Why spoil the teeth, what to do

Being in the dental office, everyone wonders why spoil the teeth . After all, as practice shows, not everyone can afford to boast a snow-white smile, and often depends on age. Although teeth are more damaged in older people, in their mouth can be detected more crowns and fillings.

And why do teeth decay? In the majority of cases the perpetrators of such condition of the oral cavity are the people themselves. Disregard for the rules of personal hygiene, exclusion of preventative dental check-UPS and a number of other factors are those few causes of damage .

Conventionally, all the factors causing the deterioration of the health of teeth can be divided into internal and external. Then we will talk about each of these groups, as well as about what to do in order to preserve the health of the oral cavity.

External causes

The external causes of deterioration of the oral cavity include:

  • Insufficient oral hygiene. In most cases, it is for this reason spoiled teeth in both adults and children. As a rule, people do not pay enough attention to care for the oral cavity or even do not follow the rules of hygiene. It is quite natural that it quickly leads to tragic consequences. Consumed particles of food remaining in the mouth, begin to decompose, resulting in the destruction of tooth enamel. This facilitates the penetration of bacteria into deeper tissues.
  • Lack of preventive dental check-UPS. Even if you do not bother you should regularly visit the dentist. This recommendation applies to both adults and children. The attending physician examines the mouth, which will reveal the existing problems, even if they still did not manifest itself. This will help to eliminate the pathological processes and prevent damage to the teeth.
  • Mechanical impact. Not the best way to condition tooth enamel affects the habit of stabbing teeth nuts, open bottles or to bite the skin. Should be more careful with the health of the oral cavity.
  • Effect of chemical nature, which refers to the consumption of sugary carbonated drinks, fruit teas or acidic products. It destroys tooth enamel.
  • The effect of temperature. Sudden changes in temperature from high to low and Vice versa contribute to the cracking of tooth enamel.
  • The mouth breathing promotes remineralization and weakening of the teeth, causing them to gradually deteriorate. It is usually peculiar to children. Therefore the parents responsibility to teach the child breathing exclusively by the nose.
  • An imbalanced diet. To strength dental tissues remained at the proper level, it is necessary that the diet received, elements such as fluoride, calcium, and vitamins. Equally important are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Everyone knows that Smoking and alcohol are not the best way affect state of health in General and teeth in particular.
  • Harmful working conditions.
  • A sedentary lifestyle.
  • Frequent visits to public bodies of water with chlorinated water.
  • Too often the use of products for teeth whitening.
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Internal causes

As internal factors, which contribute to the deterioration of the teeth include:

  1. The lack of saliva in the mouth, which leads to acid-alkaline imbalance. In order to normalize the production of saliva, should chew a chewing gum.
  2. Teeth grinding in sleep. If you do not treat this condition, it can be very hard to erase and erode the teeth. Pernicious process begins with the enamel, and then addresses the deeper layers.
  3. Impaired posture can cause jaw will begin to close crookedly, causing, as in the previous case, the teeth will become loose and wear out.
  4. Impaired metabolism can lead to the fact that the body loses necessary vitamins and minerals.
  5. Pregnancy. In the period of carrying a child to the body of the expectant mother requires an increased amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. If the diet of a pregnant woman will not be enough rich and balanced, the teeth will simply become worthless. Mandatory in the diet of the mother should be present dairy products, including cheese.

Maintaining the health of the oral cavity

Questions about why spoil the teeth and how to keep them healthy, unfortunately, sound much less than about how to treat them. And in fact, it would be much easier to maintain their health. Besides, white healthy smile is the beginning of a person’s health.

Currently, there is such a tendency that the teeth in young children and in adults, deteriorate, become loose and bleed and, even worse, simply fall out.

So how to keep the oral cavity healthy and not to go to the dentist to treat teeth? In order to achieve this goal, you must follow some simple rules:

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  • In order to efficiently and effectively care for the oral cavity, it is recommended to pick a good toothpaste, a handy brush and rinse the mouth.
  • Brush teeth twice a day, morning and evening, to remove from the mouth, food debris and prevent tooth decay and bad breath.
  • You can’t mix in the process of eating hot meals and cold drinks.
  • After each meal is recommended to rinse your mouth with clean and warm water. When unavailability of floss or thread to remove food debris forefinger.
  • Experts recommend to change the toothbrush at least 1 time for 3 months, since it is accumulated a huge number of bacteria. You should also wash the brush after each brushing.
  • To prevent the development of inflammation and reduce the activity of harmful bacteria, it is recommended to replace your morning tea or coffee and a glass of clean warm water in which is dissolved 1 tbsp of honey. This will strengthen the teeth and gums. This drink is very useful in the development of colds.
  • Should be less sensitive to stressful situations. Better to be optimistic and keep healthy.
  • Teeth are an integral part of the body. Therefore, if a person is constantly sick, and this part will not be able to stay healthy. Any disease should be carefully treated. It is very important to keep fit, keep moving and take a walk in the fresh air.
  • No good for the teeth can not bring products which have undergone industrial processing, as they lose all their useful properties. It is better to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Very important to dental health phosphorus. So experts recommend to drink green peas, oats, walnuts, whole grain wheat, cod liver oil, fish, soy, mushrooms, and meat.

Popular recipes

You can strengthen the teeth by means of traditional medicine:

  1. In equal proportions, you can take oak bark, chamomile and calendula flowers and mix them. After 1 teaspoon of the resulting composition should pour boiling water and leave to steep for 1 hour. After the specified period of time, the infusion should strain and rinse them daily to the teeth and gums.
  2. Effectively treat weakened gums helps buckthorn. To do this, 2 tablespoons of buckthorn boiled in 0.5 cups of water. You can then dial the strained warm broth in your mouth and rinse for 5 minutes.
  3. For strong bones, teeth, nails, and joints can home cook a natural balm. For this it is necessary to wash and dry eggshells, then leave it in the water. To 1 Cup of water take 50 g of the shell. The resulting solution can be drink before eating half a Cup, make him a wrap on the nail or rinse their teeth.
  4. You can use a paste made of mustard oil and sea salt finely. This will require 0.5 g of salt and 1 tsp oil. The resulting paste should be applied on the gums and massage them with your fingers, then rinse your mouth with warm water. This massage is very useful when bleeding or inflamed gums when gingivitis. Instead of salt you can use powdered turmeric.
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If every day to follow these simple rules, you can avoid many problems with dental health.

Unfortunately, in spite of the constant propaganda on TV white healthy smile is not increasing, the number of people with healthy and strong teeth. To avoid such problems, this should take care of parents at the stage of childbearing, and this should be done throughout life. It is always much easier make an effort to avoid problems, than then to spend a lot of time, effort, nerves and money in an attempt to regain the state of health of the teeth, which is enough to meet these recommendations.