Whitening toothpaste: which one is better

Whitening toothpaste is the way to achieve Hollywood smiles. Because «flaunt» white teeth and, comically speaking, open your mouth wide when speaking, not everyone can, and how, sometimes, you want to. The way out of the situation can be found in the application of hygiene products, having in its composition special microparticles having the property of whitening teeth, eliminating plaque and restoring the enamel.

What is the effectiveness of whitening toothpastes

Whitening products — gels, plates, trays, toothpastes, etc. the Last option is the least troublesome and in many cases less costly. When brushing your teeth whitening toothpaste is this effect:

  1. eliminates dental plaque and Tartar;
  2. the color of the teeth is lightened a few shades;
  3. there is a restoration of the enamel and saturating it with minerals;
  4. it appears to prevent the development of many dental complications, etc.

Knowing about the effectiveness of the products remains to determine what kind of whitening toothpaste best in its category?


Even the best toothpaste can harm, if not its use. In this case, there are disadvantages of bleaching agents:

  • can break teeth;
  • plaque formed as a result of Smoking and frequent coffee drinking lends itself to the worst treatment;
  • you may feel pain in the teeth;
  • high risk of tooth sensitivity;
  • the filling material can change its color;
  • may cause allergic reactions.

With the appearance of at least one alarming symptom of whitening treatment should be discontinued immediately.


Before you start to lighten the teeth, it is necessary to pay attention to contraindications. In the case of using lightening products restriction will be the following:

  1. pregnancy and lactation period;
  2. individual hypersensitivity to abrasive substances and bleaching products;
  3. children’s age;
  4. thin enamel is damaged with chips and cracks;
  5. the presence of periodontal disease in history.

The bleaching toothpastes: is there a difference

Buying agent for oral hygiene, the question arises, what toothpaste is best to whiten teeth? All the available list of dental products can be divided into groups, distinguished by composition, but rather an active substance.

Abrasive toothpastes

The pastes based on the highly abrasive components good job of whitening lighten teeth and even seals in several colors. But these tools have some disadvantages, for example:

  • you cannot use people with thinned enamel and increased tooth sensitivity;
  • the frequency of application is limited.

On the box it is possible to find the coefficient of abrasive substances, it is called an RDA. If you rely on the scale, with a coefficient of 25 can be applied to people with sensitive teeth. With factor 75 can be used for many categories of citizens, usage frequency is not more than 3 times a week. And a factor 200 can be used for those who need a strong bleaching, the number of times of applications no more than 2 times in a month.

A paste based on carbamide peroxide

Effective toothpaste helps in the fight against dark bloom through the formation under the influence of the saliva of a special element of active oxygen. Penetrating even into the hard to reach places and cracks, whiten teeth evenly and the result appears faster.

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However, if you have a massive dental adjournment, before using the funds on the basis of carbamide peroxide should use abrasive whitening toothpastes. The active oxygen is not able to whiten dental fillings and ceramic crowns.

The pastes based on the less active components

These media contain substances that can destroy plaque, Tartar, and remove pigments and dyes with teeth. These elements include:

  1. pyrophosphates;
  2. bromelain;
  3. papain;
  4. a polydon.

Use of such pastes on a regular basis without harm to the teeth.

Expensive whitening toothpastes

Than is justified by the high cost of toothpaste? This can be attributed to the uniqueness of composition, country of origin, brand name, and, of course, the efficiency of the funds. In the table below you will see a list of whitening toothpastes that cost more than 500 rubles.

Name Characteristics The cost
Rembrandt This whitening toothpaste American production is perfect for lovers of coffee and tea, also for smokers. Hard plaque is softened with the aid of papain and sodium citrate. Also the high content of fluorine is able to restore the thinned enamel. Teeth are bleached by 3-4 shades, and the result is stored in the next 2-4 months About 700-800 rubles
R. O. C. S. whitening gentle This hygienic tool contains only one abrasive substance, but this time kompensiruet that use pasta can people with different teeth sensitivity. The whitening effect is complemented by a pleasant mint flavor About 620-700 rubles
Crest 3D White Straight from the USA reached us of a new improved product. Gentle cleansing of the teeth does not damage enamel, and to evaluate the result in a week. Also when brushing your teeth is prevention of tooth decay and strengthens the enamel. From 800 rubles
Orecare The Chinese Orecare paste is hypoallergenic, and its uniqueness is complemented by the contents of the root pianola has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial action. The use of this tool allows you to gently clean the plaque, reduce the risk of sensitivity and to preserve the natural whiteness of teeth From 700 rubles
Opalescence This is a professional whitening system developed by the American company «Ultradent» dental market leader. Particularly suitable after restoration of teeth or for people who want to preserve the dazzling smile after whitening From 2000 rubles
Yotuel It is possible to choose for everyday use. It is not only perfectly whitens teeth, but also fights cavities, sensitive teeth and gingivitis From 560 roubles
Swissdent Swiss product provides a guaranteed redemption from even the darkest stains and heavy plaque. This is achieved through proven otbelivala composition combined with the latest nanotechnology From 1800 rubles
Kobayashi Japanese pasta, which is charcoal and mint herbs. Can effectively remove dark spots and plaque, to restore the enamel and to provide fresh breath From 1200 rubles
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Tooth paste in the middle price category

Hygienic products in the middle price range and maybe not the best, however, they do have effect. Below we have provided the options cost from 250 rubles to 500.

