Without pain how to pull a tooth at home?

To without pain to pull a tooth at home, you need to consider the preparatory stage, to pay attention to all the nuances of the procedure, and also do not forget about prophylactic measures.

The fear of snatching often recedes the face of constant pain due to teeth with caries, or other diseases.

To pull a tooth at home is always dangerous. Sometimes they make it impossible, but there are cases where it still must be removed manually (if there is no way to get to the dentist).

If you are still willing to take that plunge, then this article will definitely come in handy. We will tell you how you can safely and without pain pull a tooth at home.


For safe removal at home you need to follow a number of instructions. It’s not just a recommendation, and the rules that will help you to avoid infection and damage to the oral cavity.

► 4 rules:

  • psychology — try to assess the situation, ask yourself, can you pull a tooth, as a rule, it needs a little bit loose. If the tooth is firmly seated in the hole, consider whether it is necessary to start the procedure;
  • hygiene — before you start thoroughly clean the oral cavity using a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. Special solutions can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is desirable that such drugs had in its composition the alcohol;
  • painkillers — to reduce pain, it is necessary to carefully read the manual to him, it should not cause side effects. After taking pain medication, you must wait about 30 minutes before its effects on the body;
  • before beginning the procedure it is necessary to impose on the tooth gauze, and only after that you can start the procedure of extraction.

Thus, you will need the following items:

  • urn for spitting of blood, saliva and other wastes occurring in the process of removal;
  • the medication: antiseptic and painkillers;
  • gauze pads and tampons;
  • we can take the mirror, but it is not always necessary. During the process you will understand whether it is you, or is it easier to rely on the sensitivity in your fingers.

Remember that to pull a tooth at home only in extreme cases. If you have the ability to avoid self treatments, contact your dentist.

Without pain how to pull a tooth at home

Just need to decide which is the tooth you wish to get rid of. Methods of removal of milk and permanent teeth are similar, but the constant sitting in the hole a lot deeper with its roots. Dairy can also sit pretty tight, but they were usually less of a problem.

Before beginning the procedure, make sure that the pain you cause the tooth that you have going to vomit. When there are two damaged tooth, a person may not remove the pain continue to have to repeat the procedure with another of the teeth and stay without two.

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Pain when removal will be more powerful, but an adult can use powerful painkillers. To pull out a molar tooth follow the recommendations:

  1. To determine the condition of the tooth, the possibility of his own removal. Double-check that you want to pull out the tooth that’s causing you pain.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  3. Thoroughly clean the tooth cavity from food debris and plaque.
  4. Take pain medications and wait 30 minutes.
  5. Put on the tooth with gauze pre-treated with antiseptic agent.
  6. Firmly grasp the tooth and scroll in different directions, to pull up should be strongly and carefully. It is safe to pull out is possible only through a systematic loosening.
  7. If during the procedure you have bleeding, then it is removed from the mouth use pre-prepared swabs with antiseptic.
  8. After a successful procedure carefully treat the oral cavity with an antiseptic solution, make sure your mouth is not left pieces of tooth or the blood, which can be a source of infection to the hole. Carefully wash hands, and to her cheek, apply a cold compress, it will help to get rid of excessive swelling (consequence procedure).
  9. Do not eat within 4-5 hours after removal, refuse bad habits (alcohol, Smoking) for a few days. Try not to give the body too much physical stress.

► Absolutely no pain to pull a tooth at home impossible. At successful coincidence of circumstances, it may not be too strong, but without the anesthesia professional to achieve this effect will not succeed.

There are a few important points:

  • if you started to pull a tooth and are unable to bring the case to the end, and he was ill, just stronger, then immediately contact the hospital. If soon you will not be able to do it, take painkillers, try not to eat anything and not loading it;
  • after the successful removal carefully follow the hole throughout the week. If you continue to feel pain or found a swelling and abscess, then treat the wound with antiseptics. If this does not work, then hurry over the treatment to the dentist.

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Features of extraction of milk teeth

Baby teeth fall out in children without serious complications, sometimes the children pull out their own, sometimes they help the parents, but it does happen sometimes that a baby tooth is held firmly and causes the baby pain.

