Whitening strips Crest 3D White: description, price, reviews

To get a white smile is the dream of many. But to bring it to life with the help of professional services are not affordable for everyone. But now there are whitening strips Crest 3D White. Their description, the price and the reviews about the product will provide on.

This innovative system gives everyone the opportunity to make a high-quality, and most importantly, gentle whitening enamel in the home. And the cost of this method is quite affordable for most people.

Working principle whitening strips

A special gel in their composition directly influence the pigment and formed plaque. Due to hydrogen peroxide there is a splitting of spots, it releases active oxygen, which is able to work even in deeper layers of enamel. This is what leads to a lightening effect.

And if you follow all the instructions, the manufacturers promise that the teeth whitening strips Crest will give a lasting result and will last up to a year or even a half. The gel has the same ingredients that dentists use when Cabinet methods of influence on the enamel. But in this case, the concentration of the substances below, which preserves the tooth surface integrity.

How to use?

In order to achieve the desired effect, and does not cause any harm to the enamel, must adhere strictly to the proposed regulations. Each varieties of Crest 3D White strips for teeth whitening it may be slightly different, so it is important to read it before you start the procedure. The General rule is the following:

  1. Bring the mouth in a clean state. However, just before whitening, you should not use threads or toothbrushes, but rinse the mouth thoroughly is a must. You want to get rid of all remnants of food in Mizuno space.
  2. Open the package of the selected strips and pay attention to the signature that indicates which of the pair is put on the upper («upper») and lower («lower»). It is important to consider, as their form will more accurately reflect dentition.
  3. Attach each strip to the surface of the teeth so that they are accurately close to the edge, but did not touch the gums. The remaining film can bend the bottom.
  4. For a thorough and uniform distribution of the tools you need to flatten it to the surface for the entire series.
  5. Leave the strip on the teeth should be exactly as much time as foreseen in the instructions for the specific varieties. This is usually from 30 to 60 minutes. Conveniently, during the procedure, you can talk and even drink water. The effects of remedies it does not hurt.
  6. In the end you need to carefully remove the whole system and with your fingers remove excess gel from the surface. Then thoroughly rinse your mouth. Brush your teeth while not desirable.
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After this whitening strips Crest thrown out, as they can be used only once. This method of treatment will allow you to achieve the desired effect of lightening a few shades, even during one procedure. And if you spend the whole complex for a week or a month, the result is comparable to professional methods.

Features and cautions for use

For the sake of the health of the tooth enamel can not be too much to get involved with bleaching. Even though it is quite gentle and safe procedure, it is only with its proper application. In addition to the instructions, you should pay attention to the specific recommendations:

  • If you apply such strips together with the special toothpaste, the effect will be better.
  • For two hours after you removed the tool with the surface of the enamel, refrain from drinking any staining foods, beverages and tobacco (diet after whitening).
  • If you give up coffee, tea and cigarettes in General, you will notice that the bleaching result will be stored not for a year and a half, and for much longer.
  • Also try not to eat the day of the procedure too hot or cold drinks and food, because this can cause hypersensitivity. Do not fear, this short-term effect.
  • In any case do not swallow the remedy, otherwise it will cause weakness of the stomach.
  • If you feel during the procedure any discomfort, you should change the tool to another or even to abandon it.
  • If you have any diseases, inflammation of the periodontal tissues or teeth you need to treat them, and then use the whitening system.
  • Remember that these tools are able to act only on natural enamel without affecting the shade of dentures, crowns and other foreign artificial items.

Have contraindications to their use. Even those few, but they are. It is not recommended to use whitening strips the following categories of people:

  • children up to 16-18 years;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • in the presence of pathology of the soft tissues of the oral cavity;
  • in the case of damage to the enamel;
  • when in the mouth there are many artificial dentures, which will make the whitening result unsightly;
  • when the human propensity to allergic reactions;
  • with diseases such as bronchial asthma, epilepsy, hypertension and other serious violations of the internal organs.

If you have any doubts about whether it is safe to use this tool at home in your case, you can consult with a dentist.

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The types of whitening strips Crest

Manufacturers have taken care to ensure that the tool help the maximum number of people wishing to lighten tooth enamel. So they developed several variations of the strips for the most different categories of people. Describe in detail each of the types.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Vivid

This system is one of the most gentle and Bereznyj due to its natural composition and low content of hydrogen peroxide (only 10%). Therefore, this kind of strips is ideal for those who suffer from high sensitivity of the enamel. No damage to the structure, or the microflora of the oral cavity caused will not.

When using them it is possible to expect the effect of 2 shades with daily use course in 12 days. The cost of such bleaching systems 2800 rubles.

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Supreme Flexfit

In this embodiment, manufacturers have created an entirely new technology that helps the plates it is better to stay on the teeth, and the means to get to the most remote and difficult places. Also, this variety contains more than long strips that gives you the ability to whiten even the widest smile only one pair.

This product is suitable for sensitive teeth, and the whole course of bleaching is two weeks. The effect persists up to six years, if you follow all the guidelines and rules, and promises the result by as much as 6 colours. The price of this kind of strips is 4400 rubles.

Professional Effects

This system is one of the most effective in the series. Its formula is able to provide a whitening result, which almost will not differ from the professional services of a dentist. While maintaining friendliness to the tooth structure, the affordability tools and naturalness.

Clarifying the course lasts 20 days, and the performance of the technique leads to a change in shade 4 shades. This effect lasts about one and a half years, if you adhere to these recommendations. The cost of funds is currently 3700 rubles per pack.

Gentle Routine

These strips were created specifically for sensitive teeth. Them holders earlier strictly forbidden the use of any bleaching agents. But with the help of Gentle Routine, you can achieve the desired result without any unpleasant consequences.

The composition of the strips of different natural ingredients and a small concentration of active peroxide, which is quite gently whitens enamel without causing her any harm. Due to these low concentrations, and light clarification rate is already 28 days and gives the effect of three tones. Price funds 2850 rubles.

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1-Hour Express

This form was created for those who are always in a hurry and wants to get immediate result. A fairly high concentration of provides a noticeable whitening effect just after first application. For the four-day course can achieve lightening three colors, and keep the result achieved will be the year.

This tool is more aggressive than all of the above, so not worth it to get involved. But people with sensitive teeth and it is not desirable to use them. Though the composition is also natural and gentle to the enamel, the whitening process can cause side and undesirable effects in this case.

Used formula is a rapid technique that provides good results for the incredibly short period of time. And its cost is affordable – only 3300 roubles.

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For work I drive a lot, living in hotels and negotiate with different people. To visit the dentist, I have almost no possibility. So always take the road strips 1 Hour Express. In a short period of time I can maintain the whiteness of the teeth.


My dentist is always forbidden to carry out any whitening treatment, even Pets, as I have naturally thin enamel. But recently recommended a new means – Gentle Routin. Though the result is not 10 tones, but even such a slight whitening effect I’m very happy.


I was hesitant to use any enamel whitening means, because she was afraid to hurt her. And still tried the new, seen in the drugstore strips Crest 3D White Vivid. The effect was noticeable, but not terrible consequences occurred. Now occasionally I will buy them.


Previously passed the procedure of professional whitening. But it’s too expensive. When I saw for sale strips Professional Effects, I decided immediately to test them. The result is excellent, however, the first few days felt slightly increased sensitivity.


Similar means of bleaching used before, but since I have a non-standard wide tooth row, it is always required in twice the stripes. With the help of Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Supreme Flexfit, this problem has resolved itself.