Wisdom teeth growing into cheek: symptoms, pictures, what to do

A rather unpleasant pathology is when the wisdom tooth grows on the cheek. The symptoms of this disease, we describe below will provide photos and will advise you on what to do in such cases. Because to ignore such a situation is impossible, as over time, there are many consequences that impact the overall health and condition of the adjacent teeth.

Regardless of the actions of man, his hygiene habits, way of life and health, the direction of growth of each unit gets its own individual characteristics. The change usually occurs from the natural and genetic predispositions, which affect almost impossible.


The structure of the jaw apparatus, a structure of hard tissue is laid down during the prenatal period. Age only manifest these characteristics, which are invisible until, until the start of eruption of a particular tooth. Doctors distinguish the following causes of impaired growth of «eights»:

  • the embryo has an abnormal shape and direction, so is developing properly;
  • this happens if the size of the last in the row of the tooth is too large or is it some kind of unusual shape, it is not enough space on the jaw to sit properly;
  • total violation of the metabolism when too few minerals for normal growth of teeth;
  • also discovered the influence of the hormonal system in maxillofacial pathology;
  • the appearance of crowding, increased the number of units in a row, then for the latter have no place on the arc;
  • sometimes the opposite situation, when too large a space for «g» gives her the wrong way.

Whatever the reason, affect it yourself at home is impossible. Therefore, it is important in such problems to consult a doctor who can adjust or remove the unit by surgical methods.


Until the start of the process of eruption of the third molar, to guess at his natural pathology will not work. So you should pay attention to the first signs that appear as it grows:

  • bleeding in this region, aggravated by masticatory load or mechanical handling;
  • inflamed soft tissues around already progresivehouse second molar and in the place where you should see the following;
  • increasing tangible pain when chewing and swallowing, which persists over time, but enhanced;
  • there is swelling of the gums that can spread to surrounding organs;
  • often starts to hurt the inner part of the cheek in the area of growth «eight»;
  • some seals, which can be experienced by simple touch;
  • periodic severe headaches, high fever and General malaise.

Since «wisdom tooth» grows more than one day, and all symptoms may be from time to time over a long period. For some people, it lasts for several years. And this pattern will not disappear until you visit your doctor.

How to ease the pain before going to the dentist?

You can’t always get an appointment as soon as appeared painful or other symptoms. What to do to help yourself while waiting? Can soothe mucous membranes, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and heal the emerging erosion using available popular recipes:

  1. Make a solution of soda to rinse. This simple tool quickly reduces swelling and destroys harmful bacteria, preventing infection.
  2. You can prepare a complex broth of oak bark and sage leaves. You need to take 5 tbsp of both and fill them with 0.5 liters of boiling water. When the broth configure themselves, and will be warm, rinse your mouth at least eight times a day. These components help to repair the tissue, reduce inflammation and kill pathogens.
  3. The next version of the recipe – the broth of turnips. 3 tbsp. chopped roots pour water, allow to boil and boil at least 15 minutes. To rinse your mouth this remedy every hour.
  4. Saline solution is also effective for inflammation and swelling. In order to prepare it you need only 1 tsp of salt and a glass of water. Rinse your mouth you at the first sign of pain unlimited number of times.
  5. With the aim of healing erosions of the mucous membrane, well help of an application made on the basis of sea buckthorn oil. It ensures regeneration of tissues and for a short period restores its structure.
  6. To prepare an infusion of lemon balm, you need to take 2 tablespoons of these leaves and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Leave it for 4 hours and then begin to rinse, but to make them not more than four times per day.
  7. In the same way, you can make and infusion of chicory root. The proportions and method of preparation are the same as in the previous recipe, you can further boil it for five minutes. These last two means possess anti-inflammatory properties and is good at relieving pain.
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If the people’s recipes do not help and discomfort worse, and erosion very deep, come to the aid of drugs, which are often found in the first aid kit on hand:

  • To eliminate the intense pain of using the «Nurofen», «Nise», «Tempalgin», «Ketorol» or other similar painkillers sold freely available without a prescription. But it is worth remembering that to get involved and take them for a long period it is impossible as it is addictive and can cause intoxication.
  • A stronger analgesic is the «Etoricoxib», which can be drunk only in the quantity of one tablet per day, and its effect lasts much longer. In addition to relieving pain, it has anti-inflammatory action.
  • With the aim of antiseptic treatment of the oral cavity the dentists recommended rinsing with known solutions «Chlorhexidine», «Angelica» or «Eludril». The procedure of rinsing is carried out at least four times a day at equal intervals.
  • Complex preparations in the form of gels under the name of «Holisal» or «Kamistad» created using botanicals and medicinal components. Due to this, they are good at fighting inflammation in the mucosa are local analgesic drugs based on lidocaine.

