selection of such drugs, when tormented by a toothache, can cause complications:

  • bleeding;
  • an allergic reaction to the main drug dosage rate;
  • the weakening of the action of other drugs or provocation of their side effects.

Dangerous replacement for prescribed medicines counterparts. In severe cases, sore throats and teeth, it is necessary to use antibiotics. Until will not be suppressed infection, bad tooth is not removed because of the risk of infection in the open wound.

Removing any of the tooth associated with risk. Neglecting recommendations not to smoke, not to eat, not to drink beverages and thoroughly rinsing your mouth the first few hours after surgery may cause infection to the wound. Then, the person and the gum may be sore and throat. Sore throat after extraction of teeth and no abnormalities. All because of the hard operation. Damage to a large number of nerve endings some time after removal of the tooth causing pain, which gives to the different parts of the mouth. It is sufficient to follow the doctor’s recommendations, and the problem will disappear on their own.

Dental pathology

Sore throat caused by and various diseases associated with poor dental care.

Periodontitis and galvanic syndrome

Inflammation of the gums, called periodontitis, due to the penetration of bacteria in the gingival channels. The cause of the problem may hide in the active growth of Tartar or predominance in the menu of soft foods that reduce the load on the gums. The weakening of the gums leads to an inability to resist the attacks of pathogens. The treatment process begins with the cleaning of the gingival canals and regular rinsing with antiseptic solutions. In most cases this is sufficient for quick and complete recovery.

If a sore throat due to periodontitis, and the person is seeking qualified using self-medicates, he runs the risk of inflammation of the pulp and severe tooth decay. In the end, avoid going to the doctor’s office will not succeed, and the healing process will take much more time, effort and financial expenditure than in the first stage of the disease.

Because the tooth subjected to deletion, can also cause problems. Dentures made of metal, a small current level. For the delicate mucosa of the mouth is sufficient to initiate the inflammatory process, accompanied by pain. Gradually the pathological process captures all large areas, spreading from the gums to the throat. To get rid of the causes of pathology is simple — remove the prosthesis. Then the patient will require treatment with the use of immunomodulators to restore the damaged tissues. After the treatment the dentist recommends the patient to wear ceramic dentures.

Aphthous stomatitis

The presence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vitamin deficiency, lack of oral hygiene or Smoking lead to the development of aphthous stomatitis. Its main symptoms are sore throat, erosion, inflammation of lymph nodes and fever. Experts do not exclude the development of aphthous stomatitis is influenced by viral infections, but I prefer to believe that the root cause of the pathology is the malfunction of the immune system. Another cause of disease is the usage of poor quality dentures.

Appearing erosions or aphthae are the red edges and white coating. The presence of erosion causes a strong burning sensation, worse in the beginning of the meal. In most cases, aphthae affect the mucous membranes of the oral cavity mass being located on the inner side of the lips, throat, tongue, and cheeks. The patient must consult the dentist for the purpose of the treatment. Opinion «can wait until everything goes itself», appearing in many adults, provides a massive defeat Atami and severe pain in the throat. In the treatment process is processed with antiseptic solutions, taking vitamin complexes, antihistamines, and antianxiety drugs. The success of the therapy is a comprehensive approach. To avoid relapse is possible only when the elimination of chronic illnesses and regular medication, such Decaris, appointed expert.

Signs of dental pain in the throat

Inflammation of the lining of the mouth from what a toothache, easily passes to the mucous membrane of the pharynx and throat due to the lack of boundaries between them. Receive pain medication helps to numb an unpleasant feeling, but it cannot determine the exact cause of its occurrence. Before you get out of the home first aid kits, medicines left from past treatment of angina, it is necessary to listen to your body.

Cyst gums pretends to be a strong swelling and swelling in the first stage of the disease. Later in the affected area are able to develop a gumboil. Purulent inflammation greatly enhances painful sensations by allowing them to give in the throat, temple or ear. Only after this, the active temperature increase, characteristic of angina.

Pathology of the teeth causing the pain in the throat, begin with the fact that:

  1. There is swelling of the tissues around the affected tooth. Tooth pain is not in isolation to the affected area gradually connected more and more nerve endings and tissues.
  2. The body temperature is elevated, but does not require the reception of fever-reducing medications.
  3. Most acute pain is manifested in the teeth of victims of the disease.

The absence of runny nose and mild sore throat with no apparent signs of General intoxication indicate dental disease.

To delay dental treatment as angina, is not recommended. To prevent the development of complications is much easier than to deal with the consequences. The appearance of pain in the throat indicates that the disease is passed into the active form. To postpone the visit to the dentist or to self-medicate is very dangerous.

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