To tear it is required to follow the instructions:

  1. Inspect a damaged tooth, try to determine whether you can remove it yourself. For that rate its flexibility, the visual differences from the other teeth, try to accurately know the child, is this the tooth it hurts and how much. If the gums around it has swelling, redness or an abscess, without a visit to the dentist do not work. If none of the above you have not found, you can proceed with deletion.
  2. Items that you will need, as described above, but special attention should be paid to painkillers. As a rule, their use is not necessary, but if the child has a very sore tooth and he’s afraid of, it is possible to use drugs that are allowed to use the children in a particular age.
  3. The most difficult stage of the procedure may be the belief of the child in her need. You must understand whether he will be able to endure the entire procedure, otherwise you could make things worse.
  4. If the child allows you to pull a tooth, we can proceed to delete it:
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take the gauze (it should be treated with antiseptic) and put it on the tooth, grasp it and try to pull. If it is, then you can pry it with a rapid movement, usually it is shocking the child, but causes him less pain. Abruptly pull is only in the case if the tooth is badly reeling;
— if the problematic tooth is not amenable, then you must first shake it slightly, gradually increasing the amplitude;
— if you use covered around the tooth thread, then it should not pull sideways and up, otherwise you may damage the periodontal tissues and adjacent teeth. Sometimes chewing a baby solid food helps almost imperceptibly to eliminate the aching tooth or much to shatter it.

  1. After removal, the wound should be thoroughly treated with antiseptic, and child well soothe. If the wound is bleeding heavily, you can put a piece of gauze. When the pain stops, remove it and carefully inspect the wound. The process of healing noticeable the next day. In case of redness or Gnote, immediately contact your dentist.

Too painful the procedure can traumatize the child for life and discourage him from wanting to talk about health problems in fear of a repetition of suffering. Therefore it is strongly recommended to entrust the removal of bad milk teeth professionals.

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The nuances of extracting wisdom teeth

Need to pull wisdom teeth occurs frequently, due to the particularities of their growth and location.

  • to pull the wisdom tooth that is not fully grown, at home only if you can grasp it with your fingers and shake. If removal is necessary to open the gum, do it at home will not work, as there is a chance of damaging the mandibular nerve (this happens even when the procedure makes a dentist);
  • the third molars located in the most remote corners of the mouth. To facilitate removal, place a cotton swab between the cheek and jaw on the side where going to pull a tooth.
  • wisdom teeth have long roots, so to rip them yourself is almost impossible. We urge you to seek help from a qualified specialist.


Removal of teeth is not the most dangerous moment of the procedure, of course, it requires enormous self-control, patience and care. But it is more important to avoid infection after the extraction.

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Getting an infection in the wound can cause an abscess on the gums (can give serious complications on the ears), diffusion across the oral cavity.

  • try not to irritate the hole after removal — while chewing food the main load carry on healthy teeth. On the first day and limit the conversation, because during the conversation the language constantly will touch the wound, and any irritation will have a negative impact on the healing and increase the chance of infection;
  • pay attention to brushing your teeth before and after the procedure — they need to clean thoroughly, but very gently. If you damage the hole formed in the clot, it will impede the healing process a few days ago, plus it will also contribute to the emergence of infections;
  • to improve the processes of blood circulation in the damaged area, can be applied to the cheek, moist and warm compresses, they need to keep to 20 minutes, several times a day;
  • after meals rinse your mouth perekipjachennoj water or solution furatsilina. The solution will clean the oral cavity not only from food, but from the blood that will come out of the damaged area for some time;
  • during the first days is to stick to a certain diet. Try to eat more liquid food, mashed potatoes, and the first 4 hours after the procedure try nothing there. You should not eat too hot or cold food;
  • painkillers and tablets for a toothache, take only when absolutely necessary. Suitable analgesics, but take them cautiously to avoid overdose. If the pain is too strong and weakly suppressed by drugs, it is a serious occasion to go to a specialist. In this case, you need to provide him with all available information: how and when was missing a tooth, at which point began the painful symptoms, what drugs were used during the procedure and after it.

As you can see, without pain to pull a tooth at home it’s possible, but it is important to carefully monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity, to prevent damage to the hole, hit it with infection. If you follow all the above rules, you will be able to avoid complications and visits to the dentist.

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