We remind you that to delay the trip to the doctor is not necessary, as from the use of all of the above means the problem does not disappear, just in time relieves the pain, swelling and inflammation for a short period heal erosion and mucosal injury. While the dentist will not correct the underlying cause, these symptoms will appear again. To independently adjust the growth of a tooth or to pull out it will not work.

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Realizing the causes of this pathology, it becomes apparent that to eliminate the problem with any kind of correction is almost impossible. The most frequent and rational choice is removal of the wrong growing of the group. But such a decision is taken only by a doctor. To do this, make the following manipulation:

  1. Make the diagnosis using x-rays and computed tomography. Put an accurate diagnosis and determine the degree of the abnormality, the location of the tooth or its roots.
  2. Because the procedure is a surgical intervention and can last a very long time, spend quality anesthesia. More likely to choose local anesthesia, but in some cases it is necessary to resort to General anesthesia. Then the doctor is obliged to constantly monitor the patient during the procedure and a period afterwards.
  3. The dentist makes an incision of soft tissue at the desired location and receives free access to the roots of the tooth.
  4. In some cases, requires additional removal of bone tissue around the root system to get to her.
  5. If necessary, can also do a split partition, if the roots have to be removed separately.
  6. Using tools pull out the whole tooth from the cavity.
  7. Then you need to be sure to treat open wound with antiseptics and to fill it with special drugs that prevent inflammation.
  8. Sew the edges of soft tissues in simple nodal seam.
  9. If bleeding is profuse and does not stop, it is additionally used hemostatic sponge.

Depending on the complexity of the location of the tooth and its roots, the age of the unit and its formation, depth and other factors, the operation is different. Sometimes it is enough easy dissection and extraction of the make fast. In some cases, this process is delayed and the doctor have to do lots of complex manipulation.

Video: removal of wisdom teeth.

Features of the postoperative period

Such interference is serious and it should not be taken superficially. Should prepare for a long recovery period, which implies that the patient will adhere to the rules and recommendations given by a doctor to prevent the risk of complications:

  • Usually 5-10 days of prescribed antibiotics. But these should be used only on prescription strictly according to instructions. This is done in order to avoid wound infections, sepsis and other complications associated with increased likelihood of bacteria in deep tissue open.
  • It is very important in the first days after surgery to wash the blood clot that forms on the bottom of the hole, as it helps to block access infections in deep tissue and accelerates the healing process.
  • During this period, it is not recommended to eat spicy or hard food that may irritate or damage mucous membranes.
  • No need in this case to use saline or other solutions, which were effective in the preparatory phase. The doctor prescribes the pharmacy antiseptics, which you can use to treat the wound for disinfection and faster healing.
  • Also, do not apply ice to the swollen place. In this way easily freeze damaged tissue or nerve endings.
  • For hygienic treatment of the oral cavity in the postoperative period it is desirable to use a soft brush and to avoid the operated area.
  • Carefully monitor your condition. At the slightest symptoms of distress and deterioration, the appearance of severe pain, increasing swelling, fever should visit the doctor again.
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From experience I would say that the appeal to the dentist in this case can not be avoided. I’ve pulled this and the result was very worn out. It would be better once the tooth was extracted and in a short time through the recovery period.


I have «eight» grew very long, ten years, I guess. And just recently the pain became so strong that could not be tolerated. Went to the doctor, it turned out that this unit should have long been removed as it is tilted incorrectly.


Faced with the fact that the wisdom tooth was growing across the gums. Removed it and prepared for the next, as the x-ray showed that the remaining items have the same feature. So I have to remove them all.