Whitening toothpaste Rembrandt — description

Whitening toothpaste Rembrandt is one of the products on the market today dentistry. Is popular, because having a snow-white smile is the hallmark of a person in our world.

Everyone wants to be like movie stars and have a Hollywood smile, but to create the proper installation of veneers, and today we’ll talk about toothpaste for teeth whitening Rembrandt.

Description pasta

Toothpaste Rembrandt is, like other whitening toothpaste cannot alter the natural color of the teeth, it is determined by the color of dentin, which affect such funds is impossible. But whitening toothpaste can clean the enamel from persistent plaque that makes it dark.

As a rule, natural color teeth the white man, but due to years of plaque they can darken. The objective of the toothpaste Rembrandt is precisely to bring back the natural color, it is almost the only affordable method of whitening outside the dental clinic.

The price of Rembrandt quite high, but still cheaper than similar procedures in dentistry with laser and gel. The technique of using this tool is no different from the usual brushing ordinary toothpaste.


Rembrandt toothpaste with the lightening effect of the teeth are divided into three types, their common feature is called low abrasiveness, which does not affect the bleaching properties:

  • Rembrandt Plus — based on carbamide peroxide. According to the manufacturer, it is able to lighten enamel up to 4-5 colours. This process occurs because of the release of active oxygen during brushing. Patented set of ingredients Citroxain removes pigmented plaque, fluoride helps strengthen the enamel and prevent sensitivity;
  • Rembrandt Deeply White — also used Citroxain. It has low abrasion, suitable for adults and children over 6 years. Owing to its mild effect can be taken every day;
  • Rembrandt antitobacco despite the name copes and bloom from tea and coffee. It also contains a patented set of ingredients Citroxain, which has a whitening effect, but designed specifically for smokers (how to whiten teeth after cigarettes) and coffee lovers. Thanks to this composition it was possible to include more and Alumisel also patented a set of components, which you can use to get rid of pigmented plaque on enamel.
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Despite the relative safety of the above agents, before applying recommended to consult a dentist. He will assess the condition of your enamel and will advise what type of toothpaste to choose from.

Features toothpaste Rembrandt

Whitening toothpaste Rembrandt differs from similar tools a number of advantages.

  • paste has a composition that whitens the enamel without leaving it microcracks. This was achieved by reducing the abrasiveness of the particles;
  • the manufacturer uses in toothpastes patented the feature sets under the name Citroxain and Alumisel. They allow you to gently clean the teeth from plaque without damaging the enamel;
  • in the composition a minor amount of hydrogen peroxide. It is not enough to harm enamel, but enough to effectively whiten it;
  • has antibacterial properties that are provided by the presence in its composition of hydrogen peroxide, and due to the complex of vitamins increases the local immunity of the oral cavity, strengthens the mucous membranes of the mouth.

The only disadvantage is its low abrasiveness which will not allow you to whiten your teeth for a short time, but this is dictated by security considerations. For quick teeth whitening you will have to pay an increased risk of damage to the enamel.


The main contraindications for the application is:

  1. Individual intolerance to its components.
  2. Increased sensitivity of tooth enamel.
  3. Fluorosis.

If you have chronic diseases of the oral cavity or you had a serious dental procedure, then before applying you need to consult with a dentist.

How often should I use it?

To apply whitening toothpastes are recommended for a certain period of time. Prolonged use of even the most benign of pasta, a negative impact on your enamel, causing a rapid darkening of the teeth and negatively affects their defensive abilities.

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But Rembrandt toothpaste manufacturer recommends that you use constantly, not just morning and evening and after meals. This effect was achieved due to the use of the complex ingredients of Citroxain, which cleans the enamel without damaging it.

The best evidence of its safety the manufacturer considers the possibility of applying the paste during the chronic diseases of the oral cavity, but it is recommended only after consulting a dentist. He must evaluate the condition of the teeth and advise the most efficient schedule of cleaning.

Cost and where to buy?

The price of toothpaste Rembrandt depending on place of purchase and type of pasta. Pharmacies Rembrandt antitobacco costs about 500 rubles for a tube weighing 50 grams. About the same cost and Rembrandt toothpaste Plus. In the same price range and is Deeply White.

It should be noted that the toothpaste Rembrandt is one of the most expensive bleaching effect. Similar tools from manufacturers Lacalut, Blendamed, Splat, Colgate are much cheaper.

At the same time, both specialists and ordinary users have noted that the whitening effect of toothpastes Rembrandt more visible.

Video: about teeth whitening and Rembrandt toothpaste.


Olga, 28 years

Prefer toothpastes Rembrandt for their mild action on the enamel. The effect of the paste is immediately noticeable, especially after other peers. I read a lot that its special composition does not scratch the enamel and does not cause diseases on the teeth. Have to periodically use other pastas, as funds from Rembrandt stand out not only in quality but also price.

Kseniya, 31 years

Very sensitive to the health of your mouth and teeth. About the toothpaste Rembrandt learned from friends and decided to try it. First was a little upset by the price, but after the first cleansing had realized that their money it costs. The difference with the ordinary toothpastes is felt immediately. Besides the obvious lightening of the teeth, the toothpaste also made breath more fresh and pleasant. Effect of freshness is maintained for a long time. Unfortunately, I can’t buy it all the time (because of price), but to return to the old pastes do not want.

Anna, 29 years old

My teeth have always been healthy, to the dentist I spoke rarely, but the color was a serious problem, due to plaque enamel became dark-yellow. It really made me upset and I tried Rembrandt Plus. I learned about it from a friend who strongly praised. After the first use I noticed a positive effect is teeth become a little whiter. 2-3 weeks after the start of cleaning, the enamel becomes lighter at least in tone. The price is certainly not very democratic, but the quality of the pasta she fully consistent.