Why in sleep grind their teeth bruxism causes and treatment

Why do people in sleep grind their teeth? From a medical point of view, this manifestation is called bruxism. Manifested by severe spasms of muscles of jaws and uncontrolled movement of serried teeth. Tightly interlocking teeth create friction and unpleasant sound and rattle.


Creak teeth in a dream in an adult may be accompanied by such abuses as:

  • temporary stop breathing;
  • a sharp decline in the blood pressure;
  • bradycardia;
  • decrease heart rate.

Why grind teeth in sleep, take a closer look. When a person is awake he usually does not creak molars, and very tightly compresses the jaw. This process uncontrolled, and the person does not pay attention to the fact that the muscles had clenched. What is bruxism and how to stop teeth grinding?

That you have bruxism will tell members of the family

If daytime bruxism a person can diagnose himself, on the night manifestations usually tell him not sleep on faces of family who listen to terrible gnashing of teeth at night, preventing sleep. How to stop teeth grinding in my sleep, and most importantly, bring peace of others?

If a person grinds his teeth during sleep, he has observed these symptoms:

  • Morning pain in the facial and jaw muscles of the face;
  • The inflammatory process in the joints leading to difficulty of movement of the lower jaw;
  • Increased sensitivity due to the Erasure of tooth enamel;
  • Deformation of the bite;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome that occur because of sleep disorders;
  • Morning headaches due to tensions of the facial muscles.

At the time of grinding affects the structure of the teeth and the musculature. If you are going to install crowns or implants, please inform your dentist

Why there is the creaking of the teeth during sleep

There are several reasons why night grind their teeth. In most cases, they require examination and treatment by a neurologist, some can not be delayed visit to the dentist. The cause of bruxism can be:

  1. Neurological;
  2. Dental disease;
  3. Inflammation of the temporomandibular joint;
  4. Brain injury.

Sometimes identifying the cause of bruxism take years. A person does not perceive the disease as a signal to the body and only passed the nerves of relatives forced «Kreacher» to refer to a specialist.

Certainly when there is talk about that there is gnashing of teeth during sleep, immediately POPs the answer: in humans, the parasites! Bruxism is not a cause of worms. This mythical conclusion is fundamentally not refuted, but not justified. The worms themselves don’t cause the rattle, but the toxicity that they cause in the body leads to deficiency of vitamins of group B, which are responsible for the emotional state of a person. The presence of parasites is accompanied by itching in the anus, nausea, headache, irregular bowel movement, abdominal pain. In the case of the child to be tested for the parasite’s eggs will never be superfluous, but to associate worms with night grinding is not always true

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Isn’t it time to check if the nerves

Chronic neurosis, prolonged depression, nervous exhaustion, psychological stress is one of the most common causes of teeth grinding in sleep. We all know that during immersion in a dream, the person ceases to strain the nervous system, thus it gets rid of third-party information. The brain during sleep must rest, but because of the problems of neurological man in the dream does not relax completely. He is experiencing problems in the daytime. Because of this, there is a spasm of the jaws. And what is the cause of the creaking the teeth during sleep and during wakefulness. This is all due to nerves…

Teeth grinding at night usually appears during REM sleep. While a person is actively moving eyeballs and involuntarily shrinking muscles. Be sure to visit a neurologist if, in addition, that person in the dream, he grits his teeth and talking, snoring, walking and enuresis.

If you see a man who in a moment of nervous tension begins to involuntarily chew on a toothpick, match, pen, pencil or nails, we can conclude that this man is clearly grinding his teeth at night.

Often, the cause of the creak teeth during sleep is associated with activity. Contact with varnishes and paints poisons the body. The toxins coming from the outside, destroy the cells of the nervous system and disrupt the normal functioning of neurons.

A negative effect on the nervous system alcohol and abuse of tobacco. If loved ones told you that night teeth grinding becoming more and more frequent, you should think about how to quit Smoking and give up alcohol.

A stressful situation can make a person tightly clenched jaw. This kind of response of an organism to a stimulus. Didn’t notice when you are annoyed, you are very tensed all the muscles of the jaw.

According to neurologists, the creak of teeth is a serious signal to the body that is manifested by disruption of the nervous system. Epileptic seizures may occur during sleep in the form of light. If you do an MRI of the brain, such people can see the foci of epileptic seizures or a predisposition to it. Very often in spasm of the jaw muscles may occur due to lesions of the trigeminal nerve.

