Wisdom tooth is growing and sore gums: what to do than to be numb

Certainly many patients are familiar with that unpleasant feeling when a wisdom tooth growing and it hurts the gums. In medicine this phenomenon is called perikoronit, that is difficult process of teething. For this pathology the pain and discomfort do not occur in the tooth and nearby tissues. What do the patients, if there is pain during the eruption of the wisdom tooth to eliminate discomfort and swelling of the gums?

Causes of pain

In fact, eight rarely cut without complications and mostly this process is long and difficult. Often the eruption of the wisdom tooth ends up having to visit the dental office with complaints of severe pain and swelling of the jaw. Why is the process the eruption of wisdom teeth causes so much discomfort and discomfort?

Experts identify the factors that can cause pain in the eruption of the molars:

  1. Common cause of pain is the growth of eight through the bone, which has already completed its formation.
  2. Wisdom teeth may not erupt upward and be deflected sideways, in the opposite direction or try to erupt at an angle. Eight rests on the adjacent teeth or bone tissue, which provokes pain.
  3. Sometimes the mouth may not be sufficient space for eruption of wisdom tooth can result in swelling gums.
  4. Cause pain can and micro-organisms penetrating into the channels, which subsequently erupt, wisdom teeth. Often the cause of the painful growth of a wisdom tooth becomes pathology gums. The fact that it often greatly inflamed, and provokes the development of pain syndrome.

The process of teething eights is not fast and takes quite a long time. It is precisely because of such factors often already grows a tooth with caries, which can cause pain. In some cases, the cause of severe discomfort when you see the eight getting poor quality dental treatment.

Symptoms of pathology

The emergence of wisdom teeth in most cases causes difficulties for the following reasons:

  • in its place previously was not a baby tooth, so the gums are poorly prepared for the eruption of molars
  • cutting a wisdom tooth trying to grow out of the gums in adulthood when all of the jaw is already formed.

This leads to the fact, that eight is quite difficult to emerge from the gums. The result of this is inflammation of adjacent tissues and teeth. During the eruption of wisdom teeth often develop a fever, have a severe pain, and open your mouth becomes problematic. In complicated eruption you can hear complaints about the development of pain syndrome in the throat and ear.

Rarely the eruption eight runs without any problems, so the process does not cause any difficulties.

How can you determine what is growing wisdom tooth, and what specific signs may indicate that a pathological process?
Mainly observed thickening and swelling of the gums, there is a pain aching and the feeling of light fullness in the place where there should be tooth. Dentists say that in most cases, the process of teething eight a very long and difficult, and is accompanied by the following symptoms:

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  1. The jaw may swell and hurt badly for the reason that mucous starts to abut the sharp edge of the crown part of the tooth wisdom. In that case, if the growing tooth does not cause complications, the pain is quite tolerable. With the development of strong pain syndrome can be suspected inflammatory process, the location of which becomes the periosteum.
  2. Often, at first eight there is swelling of the gums, which gradually passes to the cheek. In most cases, such signs indicate pathology such as pericoronitis. This condition is characterized by the overhang of the hood above the penetrate of the tooth gums.
  3. Often, a characteristic symptom of teething becomes the temperature rise Tala. In fact, such a symptom could indicate an inflammatory process, which gradually can be transformed into a purulent process.
  4. In some cases, there is the transition of inflammation of the chewing muscles, resulting in difficulties with opening and closing of the mouth.
  5. Often in complicated eruption of wisdom teeth the patient has a very sore throat. In fact, such a symptom may indicate that in the mouth began a purulent abscess.

With the appearance of these unpleasant symptoms should not count on that soon teething wisdom teeth appear, and all problems will disappear. You must seek the assistance of the dentist, who will examine the patient and tell them what to do in such a situation.

What to do when cutting a wisdom tooth

In that case, if you cut the wisdom teeth and sore gums, the surest solution is a visit to the dentist. The specialist will examine the inflamed gums with the use of special tools that it is hardly possible to do it yourself at home. Moreover, the patient is the that allows one to determine the source of pain.

In a situation when cutting a wisdom tooth and swollen gums, a dentist can remove the cause of the pain or tell the patient what to do in such a situation. In that case, if the reason for this pathological condition was an inflammatory process in the gums and accumulation of pus, the removal of the mucosa over the tooth and washing wounds. This procedure allows you to continue to relieve the patient from pain and to ensure normal growth of wisdom teeth.
When there is no possibility to get on reception to the dentist in a situation when growing a wisdom tooth and sore gums, you can use some of the recommendations, With their help manage to get rid of the discomfort and alleviate the condition of the patient.

