White sore in the mouth: how to treat the disease?

What to do if you found a white sore in your mouth and how to treat the disease is to consult a doctor or use people’s recipes?

To solve this problem, we must not forget that even the experts, not to be mistaken with the diagnosis, it is necessary to do tests that examine patients with complex medical devices. Independently it is impossible to determine how dangerous the innocuous at first glance, the sore.


White sores in the mouth cause discomfort, constantly remind myself. Because of the tiny wounds impossible to talk, eat, drink and smile without pain.

Unpleasant sensations in the mouth, the appearance of sores that require close attention due to the proximity of the brain.

They most often are:

  1. On the lower lip from the inside.
  2. Under the language.
  3. On the cheek.
  4. Found on nebnom process.
  5. In the throat.
  6. The mucous membrane of the gums.
  7. In the corners of the mouth.
  8. On the line of closure of the lips.

If you experience sores should not delay visiting the dentist, he will prescribe a treatment or refer to another specialist.


Causes of mouth ulcers can be:

  • injury;
  • gum disease;
  • dental problems;
  • chronic inflammation in the body.


Injury of the oral mucosa occur under the action of stimuli:

  • mechanical;
  • of caustic chemicals;
  • thermal.

Mechanical trauma to a person can apply himself inadvertently while cleaning your teeth, bite. The wound can also occur during dental treatment, or perform surgical procedures. Mechanical damage occurs during prolonged irritation incorrectly crowns, dentures.

Infants careless feeding can lead to injury of the mucosa of the sky and the formation inside the mouth aftam Bednar. This phenomenon occurs in older children, if they have a habit of keeping a pencil in their mouth or handle.

This defeat of the sky is found in adults, but the cause is much more serious. Ulcers on the palate in adults are a sign of syphilis or tuberculosis.


Acute aphthous stomatitis symptoms:

  1. Burning pain when eating.
  2. A high temperature.
  3. Enlarged lymph nodes.

The acute form without the appropriate treatment takes chronic, recurring with a weakened immune system. To provoke chronic diseases can lack of vitamin C, and folic acid.

Vitamin deficiencies, gum disease (gingivitis), deep caries, periodontitis weakens the local immunity of the mucosa, predispose herpes infection.


The herpes virus is extremely prevalence. In infected individuals it is constantly present in the body in a latent (inactive) or active form.

His activity in turn causes reduction of immunity and manifested by the following symptoms:

  • the appearance of ulcers on the lips, in the mouth;
  • an increase in temperature;
  • weakness;
  • pain in muscles, joints.

Signs of herpes individual, and to know why suddenly climbed white sore, if the person feels perfectly healthy, sometimes not immediately possible, even the doctors. The clinical picture of the disease can be tricky, added to nausea, sleep disturbance, swelling of the eyes, appearance of cold.

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Sores, not limited to the oral cavity, spread to the ears, face and hand. But more often found on the lips, the tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks. The bubbles can be single, small and not cause concern.

But in severe course of the disease small vesicles, fluid-filled, merge and then burst, leaving long-term healing of deep ulcers, which are difficult to treat.

As a rule, a patient’s agony successfully over 7-14 days, erosion is healing, the virus enters a latent form, and remains in the body.

Inflammation of the gums

The appearance of white spots on the gums occurs when leukoplakia. In this disease the mucous membrane of the gums stratum under the action of permanent factors:

  • mechanical – incorrectly filling a tooth destroyed by caries;
  • heat – hot food;
  • chemical – Smoking.

White plaque keratinized epithelium may have a variety of properties and shapes. It can:

  • to rise above the gums and have rough edges;
  • to be at the level of the gums, not to feel the language;
  • to have clear or blurred boundaries;
  • to be completely painless or, conversely, to be a constant source of discomfort.

Smokers plaque leukoplakia create a feeling of dryness and irritation of the gums.

The cause of white patches on the gingival mucosa can serve as oral thrush. This fungal infection, also called thrush, is celebrated with a decrease in immunity.

Thrush often develops after prolonged treatment with antibiotics in response to the destruction of beneficial microflora of the oral cavity. Candidiasis of the mouth is useless to cure the common antiseptics. If you suspect a fungal disease have to visit a doctor and get the right appointment.

A symptom of fungal infection is easily removed by scraping stains at the beginning of the disease. Time to scrape off the plaque becomes more difficult, as if it is soldered into the gums, the tongue, the surface of the cheek.

Causes and signs of inflammation of the gums around the tooth very much, on our website even has a separate article on this subject. Read more here.


Will see a white sore in my mouth maybe because of the lack of vitamins in the diet. It occurs when the lack of vitamins B6, B2, C, A, R.

To compensate for possible correction of the diet and only if you follow a proper diet.

Infectious diseases

They can also be the consequence of infection which is manifested by ulceration of the oral mucosa. Such diseases include:

  • diphtheria;
  • chickenpox;
  • syphilis;
  • tuberculosis of the oral cavity.

