Wisdom tooth: how a growing wisdom teeth symptoms of teething

When a person cut a wisdom tooth, it causes many complications, many do not know what to do if growing a wisdom tooth. Many in this period, the question arises: why do we need wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth growing? Wisdom teeth are the most recent, with their cutting involves a lot of issues and problems, because a growing wisdom tooth, its position, growth and value depends on the appearance of the jaw and some other factors. Despite the fact that eight are no different in structure or function from other «residents» of the mouth, associated with many myths. What causes wisdom tooth symptoms, which should alert when it should begin to grow, how much time should I worry if he’s not there?

All about wisdom teeth

What is the wisdom teeth, start the story with is that this wisdom tooth is a trivial name dentists changed to «eight» extreme painters, which are last in both jaws. They have absolutely the same structure as their other «neighbors». How many wisdom teeth in human? The rule laid down four eights, two on each jaw left and right, but this number can change due to genetics.

Where is the wisdom tooth? The title is clear that extreme painter is located at the end of several permanent teeth in sevens, but in pathological bookmark eights may shift in the jaw, shifting their neighbors or lying under them.

The myth of the name

The people of eight was called «the wise» due to the fact that they are cut from 14 to 26 years, while the remaining molars grow to about 10-11 years. It is believed that at the time of cutting the extreme painters the man has already managed to gather intelligence and symbolizes it.
Of course, this myth has nothing to do with reality, because this molar, a person may begin to climb in 11-12 years, and sometimes they do remain under the gums till the end of life. Modern dentists have noted that many of today’s children (about 35% of visitors) does not have these extreme painters.

Why eight cut later

Knowing that cut through a tooth is quite painful, lengthy, sometimes violating the dentition and causing inflammation, many are asking: why do they need extreme painters, because, before that, the person copes with the chewing of food, and why they appear so late?
Scientists are not fully able to prove why in the course of evolution humans have preserved this vestige of the organ has lost its function. It is known that the ancestors of the human monkeys eat plant food, which had actively chew, also jaw they have participated in many other processes: the production of various sticks, grooming and even fights, so the teeth are lost quickly. Most likely, because of this, eight have appeared so late – to ensure that primates at least four surfaces to grind food in their old age.

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When it needs to grow

Normal extreme painters have to shoot the person in the period from 14 to 26 years, sometimes it happens later, much less frequently they are cut through adolescence. Their appearance is not related to hormonal or some other factors, dentists suggest that they are guided by only genetics.
It is worth noting that the signs of eruption of wisdom teeth may not appear in the body – it can be connected:

  • with the lack of inherent extreme painters;
  • with the small size of the jaw;
  • the abnormal location of the previous painters.

The molar is growing, but very slowly, as a result, in the gums appears only half of the eight – then it is called politisierung. This condition is dangerous because the gums may develop inflammatory processes, join infection.

If the wisdom tooth emergence has not occurred, but the embryo is situated under the gum, it is called impacted – at rest. If a painter didn’t show up until age 40, then with high probability it will not come out.
Everyone needs to understand that how many wisdom teeth can grow it, depends on the presence of rudiments of the painters, their position in the gum and many other factors.

The growth of eights

Eruption of wisdom teeth, the process is quite painful, discomfort when their growth significantly increases with age – people over the age of 25 years in severe pain and gums bleed more can occur perikoronit – inflammation.

The symptoms of teething

How to understand that eight started to push up? The symptoms of the eruption of wisdom tooth is hard to ignore, because during this process there is a nagging pain in the extreme part of the dentition. Penetrate the painter begins to destroy the gums from the inside, so it gets inflamed, turns red, hurts when pressed. When climbing a wisdom tooth that is located incorrectly, the discomfort is aggravated even more, because in that case it affects other teeth, cheek, tongue.
If erupt, wisdom teeth symptoms are evident:

  • the appearance of a dull aching pain at the end of the jaw;
  • the growth of new molars injure the gums, causing swelling, redness;
  • climbs if a wisdom tooth is active, the gums may start to bleed, develops perikoronit – inflammation;
  • with a strong sensitivity hurt neighboring molars, located near;
  • sometimes where the eight accumulates a lot of bacteria, this leads to accession of infection accompanied by purulent secretions, increased temperature, increase in the gums and cheeks in size.