Ways relieve pain

One of the effective ways to relieve pain during the eruption of the wisdom tooth is considered to be cold, which should be applied to the cheek where it hurts the gums. Keep it must be no more than 20 minutes between ice packs and cheek, it is recommended to put a cloth napkin or handkerchief.

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In the case when climbing a wisdom tooth and sore gums, can be administered a therapeutic treatment. It includes the application of means of anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antiseptic, antimicrobial and analgesic actions. In that case, if the current therapy does not bring positive result, then resort to surgical intervention. Many patients are concerned about the issue than to numb the process the eruption of wisdom teeth prior to visiting the doctor?

In local pharmacy you can get drugs against pain that are dispensed without a prescription:

  1. Anti-inflammatory medications not only help relieve pain but also to reduce the body temperature. Most suitable medicines are:

  • Ibuprofen;
  • Paracetamol;
  • Nimesulide.
  1. Good effect gives the use of painkillers:

  • Analgin;
  • Of an application using local anesthetics;
  1. You can use the following antiseptic solution:
  • Miramistin;
  • Chlorhexidine;
  • Eludril.

To eliminate the pain syndrome in the eruption of wisdom teeth and relieve inflammation of the gums, you can purchase gels and ointments. There are different types of such preparations and can choose the option for medicinal ingredients or plant raw materials.

You can purchase an effective tool Maraslavin, which is often used in dentistry. The basis of such medicines are herbal ingredients and use it according to the following scheme: a cotton swab dipped in a solution and applied to the patient’s gums. During the day to carry out this procedure is recommended as often as possible, allowing you to get rid of pain and swelling.

In fact, all of these temporary measures will help to eliminate the pain and inflammation only in the case if the wisdom tooth still cut yourself. In that case, if the ongoing treatment does not disappear the swelling of gums and cheeks, and all this combined with severe pain, then again it is recommended to visit a doctor. He would do more tests and will tell you what to do with the tooth.

Traditional medicine against the disease

What to do in the case when cutting a wisdom tooth and sore gums? Often for the treatment of various diseases apply the recipes of alternative medicine whose effectiveness is proven over many years and generations. In a situation when you start to erupt, wisdom teeth and develops pain, you can use the following infusions based on herbs:

  • One of the effective herbal remedies of folk medicine is the sage, which is widely used in the treatment of various inflammations in the mouth. When severe pain during the eruption of eights, it is recommended to prepare a solution, Bay 10 grams of plant Cup of boiling water. The resulting mixture is necessary to cover with a lid and leave to infuse for 1 hour. The prepared solution can be used to rinse the mouth, and to carry out this procedure to until they are completely gone the pain.
  • To reduce inflammation and get rid of pain syndrome at a time when teething, it is possible by using a broth based on the bark of oak. This plant has antibacterial and astringent properties, which are widely used in medicine for the treatment of many dental pathologies. For preparation of a medical solution, you need 60 grams of oak bark pour 400 ml of boiling water. The received mass should be put on a slow fire and bring to boil. After that, the process of boiling should be added to the broth 40 grams of a plant and in a few minutes remove from heat. You need to wait until the drug has cooled, then wash their mouth as often as possible until the wisdom tooth is cut.
  • For pain relief is recommended to use the tincture of propolis, which can be purchased at the pharmacy or make your own. Some patients impose of an application of propolis on the affected area of the gums, but the best option is to prepare the solution for rinsing. To do this, 20 drops of drugstore tincture of propolis diluted in accordance with the enclosed instructions and apply to relieve pain.
  • In the absence of the opportunity to go to the pharmacy it is recommended to use such tools as a salt and soda. To prepare the means for rinsing must be dissolved in 200 ml of water 5 grams of salt and soda, adding to the solution a few drops of iodine. This liquid is recommended for disinfection of the oral cavity several times a day.
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The use of such traditional medicine allows for a bit to ease the process when the eight is cut from the gums. In that case, if wisdom teeth grow improperly or over them appears the hood of gum tissue, it increases the risk of pericoronitis. In this regard, in complicated eruption of the molars should seek the advice of a specialist, because sometimes you might need to remove eight. In a situation when to cut his wisdom teeth, how to relieve the pain and get rid of the swelling of the jaw will tell the doctor.