Why itchy mouth? Causes and what to do?

Heaven is intended to separate the oral cavity from the nasal, necessary for the reproduction of speech, and even for chewing food. Why itchy mouth?

Causes and what to do about people who suffer from pain and discomfort in the region of the sky? This symptom can indicate a variety of diseases.

Why itchy mouth?

Primary inflammation can develop under the influence of the following reasons:

  • infection of bacterial or fungal nature, talking about her criteria, such as dirty white plaque, redness, a large number of sores, pain and burning sensation. The symptoms often interfere with even to eat. The child often becomes a cause of stomatitis;
  • sore throat — its clear signs: become more tonsils is present body aches, a sore throat;
  • lack of hygiene and injury when chewed, these causes are usually interrelated, since the pathological microorganisms in the hygiene needs does not lead to inflammation of small wounds. As a result of infection are formed not only sores, but the blisters;
  • dental problems and diseases — often causes similar symptoms pulpitis and caries;
  • leukoplakia develops in chronic injury of the mucosa by food, cold, hard or hot;
  • removal of the nerve, when he was struck by temporomandibular composition that was the beginning of the inflammation;
  • the use of prostheses in cases when in the sky there are no processes of muscle formation. The longer the period of use, the more likely the appearance of inflammation;
  • galvanic currents is the installation of braces or crowns with metal;
  • inflammation of the salivary glands — such often ends with the development of tumors;
  • changing the state of the environment in the mouth;
  • a malignant tumor.
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Sometimes the symptoms appear as a result of exacerbation of chronic diseases or allergies. During pregnancy a woman is particularly susceptible to different viruses, it may occur an allergic reaction to something, with a runny nose and even fever.

Pain in the region of the sky sometimes goes even to the ears. Under these signs the night disturbed sleep, over time, there is distraction and forgetfulness. Similar symptoms can cause different diseases, including inflammation troinicnogo nerve or neuroinfection.

If a person sneezes, he has other symptoms inherent in SARS, it is possible that the pain in the sky provoked by this cause. However precisely to establish this fact needs the doctor after the tests and inspection.

Features of the disease

To go to the doctor be sure, as causes discomfort to the oral mucosa, especially in the area of the sky a lot. If the disease is related to bacterial infection, there are such symptoms:

  • sore throat;
  • fever;
  • redness in the throat;
  • swelling;
  • pain;
  • increased salivation;
  • enlargement of lymph nodes.

May develop pustules or plaque, as the body poisoned food intoxication and develops protective mechanisms.

  1. When injuries are observed only discomfort, expressed mild pain or tingling.
  2. If the reason was fungal infection, then striking clinical sign is the presence in the sky and the whole mucous membrane of mouth white sores.
  3. Problems with the liver indicates the plaque yellow.
  4. To rooting the sky can and angina. Then the person with the redness and the inflammation extends not only to heaven, but also on the tonsils.

Breakouts are hurt, sometimes there is a burning sensation, ulcers switch to the language, it becomes higher the temperature.

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What to do?

Sometimes the inflammation is ignored, but it is fraught with not only the constant discomfort, and other unpleasant consequences. The treatment of the disease that caused the pain in the sky, is carried out after the diagnosis, because it depends entirely on the reasons that prompted symptom.

First assigned to symptomatic therapy, which will relieve swelling, pain and inflammation. This will begin the main course of treatment aimed at preventing relapse. If the cause of the disease have become problems in the field of dentistry, the doctor will heal cavities. In chronic diseases (tonsillitis, inflammation of tonsils, etc.) may not do without the use of antibiotics.

Sometimes the tooth decay develops under the influence of a virus, and after these two factors greatly affect the state of the sky, causing not only pain but also numerous sores. In such cases, rehabilitation is not only cavities, but also bad. Spend some time and anesthetic treatment.

The fungus causes stomatitis, which itself is accompanied by a large number of wounds and aft. The disease needs to be treated with a wide antifungal therapy, including not only medications for oral administration, but specialized ointments, sprays and creams. Additionally, the patient observes a special diet, we should strengthen hygiene measures and be supervised by a doctor.

Sometimes the tumor provokes an inflammatory process in the sky. Such cases and does threaten serious consequences, so patients are comprehensively examined. To get rid of any form of tumor is possible only through surgery.

Folk remedies widely used in cases where the discomfort is in the sky caused by trauma. You can get it by drinking cold or scalding liquid, when eating something solid. Natural remedies are very good for healing, because most of the medicated ointments with a similar effect to be applied to the mucous prohibited. And tools such as propolis, sea buckthorn oil, rose hips simultaneously heal and reduce inflammation.

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At home it is better to do the rinse on the basis of decoctions of oak, calendula, sage, chamomile or sea buckthorn. These measures combined with prescribed medicines, which increases the overall efficiency of the treatment.

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Any pathological processes in the oral cavity are successfully prevented with quality care. It is enough to clean your teeth and any conditioner. General measures of prevention is vitamin therapy and proper nutrition. To detect inflammation and possible when visiting the dentist. Recommended to toughen up, but if the immune system is weak, to drink a course of immunomodulators.

The dentist can explain in detail what preventive measures should be taken, he would help to diagnose the disease, triggering inflammation.