The duration of the eruption

Many people ask questions, how long do growing wisdom teeth what is wisdom teeth symptoms of teething, after all, to endure the resulting discomfort is difficult. It is understood that last molars a long time «buried» under the gum, so it becomes denser than it was in childhood, because of this process the eruption of wisdom teeth takes more than one day.

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If a person has no abnormalities of jaw development, there is insufficient space for growth of another tooth, then you should not wonder what to do with the wisdom tooth, it will be forgotten within 15-20 days. If the gingiva is thick or the size of the oral cavity is small, then eight will climb the long and painfully erupt.

Complication of eruption of eights

One in four people in the growth period of third painters drawn to the dentist, as their eruption will cause severe pain, inflammation and other unpleasant symptoms. Major complications:

  • perikoronit;
  • inflammation of the trigeminal nerve;
  • damage to the tissues of the face;
  • the curvature of the dentition.


Perikoronit – inflammation of the gum tissue around the tooth caused by the accession of infection. When growing a wisdom tooth above it may be a «hood» — a thin layer of the epithelium, which easily injures solid food or hard brush. To sores get the bacteria, inflammation starts.
Perikoronit dangerous because he alone does not pass with time, the inflammatory process increases, causing swelling and constant pain, therefore, the appearance of reddened bump over the rear painter should go to the dentist.

Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve

Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve is the result of pericoronitis ignored, because the infection of the epithelial tissues begin to penetrate deeper, touching nerve endings and blood vessels.
Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve is characterized by pain in the facial muscles, involuntary twitching of muscles and a sharp discomfort that may occur during cleaning of teeth, eating very hot or cold foods, the extensive use of facial expressions.

Damage to the tissues of the cheek


Sometimes extreme painters are laid incorrectly, guiding his crown up and sideways – in the direction of the jaw so when to cut his wisdom teeth, there are soft tissue injuries of the inner surface of the cheeks. If time does not remove eight, the inflammation of the epithelium, associated infection.

The curvature of the dentition

Probably, the curvature of the dentition is the most unpleasant aesthetic problem that causes grown extreme painter. This violation occurs when eight cut perpendicular to the jaws and at an angle, as if lying down on it. Then the cutting tooth «recaptures» a comfortable position, shifting the whole series.

This problem is especially actual for those who at an early age had braces, but did not remove the extreme painters, because in this case the entire result of the work of an orthodontist is eroding.

Do I need to remove them

Do I need to go to the doctor, when to cut a wisdom tooth? If this process is accompanied by pain, is delayed for more than a month and impairs chewing – it is necessary to visit the dentist. Removal of the extreme molar is a small operation that involves incision of the gum tissue under anesthesia and removal from the bone tissue of the jaw of the embryo of eight. Professionals this procedure takes little time and does not lead to negative consequences.

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Eight and braces

Anyone who is going to put braces, be sure to make panorama images that allows you to see the position of third painters in the jaw, because a few years later, when they start to come through eight – they’ll ruin everything. If the wisdom teeth are perpendicular, then they can leave, but before that you need every day for the night to wear the Aligner that holds the teeth.

Impacted eights

Impacted eight may not cause a person discomfort, but sometimes wrong in their position, deepening the rudiments in the jaw or «occurrence» extreme molars under seven causes inflammation of the gum tissue, the trigeminal nerve, the formation of cysts. If after 30 years signs of a wisdom tooth has not appeared – it is necessary to consult a dentist to take a picture of the jaw and to consider further action.

Why the need for «g»

Many of the facts about the eruption of eights scare readers, and a lot who asked questions: what to do if cut a wisdom tooth and why would they create so many problems? Really extreme molars have several functions:

  • because they appear later than the others, it lasts longer, so at the age of eight can take on chewing function;
  • they can be a good support for the installation of a bridge prosthesis, because they sit firmly in the jaw and occupy a boundary position;
  • when you remove the sixes or sevens, eight will be able to slightly shift the dentition, eliminating voids.

For these reasons, do not immediately run to the dentist with a request to remove the eights, because in old age without them can be tough.

Eights are the correct portion of the dental apparatus, though delivered in the eruption on the surface of the gums many problems. About the wisdom teeth goes a lot of myths and misconceptions, so get acquainted with basic information about them will allow people to properly prepare for the process of their growth, to avoid complications and discomfort.