White spots on teeth: why do I get how to get rid of

White spots on teeth can appear in children and in adults. Most often they are subject to the incisors, which leads to aesthetic problems, since these plots differ in color from the healthy enamel. Why teeth appear white spots and can get rid of them, read our article.

The reasons for the formation of white spots

In pathology on the teeth having white spots or large enough patches of color chalk. The spot can be on the front-side surface, can also appear as white patches on the teeth near the gums. Pathology is a result of demineralization of enamel that is under the influence of pathogenic factors in enamel is calcium, which leads to the destruction of the most solid tissue in the body, it loses its Shine and becomes dull. This can occur when carious lesions, congenital disease that only affects primary teeth, and as a result of oversupply in the bone tissue of the fluoride.


This is a non-carious lesion that arises in the case of excess fluoride in the body. Most often this element comes from the drinking water. Although fluoride is necessary to strengthen the enamel, it binds calcium and thereby destroys the enamel. Excess fluoride not only affects the teeth enamel, but the entire musculoskeletal system and thyroid gland.

An increased amount of trace elements in the body affects the teeth only during the period of their formation. If the body received too much fluoride in the embryonic period, a defect of enamel will be visible immediately after the milk tooth. Excess trace element to three years of age will affect the teeth in adults. In this disease the teeth appear stripes, white or brown region.


This is the most common cause. The disease begins with the appearance of malovydne spots. The damaged area may remain smooth, and the color from dull to bright and shiny. The most notable spots if you dry the enamel.

As a result of poor oral hygiene on the mucosal surface forms a nutrient medium for pathogenic microorganisms. The bacteria in the process of their life produce toxins that destroy the enamel, making it porous and brittle.

Most people notice a stain on the front teeth, and take measures for the prevention of dental caries. On the chewing teeth at the fissure, these spots are not as noticeable, so the tooth decay progresses and destroys the tissue to the dentin. However, as a rule, his notice the patients themselves, when it becomes black or yellow. But to treat caries at an early stage is much easier (which is not always even used bormashenko). Visiting the dentist twice a year for a checkup to avoid serious dental problems.

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Enamel hypoplasia

This is a non-carious lesion related metabolic disorders in utero. Wrong synthesis of the organic matrix, which leads to disruption of mineralization and crystallization. Pathology the child develops, if pregnant, the mother suffered from morning sickness or had a viral disease. Sometimes enamel hypoplasia may be a consequence of rickets or early births.

When hypoplasia of the enamel is thin and fragile. It is manifested only in primary teeth. In addition to the white spots visible tarnishing, grooves and ruts. Although the structure of the enamel is not restored, but at least the disease is not progressing. Hypoplasia can be either local (one organ) or systemic, where the affected pair of teeth in equal measure. When this disease becomes sensitive teeth.

Trauma to the enamel

When exposed to enamel, for example during impact or cleavage, metabolism and mineralization of the tissue becomes damaged and begins to deteriorate. Sometimes the consequences of an injury become apparent after years.

White spots may appear during orthodontic treatment. If you wear braces or brackets, the teeth to which they are attached, may be damaged because the enamel at the site of attachment is not in contact with the saliva, it is not a natural cleansing.

Treatment of white spots on teeth

White spots on teeth require treatment, since they make the smile ugly and can lead to cavities and then change the color to yellow or brown. How to get rid of white spots on the teeth, the dentist will decide by reason of their occurrence:

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  • If there are white patches because of tooth decay, then you need to clean the surface of the tooth and strengthen enamel with fluoride treatment or the application of a solution of calcium. Fluoridation can be simple or profound. In simple made mouth guard that is filled with a fluorine-containing drug, or a varnish applied with a brush. The purpose of the procedure to create a protective film. With deep fluoridation is alternately applied to two products: the first contains fluorine, magnesium and copper, the second calcium hydroxide. The substance enters the pores of the fabric and sealed them;
  • If the tooth was not badly injured, they are treated with special solutions that are designed to strengthen the enamel. Remineralization involves restoring the enamel with the help of special pastes, which create on the surface of the protective film. The procedure helps to strengthen and strength of the enamel. If damage is deep, it requires reconstruction;
  • If the cause of white spots in the braces, then you need to find another device to clean the enamel and strengthen it. For the period of alignment of occlusion requires special care;

In the treatment of fluorosis apply a local application on the basis of fluorine and calcium, and electrophoresis. If the illness struck not only the top layer of enamel, that requires the installation of the seal.

To strengthen the tooth is applied special formulations based on phosphorous, calcium and zinc. Monitor the intake of fluoride in the body: install a water filter, use a toothpaste with calcium, from the menu to delete the spinach and fish

  • If nausea on the teeth the result of the underdevelopment of enamel, the treatment is only symptomatic. Children with enamel hypoplasia, it is recommended a diet that involves increased intake of calcium. Since children’s enamel is too thin, need to strengthen it with special preparations or do silver. After the procedure, the teeth are able to preserve their natural replacement by indigenous;
  • White spot on the tooth could appear due to improper diet or poor hygiene, then it is recommended to use toothpastes based on calcium with whitening effect. To get rid of white spots can help the aesthetic restoration or professional whitening. Itself nausea coloring can not be, therefore, whiten teeth on the maximum number of tones to demineralized area was less noticeable.

From stains on the enamel can be removed with a cleaning, bleaching or installation of the seals, and to strengthen the teeth will help fluoridation and remineralization.

It is believed that treatment of milk teeth is not required because they are replaced by permanent anyway — but it’s not. The pathological processes occurring in milk teeth can go on the root. White spots lead to the destruction of the body and its loss ahead of time. In this case, the load is redistributed, the teeth are displaced and don’t give the indigenous the tooth to grow straight. Hence their curvature, excessive crowding and Shcherbina.

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Prevention of white spots on the enamel, and is careful oral hygiene, regular preventive visits to the dentist, a varied menu with plenty of minerals and vitamins.