Why teeth hurt at night: what to do if the night toothache

Why teeth hurt at night? This question interests many. Often people notice that unpleasant sensations are worse at night, deprives of rest and not sleep. What diseases cause insidious symptoms who to contact for help and how to wait for a visit to the doctor, prompt this article.

In search of the reason

Severe tooth pain at night, point to the development of the body’s inflammatory process. To get rid of disease, you need to visit the dentist to diagnose and treat you.

Symptom may indicate the development of one of the diseases:

  • Deep decay. Pathology develops due to violation of rules of personal hygiene. If the person is not brushing her teeth after a meal, in the oral cavity are microscopic food particles. They are a favorable environment for the activation of pathogenic microflora. The metabolic products of caries genic microbes contribute to the softening of the enamel. The primary lesion of the tissues, a process occurring at the microscopic level. The patient does not notice changes discomfort are absent. Visually, the enamel it is possible to notice the formation of white chalky stains.

Secondary causes of dental caries are: vitamin deficiency, physical illness, genetic predisposition.

Medium and deep caries is accompanied by destruction of enamel and dentin. Appears in the crown cavity, with a dark edge.

Initially unpleasant sensations appear while taking food. Particles products are hammered into the cavity, have a negative effect on the pulp. While eating sour, salty, sweet, hot products, appear aching pain in the tooth. An unpleasant symptom may appear at night. In most cases, he observed, if people before sleep not held hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity. Soreness, growing mainly at night, point to the imminent development of pulpitis;

  • Pulpitis — inflammation of the nerve inside the roots. The disease is the main culprit, causing the toothache in the evening and night. Negative feelings when illness is so strong that depriving a person of sleep.

The reasons for the development of pulpitis: dental caries, violation of hygienic rules, beriberi, chronic diseases of ENT organs. Pulpitis can occur spontaneously, resulting from a jaw injury.

If the disease has caused tooth decay, visually on the crown there is a cavity with dark edges. Its size varies depending on the degree of destruction of enamel and dentin.

Pain during pulpitis usually are not dependent on external signs, the feelings become more pronounced, after you touch or bite on the tooth. Feature of the disease is the increased pain at night. Many patients notice that the symptom is most severe, after dark and by morning its intensity weakens.

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To establish an accurate diagnosis and provide treatment at home with diseases of the oral cavity is impossible. In order to solve the problem, visit an experienced dentist.

Other types of diseases

It is noticed that the pain in the night time always increases as the person is at rest, not distracted by other factors and completely focuses on his health. If you can’t sleep because of the pain in the tooth, the reason for this may be:

  1. Periodontitis is the inflammatory process in periodontal tissues. Causes of disease: poor treatment of caries, pulpitis, trauma to the jaw. Contributing factors: hypothermia, infections of the upper respiratory tract. Pain when periodontitis is constant, aching, aggravated by touching the affected tooth.
  2. Periostitis — inflammation of the periosteum. Causes: poor treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, diseases of ENT organs, inflammation of the gums. Symptoms: formation of bumps at the roots, hyperemia of the gums, discomfort when you touch and bite. In the later stages of the development of the flux is accompanied by fever, reduced General condition, swelling of tissues of the cheeks, lips, neck, asymmetry of face.
  3. Periodontitis, gingivitis — inflammation of the gums accompanied by bleeding, hyperemia of the mucous membranes, bad breath, pain in the jaw.
  4. Eruption of wisdom teeth.
  5. Neurological diseases (neuralgia, neuritis of the trigeminal nerve, phantom pain). Upon confirmation of disease the neurotic nature, refer to a neurologist.
  6. Stomatitis.

People should understand that, depending on the cause of the disease, treatment will vary. Should not self-diagnose and try to cope with pathology. Self-medication can lead to dangerous complications.

The dentist will help

During the clinic visit, the doctor will examine the oral cavity, if necessary, appoint additional methods of examination. Radiography will reveal the extent of tissue damage, the presence of inflammatory focus in the tissues of the pulp, periodontal.

