White spots on teeth in children and adults: how to get rid of?

We all have a unique shade of the enamel of the teeth, if this changes, then it may be a sign of problems. White spots on teeth child or adult: how to get rid of them?

To detect white spots quite simply, because they differ markedly from the rest of the enamel, they have a matte surface, and the structure may be porous.

What does it mean?

Why is there a problem? What appeared on the the teeth bright and white spots? As a rule, is evidence of lack or excess of some mineral substances, and possibly diseases of the teeth or other organs.

Best of all, once you find them, immediately go to the dentist. For successful treatment you need to understand the cause of the problem.


Brighter white spots appear on the tooth enamel for various reasons, which may be caused by internal processes or external influences.

  • fluorosis is a problem that occurs when excess in the body of fluoride. Most often this disease is common in areas with water containing an excessive amount of this mineral. Its excess changes the structure of tooth enamel and its colour. It happens that the developing fluorosis in primary teeth in children after their fluoridation;
  • the demineralization of teeth is the lack of minerals is often not enough calcium. The enamel in this case loses its luster, becomes rough, spots usually cover all the teeth. Lack of calcium is possible when unbalanced diet, and in some diseases of the digestive system;
  • braces, which are for orthodontic treatment, can disrupt metabolic processes in dental tissues. For this reason, is a violation of the absorption of calcium and the appearance of white spots, streaks or spots on the tooth enamel after braces. This problem is most common in children;
  • enamel hypoplasia is a weakening and thinning that affects the appearance of the teeth. This problem may develop in women due to violation of exchange processes, for example, after pregnancy or childbirth. In addition, enamel hypoplasia may be due to genetic peculiarities or impaired fetal development. As a result of this problem in the places with the most affected enamel begins to develop tooth decay;
  • trauma to teeth can lead to the appearance of white spots or bands on the enamel in children and adults. In violation of its integrity, which leads to the penetration of microbes and the beginning of the carious process;
  • weak immune system — leads to the deterioration of tooth enamel, especially for milk teeth. Most communication between the immune system and oral health is manifested in children. Often white spots on the enamel appear soon after suffering their diseases.
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How to get rid of white spots on teeth?

Obviously, to eliminate white spots on your teeth, you need to understand why they appeared, and get rid of the reasons that caused them. A comprehensive examination by a specialist will help to effectively solve the problem.

  1. If the reason was caries, the need of treatment. The specialist will perform this procedure fairly quickly. Modern technologies allow to cope with the decay in its very early stages, when damage to the tooth have microscopic dimensions.
  2. In the case of fluorosis need to reduce the amount of fluoride entering the body. This can be done at home simple methods to abandon fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash, drink water without fluoride, to eliminate from the diet certain foods (spinach, beans, fish). When running the process when the tooth is greatly destroyed as a result of fluorosis, resort to aesthetic restoration.
  3. With a lack of calcium requires a special diet. You must consume calcium-rich foods (fish, cheese) and to ensure proper absorption. For that, you should stop Smoking, limit coffee consumption, it is also useful to provide a sufficient and adequate physical activity.
  4. During pregnancy a woman should control their condition. It is best to plan pregnancy so that the body was in «vigorous» condition and has not been current or recent infections. It is important to have the ability to provide wholesome food and a regular life in this crucial period.
  5. The oral hygiene is an important component of our health. If you brush your teeth regularly with a quality toothpaste, you can avoid many problems.
  6. There are specific drugs to strengthen enamel, for example, Remodent. It is applied to the teeth in the form of applications.
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In coordination with the dentist, you can use the available national means of equalizing the color of tooth enamel. This rinsing with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or brushing with baking soda.

White spots on milk teeth of the child — what to do?

The detection of white spots on the tooth enamel children should immediately go to the dentist to understand the cause and solve the problem.

If caries it is necessary to perform filling of damaged enamel. However, the milk teeth is not always possible to treat due to the weakness of tissues. In this case they are coated with a protective varnish of special structure.

It is important to teach a child to brush their teeth and do it the right way, to provide him good nutrition. Have a beneficial effect on the condition of the teeth adjustment of immunity.

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Activities for strengthening the immune system

  • hardening;
  • regular and adequate physical activity;
  • balanced diet;
  • enough time spent in the open air;
  • calm psychological climate.

Any problem is easier to solve if to see a specialist at the earliest stages. For this reason, do not delay going to the dentist with the appearance of white spots on the teeth. As soon as you see the uneven coloration of the enamel, hurry to the doctor.