Dental disease – the cause of unpleasant difficulty

Problems of a dental nature, are also a consequence of the creaking of the teeth in an adult. The precursors may be:

  • Incorrectly installed seal;
  • Malocclusion;
  • The absence of teeth;
  • The size mismatch of braces or dentures;
  • Inflammation in the jaw joint.
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The seal is mounted above the normal level, lead to the fact that relaxing in sleep, man can not fully close his jaw. Trying to do this, the person involuntarily begins to find a comfortable position for the jaw that is the cause of creaking the teeth during sleep.

Same is the case with dentures and braces. The defective closing of the jaws causes sleeping discomfort, upper and lower jaw in contact causes grinding of teeth.

Malocclusion interferes to take the teeth in the jaw proper place. During relaxation of the jaw muscles, they take a comfortable position and the bite takes its usual position. Due to the unharmonized actions a person begins to grit my jaw. This is one of dental reasons for grinding teeth at night. About the wrong bite can be judged by the presence of tooth-prints on the tongue after sleep.

Incomplete set of teeth in the mouth leads to malocclusion. During sleep the muscles relax, the teeth occupy a position according to the bite, and since there is not enough jaw shifted. The brain receives a message that the physiological position of the jaws is broken, gives a signal to correct the ailment, the result there is the scraping of teeth against each other.

Inflammatory diseases of the temporomandibular joint lead to disruption of normal function. This can be understood by a strong clicking during mouth opening or yawning. Inflammation of the jaw joints strengthens the nervous ripple, causing spasm of the masticatory muscles and gnashing. Muscles involuntarily contract and there is the creaking of the teeth.

What is the danger bruxism

Night grinding teeth in threat if this becomes the norm, rather than an accident. If people tend to grind their teeth during sleep, this leads to:

  1. Thinning of the dentin;
  2. Tooth decay;
  3. Loss and loosening of the teeth in the mouth;
  4. The crunch of the jaw joints;
  5. Disruption of the nervous system;
  6. The lack of understanding from loved ones;
  7. Frequent headaches.


As soon as possible to make a diagnosis of bruxism in the adult. Grinding the teeth during sleep, causes and Troubleshooting methods are discussed below.

How to get rid of night-grinding — treatment and prevention

In adults, bruxism has no specific treatment. What to do to stop the squeak? How to cure bruxism?

Before you can treat bruxism is to go through a complete examination by a dentist, orthodontist and neurologist. Based on the collected history experts will give an opinion and advice on how to treat bruxism in adults.

To get rid of the disease, dentists recommend wearing a mouth-guard. Sometimes, for alignment of the bite recommend wearing braces. If found the seal, installed above the normal level, then you need to whittle away excess filling material. Perhaps this was the main reason why a grown man squeak in my sleep teeth. To relax the jaw muscles and getting rid of grinding at night, recommend Botox injections. They paralyze facial muscles and not let them shrink for a long time.

If a person grinds her teeth in her sleep, it is recommended to apply a remineralizing gel or toothpaste. Because the teeth grinding is not a dream, but a day damages the enamel.

In case of deviations in the nervous system of the patient visiting, and then offer the patient undergo a series of examinations:

  1. MRI of the brain;
  2. Computed tomography (CT).
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To stabilize the nervous system and getting rid of the squeak in adults is prescribed antidepressants, sedatives. Often the therapist advises to get rid of bruxism and psychiatric disorders hypnotic sleep.

It is very important in combination with therapeutic procedures teach the person relaxation exercises. Exercises aimed at relaxation of the muscles of the neck and jaws will help prevent grinding the teeth at night. To relieve spasm of the muscles, you can apply a hot compress. This procedure has limitations: if the body has signs of an infectious or septic process to heat is impossible. In the absence of contraindications compresses applied to the cervical area and on the lower jaw.

In order to get rid of the night gnashing doctors recommend to fool the body. During the day you need to train the muscles of the jaw. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables that need a long time to chew. Eat nuts, they will be useful not only muscles but also the brain.
As preventive measures recommended:

  1. Exercises for the muscles before going to sleep;
  2. Soothing herbal tea;
  3. The adherence to work and rest;
  4. Long walks in the fresh air, it is better to go to the forest;
  5. Balanced diet;
  6. Regular ventilation of the room;

Now you know why people grind their teeth during sleep. The main causes of difficulty – to neuroscience, stress and depression. Treatment of bruxism is reduced to the observance of a day regimen, proper nutrition and exposure to fresh air.