The treatment of deep caries and pulpitis are identical. The stages of work of the doctor:

  • Anesthesia by using anesthetic;
  • The elimination of the affected tissues;
  • The extermination of the pulp in the treatment of a multirooted tooth
  • The expansion, purification, processing channels;
  • Sealing of cavities with gutta-percha and filling pasta;
  • The reference x-ray image;
  • Restoration of crowns using composite carried out after 2 to 3 days after stopping of channels.

After treatment of pulpitis, deep caries, the patient may experience slight discomfort in your jaw for 5 -10 days. Over time, the pain becomes less noticeable and disappear completely.

In periodontitis and periostitis, the task of the dentist is to remove the source of infection. It is necessary to carry out the cleaning of root canals and their careful processing. Therapy flux, and periodontitis is often lengthy. To resolve the inflammatory process, one should conduct medicinal rinse. Once the source of infection eliminated, the sealed channels, restore the crown.

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If necessary, for the treatment of flux used surgical methods. If the person long time does not appeal to the dentist, the likelihood of saving the tooth units is significantly reduced.

If sharp tooth pain is caused by the eruption of eights, you should contact your oral surgeon. After examination, an x-ray picture, your doctor will talk about methods of solving problems.

To manipulation, which may be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, the doctor proceeds only after the administration of local anesthesia. Modern painkillers are highly effective, not absorbed into the bloodstream and well tolerated by patients.

First aid

What to do if the night toothache?

You can try to assist yourself. It is important to remember that actions are symptomatic rather than curative in nature. They will help to relieve the discomfort, but not cure the disease.

Methods of getting rid of night pain:

Painkillers. They are the most convenient and reliable way. Nise, Analgin, Tempalgin, Ketanov, Ketarol — drugs to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, facilitating the human condition. It must be remembered that drugs are used according to age limitations and strict dosage. If after taking the pills, the condition does not improve, it is forbidden to use other kinds of analgesic means or to increase the dosage already adopted the drug. Overdose of drugs causes liver damage, kidney, brain, sad and fraught with complications. If a toothache in a child or pregnant, lactating women, it is possible to apply preparations of Paracetamol, Ibuprofen
Rinse herbs and flowers. Chamomile, plantain, calamus root, calendula, oak bark, sage — have healing properties, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Infusions and decoctions are prepared in a water bath or in a thermos. Do not use the rinse if the person is not confident in the absence of Allergy to medicinal plants.
Rinsing with baking soda and salt The method is safe and proven remedy. The use of the method does not cause negative reactions of an organism, does not cause allergic reactions. To prepare a useful solution it is necessary to take 200 ml of warm boiled water, pour into it 1 teaspoon of salt and soda, mix well. Rinsing is carried out 5 -6 times a day. Treatment solution helps to eliminate pain, easier.
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If a person has fever the body, there is swelling of the tissues, it indicates the spread of the inflammatory process. In this case, it is necessary to visit the dentist.


Tooth pain night causing a lot of suffering, do not give quietly to sleep. In the morning the person feels tired and overwhelmed. Long to endure the discomfort worth it, because every day they will grow stronger.

After the dental treatment will take place, it is necessary to observe some simple rules:

  1. Carry out hygienic processing of the oral cavity 2 times a day with a toothpaste and brushes. Floss, Waterpik, mouthwash is an important addition to your daily hygiene.
  2. Eat right. Reduce intake of sweets, give up carbonated drinks. Often indulge your body with delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs;
  3. Give up Smoking and alcohol. Nicotine is the enemy of the body. People — smokers have dark pigmented plaque on the teeth, which leads to the development of gingivitis and periodontitis. Alcoholic beverages reduce the protective properties of the organism, lead to degeneration of mucous membranes;
  4. Try to beware of hypothermia. Dentists observed that diseases such as pulpitis, periodontitis, periostitis, most often occur during or after a viral infections;
  5. Increase protective functions of the body — exercise, hardening;
  6. Visit your dentist as a preventive measure.