Whitening teeth with baking soda at home: recipes, reviews

Dazzling white smile is a symbol of your attractiveness, health and even success. And most affordable way to achieve this is teeth whitening with baking soda at home. About the recipes and will write more reviews in order to evaluate the benefit and possible harm of this method.

How to achieve the desired effect using simple and cheap tools? There are several recipes that can easily be applied at home, but be sure to follow the recommendations, not to harm and not to spoil the enamel of the tooth.

Why do teeth darken?

If it was thought that teeth darken just from age, Smoking and drinking coffee and tea, but today the doctors found a greater number of reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon. Tooth enamel can darken for a number of reasons, not always related to age-related changes:

  • Failure to comply with good oral hygiene – improper or infrequent brushing teeth, ignoring rinsing after meals, etc.
  • As a consequence of the presence of caries – from the demineralization of tooth tissue.
  • Tooth trauma under which damaged the neurovascular bundle.
  • The use of drugs. This effect may be temporary or reflect on a regular basis.
  • Too much fluoride in the diet, and often in drinking water.
  • Some seals set of silver amalgam and silver has the property of making the tooth enamel dark.
  • The natural aging of the body, and each has it going on with his speed.

Of course, Smoking, tea and coffee also affects the aesthetic appearance of the tooth enamel. But in order to properly deal with patina and darkening, you need to know exactly what it happened. It is sometimes necessary to eliminate the internal cause, before the external aesthetic procedures.

Often the color of the enamel indicates the reason and the way of dealing with it. If it is yellow, it will be easy to remove by external influences. But gray or blackening may not lend themselves to such procedures.

The before and after photos

How to whiten teeth with baking soda at home?

If you decide to brush your teeth with baking soda to whiten enamel should adhere to rules and recommendations. Because baking soda is abrasive and somewhat corrosive. And our gums are very sensitive and can give unwanted reactions to such intervention. Although the effect of these procedures really are and it’s pretty fast.

Of course, today there’s a multitude of ways to achieve white teeth and a perfect «Hollywood smile.» Often offer expensive dental procedures which promise a long-lasting effect, or special whitening toothpastes.

If you are not sure whether the soda to whiten teeth quite a few times to try one of the following methods to verify this. The advantage of baking soda is that it is available, cheap and have everyone in the kitchen.

The preparatory phase

Even dentists recognize the efficacy of baking soda with a purpose to whiten teeth. But to do this without harm to tooth enamel and overall oral cavity, we need to perform some preparatory procedures. They suggest strengthening the enamel:

  1. Preferably a month before the bleaching treatments, and better on a regular basis, eat a number of foods that have high content of minerals, such as calcium and fluoride. Is milk and milk products, seafood, cereals, especially buckwheat, rice and oatmeal, grapefruit and apples, potatoes and greens.
  2. Also enrich the tooth enamel with fluoride by using pastes containing this element. Use these pastes need twice a day, morning and evening, as required by normal oral hygiene.
  3. Not superfluous to drink a complex of vitamins with trace elements, which in General will raise immunity, and have a positive effect on dental health.
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Soda and hydrogen peroxide

Well proven recipe, which used two of the available ingredient is hydrogen peroxide from the medicine Cabinet and baking soda. Mix three percent hydrogen peroxide solution and baking soda need to make a smooth, thick enough to be applied to the surface of the teeth.

This is necessary to monitor the duration of the procedure is to take such effects should no longer than four minutes. Because the combination of these two ingredients is quite harmful for the enamel.

Due to this exposure tooth and is cleaned from unwanted plaque. Already after the first procedure to see the result. But the frequency of use of such prescription must be frequent – once a week, if not two.

Soda and lemon

Lemon juice should be combined with baking soda only if you are confident in a healthy condition tooth enamel. She needs to be strong and healthy.

The recipe is simple:

  • enough on the toothbrush to apply a little soda, and on top of it to drip juice;
  • next teeth cleaning carried out in the usual way.

By itself, the citric acid does not affect the color of the enamel, but can enhance the effect of the soda.

Soda, hydrogen peroxide and lemon

If you doubt and wonder whether it is possible to bleach the tooth enamel in the most severe cases, we offer the most effective prescription. Mix soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. This combination of ingredients is quite aggressive, and therefore should do a similar procedure as carefully as possible. Doctors recommend not to even use a toothbrush, but only with cotton or gauze.

It is important to adhere to exact proportions – ½ teaspoon juice and ½ teaspoon of baking soda is enough to let only five drops of peroxide. A cotton swab or even your finger to apply a tool on the tooth enamel just for a few minutes.

