White spots on teeth in children: causes, what to do

White spots on the teeth of a child — a rather alarming symptom, indicating the initial stage of development of some dangerous diseases, the treatment of which need to be delayed.

Why do baby teeth appear white spots

Parents, it is important to remember that this is not just a cosmetic defect and if you start a situation, treatment will be much more difficult and painful for the child. Young children can appear both large and small white spots on the teeth. May appear white patches on teeth in children. Affected may be all the teeth, only the front, teeth or even 1 tooth. Color white spots resemble chalk or marble.

Spots can appear on the dental plate, and at the roots, right under the gums. May arise not only stains, but also dashed stripes, which gradually expand and change color. Enamel gradually becomes thinner, the dentin appears. The child may not feel pain or other unpleasant feelings (even when exposed to hot or cold water). This is the danger of such diseases, which are in the early stages of development can see only the parents.

Why do child has white spots on teeth? There are some objective reasons.Fluorosis — a disease that develops due to excess fluoride in the body and affects most often the front permanent teeth in a child.Tooth decay — it is generally believed that in this disease appear black or brown spots. But few parents know that there is an initial phase of caries development — the stage of white spot. The reasons for the development of this disease are many, but the main can be considered a bad heredity, and a failure to comply with certain rules of hygiene of the oral cavity. Tooth decay can begin with white spots on the teeth that are talking about damage to the enamel. To develop the disease as dairy and molars.

Enamel hypoplasia is a disease that manifests itself in children up to 3 years. In this disease the teeth are already growing with white or, conversely, dark spots. The disease is associated with the diseases that moved the mother during pregnancy and nutrition: it is possible for normal development the child does not have enough of certain minerals and trace elements.

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Injuries — as a result of mechanical damage can appear white spots.Weakened immune system — white spots appear after a child suffered a severe illness which weakened his immune system.

A lack of minerals — most often white spots on teeth appear in those children who wear a special orthodontic appliances, and their teeth are bathed in saliva.

If there are white spots on the teeth, to determine the cause of their occurrence is impossible, it is impossible to do and self-medicate. The correct treatment can be prescribed only by a dentist, to which we should contact if the symptoms.

Usually fluorosis appears in permanent teeth. They appear white spots and brown spots, they become brittle and the enamel wears off quickly. Allocate certain forms of this disease:

  1. spotted;
  2. bar;
  3. erosion;
  4. malovydne-speckled;
  5. destructive.

How to treat fluorosis

For efficient treatment, it is necessary to reduce consumption:

  • fish;
  • spinach;
  • oil;
  • nuts.

Water to drink will need to be cleaned or buy a special. Will need to replace your toothpaste to one that does not contain fluoride, take vitamins and fish oil, help to strengthen the enamel.

A dentist conducts different procedures such as electro — photophoresis, imposes a special application on the enamel and whitens them penetrates the tooth enamel varnish. It is best to treat the disease at stage 1 of development, when seen only white spots. On the 2nd and 3rd stages of lesion of the enamel, more serious signs: there are black and brown blotches, the enamel disappears, exposing the dentine.

Treatment of fluorosis is necessary because this disease is capable of hitting the bones of the skeleton and the thyroid gland. When these abnormalities can develop diseases such as osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and even cancer.

Treatment of caries does not cause any difficulties. Just enough time to see a dentist who will heal the aching tooth, and will not allow the decay to spread to the other.

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Treatment of hypoplastic enamel

The teeth in this disease look very strange:

  • have an irregular shape;
  • in some places the enamel is absent;
  • there are white, yellowish and brown dots and spots, grooves and other irregularities.

For effective treatment of this disease it is necessary to ascertain what was his reason:

  1. rickets;
  2. acute infectious diseases;
  3. chronic somatic disease.

The process of treatment of this disease is very long and complicated. Doctors usually prescribe the following procedures for the treatment of enamel:

  • silver;
  • saturation with fluorine;
  • with special solutions.

All treatment is to restore normal functioning of the enamel, i.e. it is symptomatic. This medication hypoplasia has not yet been invented, and this process is irreversible. The disease are advised to cure completely the child to adulthood.

It is necessary to remember about prevention of this disease:

  1. woman during pregnancy should follow a special diet;
  2. a pregnant woman must be completely cured tooth decay;
  3. the expectant mother should give up the use of antibiotics during pregnancy;
  4. during pregnancy it is necessary to treat morning sickness;
  5. babies in the first year of life should be provided proper and balanced diet.

For treatment of mechanical injuries, you must contact your dentist who will prescribe proper treatment, which includes restoration of damaged areas special materials and care for damaged teeth.

Dental treatment of white spots on teeth are weakened immunity recommended in conjunction with a General strengthening of an organism of the child. This is necessary in order to prevent the occurrence of such defects in the future.

Many specialists note that the white spots on the permanent teeth of a child appear after infectious diseases. Therefore, as prevention doctors recommend to deal with a child in sports, to harden his body, to spend more time with him outdoors.

Treatment of mineral deficiencies

In this case, the treatment using the treatment of the enamel with special pastes with a high content of minerals. This procedure is called laminariaceae. Spots in this case can be removed either completely or to conceal them with the help of whitening procedures.

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Many parents believe that to treat milk teeth in a child not necessarily because they will fall out anyway and therefore do not pay attention to white spots on baby teeth, or plaque on primary teeth. But it is absolutely wrong position. If the white spot on the tooth in infants, it is necessary to conduct treatment. If this is not done, you will be amazed at and permanent teeth. Baby teeth need to keep in a healthy condition before the emergence of permanent.

All dental diseases can be prevented if you follow certain rules:

  1. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, morning and evening. Parents should monitor how well the child brushes his teeth, it is best to ensure that the child met the proper technique of brushing.
  2. Use dental floss after eating. There is a special dental floss that can be used by children.
  3. To comply with a certain diet. It is best to include in the diet of baby products such as cheese, milk, sour cream.
  4. To control the use of various chemical agents, such as rinses for the mouth.
  5. To use special vitamin complexes, which can be set by the dentist.


We need to strengthen the child’s immunity, preventing all possible infectious diseases and to visit the dentist at least 3-4 times a year.