White pimple on the gums of the child — infants

When I found a white pimple on the gums the child or any defects, the mother immediately begins to sound the alarm, not always knowing which doctor to turn to. In this case, you need to schedule an appointment with the neonatologist. In most cases this education does not cause the child any discomfort and after some time itself passes. But often such a pathology as formed of little white bumps on the gums, indicates the presence of any infection in the body or more serious disease. Therefore, it is important to know all the possible causes of such growths and to timely seek advice and assistance from professionals.

The etiology of the phenomenon

In a healthy baby’s gums should be pale pink. That is, they should be no white patches, bumps or growths. Any deviation from the norm is reason to immediately seek the advice of a physician. Reasons why a baby may appear white pimple in mouth a lot, but the most basic of them:

  1. A deficiency of vitamins. It is known that breast milk contains all necessary for good health and development of the kid vitamins and minerals, but sometimes the quality of milk is poor. This happens in cases when the mother is abusing cigarettes and alcohol or eats properly in force lack of time.
  2. Poor oral hygiene of the baby. Young mothers need to know that oral mucosa of a baby needs special care stick which needs to be regularly. As long as the baby has no teeth, its mouth must be cleaned of residual milk after each feeding.
  3. Teething. One of the most common causes of pimples in the mouth baby is teething. Often this education takes place by itself, once the tooth finally erupted.
  4. Stomatitis. The cause of this disease is lack of vitamins and minerals in the body of the child, particularly the deficiency of iron and folic acid. Often the cause of stomatitis are: any viral infection, intoxication or frequent stress in your baby. For stomatitis is characterized not only by the appearance of white sores in baby’s mouth, but bad breath, and fever.
  5. Periodontitis. In the presence of this disease in the oral cavity of the baby appear small white bubbles, which in any case can not touch and, especially, to try them burst, otherwise the infection can spread throughout the oral cavity.
  6. Thrush. The disease is fungal in nature and occurs due to poor hygiene of the oral cavity of infants and very dry air in the room where the child. Despite the fact that yeast infection delivers discomfort to the baby, it is very easy and can be cured quickly.
  7. Wen. Such growths arising on the gums of children are typically little bumps that do not cause the child any discomfort, however, if the lump starts to grow, the doctor decides to remove it.
  8. Cyst. The reason for the formation of growth on the gums in infants is usually the infection in the body of the baby. Begins to manifest the disease in the form of a small pimple, but after a time becomes purulent education.
  9. Cancer. In the presence of this dangerous disease baby’s gums at first covered with white bloom, and then begin to swell. It is important not to miss this moment and time to see a specialist to be able to eliminate disease.
  10. Nodules Bona. The so-called cyst is formed from the remaining material of the salivary gland. Externally, it is a small white pimple, which does not cause the baby any discomfort and after some time dissipates.
  11. Pearls Of Einstein. Externally, these white bumps on the gums of babies really are like little gems that can suddenly appear and after a while just as suddenly disappear.
  12. Congenital teeth. This phenomenon happens quite rarely, but still happens. In this case, for the oral cavity of the baby should see a dentist and, if necessary, to remove congenital teeth.
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Principles of treatment

If your child has white spots on the gums it’s important to remember that we are talking about his health and future development, so we can not in any case be self-medicate. You should seek the assistance of professionals who, in turn, will be able to determine the exact cause of such education and assign appropriate therapy. Often in these cases, the doctor in conjunction with drug therapy prescribes treatment folk remedies.

If the cause of the white coating or spots on the gums of the baby is the violation of the mother oral hygiene of his mouth, the doctor explains how to take care of it. First, all the plaque is removed using a cotton swab, and then the same procedure is carried out after each feeding.

If white pimple on the gums the child appeared as a result of any disease or infection, you should immediately be taken for treatment prescribed by a physician. So, in the case of lack of vitamins specialist usually recommends that the mother to reconsider your diet and get rid of bad habits, if any.

If in this case there is no proper result, then you may need the introduction of complementary baby feeding in milk formula, which include all the necessary minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins to help child grow healthy and develop properly.

Sometimes it happens that older children may receive a pimple on the gum above the tooth. In this case, children do not always prefer to talk to your parents about this and take some action to remove it. In this case, parents, it is important to explain to the child that this is in any case impossible, and that this problem is no better dentist not handle. It must be remembered that under no circumstances it is impossible to squeeze or burn the baby white pimples, especially when it comes to the oral cavity. Otherwise, you can be very harmful to the health of the baby.

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Preventive measures

In order for the baby to grow healthy and thrive, the diet should be balanced and rich in all essential minerals and vitamins. The baby’s mouth should always be kept clean and try to ensure that the child’s fingers as little as possible were on the gums.

It is important to know: you cannot afford to kiss the baby to any of the relatives who have the disease or infection of the oral cavity. All the toys that the baby plays should be kept clean and safe for the health of the child.

A great preventative measure to prevent ingress of infection in the baby’s body and, as a consequence, the emergence of white patches and spots on the gums, is a tea soda, which solution you should clean the mouth of the baby. To prepare the solution should take 1 glass of warm boiled water dissolve 1 tsp. of baking soda. After each meal, you must process the baby’s mouth resulting solution, it is necessary to moisten a small piece of the bandage with the liquid and wrap them the finger.

Mother for each execution of this procedure, it is important to remember about their own hand hygiene. Factors that can trigger the appearance of the newborn white bumps on the gums, not so much, therefore parents should carefully monitor the oral cavity of a child and to promptly contact specialists.