Then thoroughly rinse it with warm water. Since the sensitivity of the enamel after the use of these ingredients is greatly increased, it is not necessary to consume hot or cold food and drinks on the day of the procedure.

Soda and strawberries

So it turned out not only useful, but also pleasant to the taste, you can use strawberries. For one procedure only two to three berries and literally a pinch of baking soda.

  1. The berries should be mashed into a puree and then mix them with soda.
  2. For the procedure it is better to take a brush with soft bristles.
  3. Distribute the tool across the surface of the enamel and leave it for five minutes or slightly longer.
  4. At the end sure to rinse the teeth with warm water.
  5. After that, it is recommended to clean teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride.
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Soda and vinegar

Regular Apple cider vinegar is also used for teeth whitening. You can just periodically rinse the teeth with it, and it is possible to use this recipe combined with baking soda.

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar to do so, to make the consistency like paste. This mixture is applied to the enamel of the teeth and leave for 5 – 10 minutes for effect. It remains then rinse with warm water and brush your teeth as usual. The flavor of such funds leaves much to be desired, but its effectiveness is undeniable.

The rules of procedure

Because soda and any other ingredients for cleaning of the enamel are quite aggressive, you should do this procedure carefully, follow some simple rules:

  • To carry out this procedure no longer than five minutes.
  • Frequency of use of the cleaning with the use of soda should not be more than once in 7 or 10 days. And the more sensitive teeth you have, the less you can carry out the procedure.
  • Too much pressure or use a stiff brush is not recommended. Just enough to wipe the surface of the tooth, or just leave the tool on it for a while.
  • At the first signs that the tooth enamel started to break down, become sensitive and reacts to hot and cold, should abandon this method.
  • To protect the enamel from decay, should conduct monthly training of its state, as mentioned above. Better yet, if the health and condition of the teeth you will be engaged on a permanent basis. It concerns the hygiene of the oral cavity.
  • The appearance of bleeding gums procedure also should be stopped.


Contraindications to the use of such simple means to whiten your teeth as soda are the following problems:

  1. Damaged or sensitive enamel.
  2. Bleeding gums.
  3. Any disease of the mouth.

Is there a real effect of this teeth whitening?

If baking soda to clean teeth wouldn’t be effective, you would not find such number of its supporters.

The effect is noticeable with the first procedure, but it is exactly from here, if you have eliminated the cause of the RAID. If the cause remains, and carry out such procedures periodically have.

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With age I began to notice that the teeth covered with yellow bloom. Perhaps it is age or stress or an increasing addiction to coffee during work. But still want to look good, a yellow smile can not paint. After reading about the effect of baking soda, I decided to try. The effect was noticeable even after the first application. And when I introduced a similar procedure in a regular schedule (every two weeks), now not even sad about it – the teeth are always white and perfectly clean, as if I constantly visit the dentist and do professional cleaning.


Appearance, including a dazzling smile, is a constant concern of the modern woman. Since adolescence I use a recipe of baking soda with vinegar. And though the tool is not very pleasant to the taste, I’m used to. I’m more interested in what there is a real effect and I’m always confident in my smile.


Fresh breath and teeth color – permanent my experiences. I have tried many tools and pastes. And yet the recipe using soda and lemon suits me the most. After all, the result is even and the flavor becomes quite pleasant.


The color of my teeth bothered me a little, as probably any man. But taking a position of responsibility, and constantly communicating with business partners, I had to do and their appearance. Plaque on the teeth, I began to remove the most effective, in my opinion, the recipe – baking soda, peroxide and lemon. Of course, it does not work it is necessary to be accustomed to do this procedure carefully, but the effect I was always happy.


My teeth are too sensitive, and therefore use baking soda, peroxide or lemon, my dentist advises me no to do. But after learning about the recipe with strawberries, how about a more gentle, I decided to try. Of course, the result is not elegant and to the «Hollywood smile» is still far, but the effect is definitely there and it suits me. But my teeth do not show increased sensitivity after the procedure.


The color of my teeth I wasn’t always satisfied, and I’m periodically using whitening toothpastes. But their effect was so insignificant that I had to look for something else. Found a recipe of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and decided to try it. Adhering to all guidelines and precautions, I started with the minimum cleaning time and did it twice a month. Now I know that my teeth are able to survive more frequent and prolonged application procedures, and therefore do it more often. The effect I like, as no one tool had not helped so well.

Valentine’s day:

About brushing your teeth with baking soda heard in a long time. But previously, I was unnecessarily. Over time, health problems, and darkened teeth. Of course, soda may not get rid of reasons, but the whitening effect is noticeable and I occasionally use this tool. Moreover, it is easy to do, takes little time, and the cost is minimal.