Tuberculosis of the mouth developing secondarily as a complication of pulmonary tuberculosis, bone. Tuberculous ulcer (chancre) occurs on the mucous membrane, the red border of the lips. First appear small painless flat yellowish-red bumps with a diameter of about 3 mm.

Eventually every bump, growing at the edges, is connected to the next, forming a plaque. In the centre formed an ulcer with a pitted edge, covered with a yellowish bloom.

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You can become infected through dental instruments in violation of the rules of sterilization, as well as using blood in medical procedures. In syphilis of the mouth usually develops one chancre.

Is this education in the language, the tonsils, the sky, the red border of the lips, the gums. Chancre may take on various forms, but often it is the ulcer of round shape with raised edges, covered with a grayish bloom.


Compared to other cancers, oral cancer is rare, is diagnosed more often in individuals consuming tobacco in any way:

  • Smoking cigarettes, cigarettes, pipes, hookah;
  • chewing nasvay, use of chewing tobacco;
  • passive Smoking.

Oral cancer – a deadly disease, and smokers most at risk. High risk of developing cancer of the oral cavity and in individuals:

  • abuse alcohol;
  • irrational eating.

In this disease it is important as early as possible to identify the tumor and start treatment. Early cancer looks like a small ulcer, usually on the inner side of the cheeks, at the junction of the lips, in the corners of the mouth, on the inner side of the mandible behind the molar 3.

At this time, the seal does not cause discomfort and does not hurt. But the tumors are increasing in size, increases salivation, difficulties with swallowing, chewing.


How to treat white sore?

When there is a white sore in my mouth need to find out the cause of her education and learn what to do to get cured by a doctor, not a neighbor, in which «the same».

Before the visit to the doctor, you can try to cope with the disease themselves. But it is impossible to delay visiting the doctor if no improvement occurs within 2-3 days.

The medical method

Rinsing the mouth with antiseptics:

  • Chlorhexidine – used 0.05% solution;
  • Miramistin – 0.01% solution;
  • Furacilinum – prepared pharmaceutical solution without dilution;

Choosing a solution for rinsing, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentration of the active substance. At high rates it is possible to burn the oral mucosa, worsen the condition of the sores.

Antiseptic No. 1 is chlorhexidine. Drugs with this compound is effective against most pathogenic bacteria, tubercle Bacillus and virus of herpes.

Herpes, in addition to rinsing with chlorhexidine, use of ointments, tablets with acyclovir (drugs Zovirax, Acyclovir).

Of anti-inflammatory drugs are used:

  • The drug alcohol tincture of eucalyptus leaves;
  • Stomatofit – alcohol infusion of medicinal plants;
  • Tantum Verde contains benzydamine hydrochloride of the alcohol.

Mouth sores can be treated dental gels for kids recommend Holisal. Gel, a water-based, easily absorbed and retained in the gum bezbolevaya, eliminating bleeding and itching.

Helps dental gel Metrogyl, but long-term they can not be used because of the risk of dysbiosis of the oral cavity. The fact that the gel contains chlorhexidine – a powerful antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties.

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To speed healing of the sores will help the gel Solkoseril — dialysate prepared from the blood of calves. The gel has regenerative properties, the improvement comes after 3 treatments.

The positive effect in the treatment of have rinse decoctions, infusions of medicinal plants. These funds can be used a short time and always remember about the danger of allergic reactions, especially the children.

Traditional methods

Common folk recipes that simple to prepare at home include the use of decoctions, infusions of calendula, chamomile, sage, oak bark. All these herbs have anti-inflammatory, aseptic effect, relieve discomfort in the mouth.

Decoctions of herbs can be used as an additional treatment if the doctor is not banned. Independently put a diagnosis and choose the treatment is dangerous – too close to the oral cavity is the brain.

The child

White sore in the mouth of a baby can be a manifestation measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, chicken pox, Bednar’s aphthae.

The intention to cope with the diagnosis and treatment of the baby is the risk of complications and loss of time.


The diet you need to enter:

  • vegetables – cauliflower, tomatoes;
  • greens – spinach, parsley, onion;
  • cereals – barley, wheat, oats;
  • fruits – apples, citrus, grapes, plums ;
  • berries, rosehips, currants;
  • legumes — beans, peas;
  • walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts;
  • lean chicken, liver, beef, eggs;
  • mushrooms;
  • fish – mackerel, salmon.

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Sore mouth may not appear, if you stick to preventive measures. It’s easy to do, if they are caused by violation of oral hygiene allergic to toothpaste, vitamin deficiency. In this case, it is sufficient to balance the power, pay attention to the composition of his usual toothpaste.

If the paste is sodium lauryl sulfate, it is possible that under the action of the paste is dry mucosa, which reduces its immunity and leads to the aphthous stomatitis and the appearance of white sores.

Harder to protect yourself from Contracting herpes virus, as the emergence of this infection mainly occurs through saliva. Parents need to observe the rules of hygiene, do not use the same utensils with the child.