Toothpaste Characteristics The cost
PresiDent White Plus This toothpaste is perfect for people suffering from the strong pigmentation of the teeth and frequent formation of plaque. It is able to remove dental stones of different hardness. The product consists of: silicates, extractor sea shells, calcium (removes plaque), and the Icelandic tsetrarii extract, providing excellent anti-bacterial effect. To use toothpaste whitening teeth only once in 7 days About 300-350 rubles
PresiDent White Due to the large number of ions included whitening toothpaste for your teeth, achieved good effect remineralization, i.e., removal of plaque and increase the strength of enamel. Also, the composition can meet the following substances:

  • mint;
  • ginseng;
  • tsetrariya Icelandic.

This allows to provide anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anesthetic and refreshing effect

Around 250-280 rubles
Splat Whitening plus It is a product of domestic production has rightfully earned a high rating among their qualitative counterparts. Toothpaste it removes strong pigmentation and contributes to a strong softening of the plaque and restoration of enamel The average price of 300 to 350 rubles
Silca Artic White The composition of the toothpaste consists of three abrasive polishing substances, as well as fluoride and pyrophosphates. This allows you to eliminate even the strong pigmentation of the teeth, without causing high sensitivity The cost from 310 to 400
R. O. C. S. sensational whitening In toothpaste no fluoride and active substances are bromelain and calcium glycerophosphate. This allows to destroy the structure of dental plaque and promote remineralisation of enamel From 450 to 530 rubles
Blend-a-Med 3D White The paste composition has one abrasive substance, fluoride and pyrophosphates. The whitening effect and a gradual recovery of the tooth enamel is supplemented with 6 different flavors. In addition, the product is quite popular 400-450 rubles
Colgate whitening Complex There are substances that contribute to the splitting of Tartar and plaque, but it contains enough fluoride and abrasives for delicate teeth whitening From 250 to 320 rubles
Sensodyne This product is suitable for continuous use. The active components of the paste ensures effective whitening and penetrating into the tooth, protects the nerve endings, making the tooth less susceptible to cold or hot dishes From 300 rubles

Budget whitening toothpastes


Cheap is not the worst. Even with low cost it is possible to find a decent product that deserves attention in this case is a toothpaste, the price of which is below 250.

Toothpaste Characteristics The cost
Lacalut White It’s a German product that can remove pigmented plaque teeth dissolve stones and restore the enamel. Also when applying fading sensitivity. The manufacturer does not recommend daily use of this tool. To achieve the effect enough to use up to 4 times a week About 210-250 rubles
Lacalut White and Repair In the composition of the bleaching agent can find the content of sodium fluoride, hydroxyapatite, pyrophosphates. This ensures reliable removal of plaque with a long and outputs the result Cost about 250 rubles
New pearl whitening According to dentists, this tool contains in its composition a high amount of pyrophosphates. The only advantage of it is affordable price From 60 to 100 roubles
Thai Pasta from Thailand includes 3 important properties are teeth whitening, enamel strengthening and restoration of damaged gums. Medium are made of natural substances with the addition of therapeutic essential oils From 100 to 150 roubles
White Glo It allows you to clean discolored teeth and to ensure maximum hygiene of the oral cavity. Special particles to protect tooth enamel against the formation of new plaque, and rose hip oil protects the mucous membrane From 150 rubles

Whitening toothpastes: the rating and recommendations for use

For those who are used to buy more advanced products we offer to your attention the list of the best whitening toothpastes in its category.

The best toothpaste to whiten with abrasives:

  • Lakalut White (RDA — 120_);
  • President White plus (RDA — 200).

A rating of whitening toothpastes for everyday use:

  • Lakalyut white;
  • President whit;
  • Rembrandt;
  • Splat;
  • Silca arctic white;
  • Rocs sensational and sensitive whitening;
  • Blendamed 3d white;
  • Colgate whitening complex;
  • New pearls.

So the choice is made and in the hands of the best whitening toothpaste in your opinion. What’s next? Before you run for the brush, it is strongly recommended to read some recommendations to increase the chance of achieving 100% effect. So, the advice is as follows:

  1. Before you start teeth whitening, it is best to visit the dentist and do professional cleaning.
  2. Be sure to spend sanitation of the oral cavity. Remove the carious education, treated teeth.
  3. If during use, the bleaching agent there is sensitivity to temperature changes, this may indicate a thinning of the enamel. The procedure in this case should be abolished.
  4. In the case of a special susceptibility of enamel to abrasion, the choice is better to make in favor of the pasta, which consists of enzymes and polydon.
  5. Be sure to follow the diet after tooth whitening, stop Smoking and do not abuse coffee and strong tea.

Whitening toothpastes — is not just a cleaning product, you need to carefully consider the composition of the medium and to the recommendations. It is best before you purchase to go to the dentist, where you’ll find the answers to your questions.