White patches on lips causes in adults

If you see white patches on the lips, causes in adults and children largely agree. However, there are differences, and if the phenomenon was repeated regularly, for example, in the morning, you should immediately to address this problem, as it signals that the body has failed.

When should I start to worry

If white patches appear in the morning, can be easily removed with lip touches the tongue, then most likely the man’s lips just dried up in a dream, maybe he was asleep, his mouth open. The plaque on the lips of adult women does not allow them to lipstick, as lipstick rolls down and falls into an even layer. In this case the lips you can wipe with a towel, this usually helps them to drain. If the white coating is removed is not so easy and, in addition, appeared on the inner mucous part of the oral cavity, for example, on the cheeks, it can mean that the body is subjected to disease.

Causes of white patches on the lips

White patches on the lips in adults, as well as on the oral mucosa, appears not just — it is a symptom of quite serious diseases:

  • The plaque is of white color occurs when the deficiency or deficiencies. Imbalance of vitamins and minerals leads to disruption of the internal organs, and most importantly, the human immune system. In this case, the body prone to attacks of viruses and bacteria not only from the external environment, but also those that were in a latent state. For example, human papillomavirus, herpes and others present in a person throughout his life. Treatment in this case is predictable — it is necessary to restore the balance of minerals and vitamins in the body. The doctor prescribes a course of treatment with appropriate drugs. You can buy vitamin complex systems, without a prescription. To take them should, following the enclosed instructions.
  • White patches in the corners of the lips and tongue may indicate dysbiosis. This phenomenon occurs in violation of the bacterial balance in the gastrointestinal tract. Goiter is usually caused by prolonged use of antibiotics. The treatment involves the intake of probiotics and compliance with a certain diet. It includes the use of sour milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese and an abundance of cereal. To treat disbakterioza better under the supervision of a physician.
  • If the RAID suffers mainly lower lip and it even had pimples, you should reconsider your way of life, as it is a manifestation of chronic stress. In this case, you need to spend more time to sleep, at least 8 hours a day. You need to avoid stressful situations, and the best time to retire, take a vacation, for example. Because stress not only leads to white patches on the lips, it adversely affects the work of all internal organs and systems, as well as the heart and Central nervous system.
  • White film on lips can be a result of Smoking. This is the first sign that you should immediately quit this bad habit. Especially dangerous is Smoking so-called «nasvay», covering not only Central Asia, but also increasingly and more widely used on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. In many regions of Russia has already carried out a total cleansing of the production of this means of Smoking.
  • White patches may be a sign of dehydration. In this case, the method of combating them is simple — you need to drink more water at night. It is water, not tea, juice or sweet drinks.
  • The plaque is of white color appears on the lips due to systemic diseases such as endocrine system or as a result of diseases of the blood. The cause may be an autoimmune disease, e.g., HIV infection. In this case, the plaque remains on not only the lips but also the mucous membrane of the mouth. The symptoms disappear after a full course of treatment for systemic disease.
  • Lips can crack and be covered in a white bloom as the result of radiation or chemotherapy. This is a predictable reaction to such radical treatment. In this case, the lips just need to be moistened. The symptom will take place after the termination of the procedure.
  • A barely noticeable white film on the lips, women can be the consequence of receiving contraceptive pills. In this case, in order for the symptom is gone, you can try to change the drug.
  • People with subconscious habit of biting the lips, for example, in a stressful situation, sites of damage may form a white spot. This bacteria caught in the cracks in the skin and could multiply. The treatment is simple: you need to get rid of the habit of biting her lip, you can still use colorless hygienic lipstick.
  • Rhinitis or any other respiratory disease causes swelling of the nasal mucosa. As a result the person starts to breathe through the mouth, especially during sleep, and occasionally licks his drying lips, the result is white patches on the lips. It disappears with the restoration of normal breathing.
  • Candidiasis is a fungal disease that manifests itself including a white coating on the lips. This disease is also a number of other manifestations on the oral mucosa appears white dorogobuzova deposition. On the inside of the mouth there are sores, then sores, also covered with white bloom. With the passage of food through the esophagus a person experiences severe pain. Treatment in this case is complex, it includes not only antifungal medications but also the use of various ointments and creams. In addition, throughout the course the patient should regularly rinse your mouth with special solutions. The disease is quite serious, so self-medication is highly undesirable, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
  • Stomatitis is a serious disease of the oral cavity, accompanied by a white coating on the lips. Confirms the diagnosis usually multiple symptoms — pain when you eat, fluid and simply talking. The mucous membrane of the mouth swells and becomes tinged with red. In the next stage of the disease the mucous membrane covered with pus with smooth edges and rounded. The pain at this stage increases, increased salivation, the appearance of blood from the gums. In severe cases, increased body temperature and increased maxillary lymph nodes.
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Stomatitis treated only under doctor’s supervision, as in therapy includes analgesics, antibacterial and antiviral drugs local and systemic action.

Diagnosis of diseases in white patches on the lips

The appearance of white patches on the lips should not be ashamed of such outwardly minor symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor. If the disease is caught at the initial stage of its development, then the treatment becomes easy and quick.

During the diagnosis of the disease, the doctor takes on the analysis of a sample of the oral mucosa. It also collects the history in which explains the way of life of the patient, its sleeping patterns, diet and bad habits. If there is a need for clarity of the picture is a blood test, gastroscopy, x-rays of the internal organs. Treatment is usually complex, is not only drug therapy, the patient is prescribed a special diet, courses of vitamins and minerals.