Wobbly tooth what to do: causes, treatment, how to strengthen

Teeth — a true assistant to the person in the process of eating, every day they have a huge load, crushing everything from crunchy carrots to solid fibrous meat. Nature has taken care of their safety, making them the most durable materials, pinning them deep in the gums. When wobbly tooth — «what to do» and «what happened» bothers the adults much, because the molars, in contrast to dairy, do not change at loss, and the price of prosthetics in dentistry are rather big. Why swinging teeth and is it possible to bring them back to «rightful» place?

The causes of unsteadiness of the teeth

Nature has taken care to firmly anchor the teeth, because the constant loss and replacement of them would cause inappropriate resource expenditure of the body. That is why the root of the tooth is deep enough and sit firmly in the gums. Vacillation of the teeth often starts as a result of aging or the fault of the man himself.
Causes of unsteadiness of the teeth are:

  • gum disease (periodontal disease, periodontitis, cyst);
  • malocclusion, improper installation of the bracket system;
  • hormonal disorders (diabetes, lack of thyroid hormones, menopause in women);
  • mechanical injuries of the jaw;
  • neglected diseases of the oral cavity.

Gum disease

To the question «why are loose teeth,» in most cases can be answered in two words — gum disease, in fact, this factor often leads to the fact that they begin to move and fall out. Such diseases include:

  1. periodontal disease;
  2. periodontitis;
  3. cyst on the gums.

Periodontitis is a destructive gum disease, which atrophies the tissue around the tooth root due to the lack of minerals and vitamins, strict diet, diabetes and atherosclerosis, genetic predisposition and is not cured caries. The destruction of the gums, the tooth begins to change its position, because it no longer holds a thick layer of tissues.

Periodontitis is another disease of the gums caused by the development of inflammation (bacterial, fungal or viral in origin) around the tooth root. Because of the violation of the tissue supply with blood, they become thin and collapse, with wobbly molar, and without treatment it can appear.

Cyst of the gums can occur because of trauma, focus of infection, poor dental treatment, it constricts the nerve endings and blood vessels of the gums, in violation of nutrition of tissues around the tooth root, causing it to start to wobble.

Malocclusion bad braces

Abnormal occlusion, some teeth have an increased load during chewing, and sometimes at rest, over time this condition may cause excessive mobility. More likely to suffer lower front teeth (if the curves are «residents» of the upper dentition) because they are pushing a large mass of the upper jaw.

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To correct the bite can be with braces, but it can become a factor causing adult swing teeth. Arc will push them hard enough, if the doctor set it wrong, it can help you change the position of the dental roots, due to which they can be loosened. Because of this, it is very important to choose a good orthodontist, make preliminary impressions and images of the jaw and to follow the recommendations when wearing braces.

Hormonal disorders

Discussing the causes of loosening of the teeth, we cannot forget the effect of hormones on this part of the body, especially his experience with diabetes and women during menopause. For example, after menopause the body reduces the estrogen level, which are actively involved in the synthesis of many substances, in particular collagen. This organic compound is betraying the bones of elasticity, and fibrous tissues, for example, p — density. At menopause decreases estrogen levels, decreases collagen synthesis, so women often loose front teeth with only 1 root, increased bone fragility and hair loss.

Injuries and diseases of the teeth

If a person has a wobbly tooth, the first thing he needs to think whether mechanical injuries of the jaw and neglected diseases of the oral cavity (caries, parotitis, stomatitis and others). These factors may cause tooth mobility.

In mechanical injuries, more likely to suffer teeth the front, because they have only one root, whereas premolars and molars are fixed into the gums two or three. Therefore, professional boxers and wrestlers with age have a higher tendency to wobbly teeth. To protect the teeth is by using solid caps, but the frequent blows to the jaw, she can not help, because mechanical trauma can not only split the crown, they often violate the integrity of the tooth roots, blood vessels and nerve endings in the gums.

Diseases of the oral cavity that was not treated early, can cause loose front tooth, but more often, this problem affects far teeth are sevens and eights, because the man is worse than caring for them in daily hygienic cleaning and might not notice the blackening or chips on them.

What to do with wobbly teeth

Timely treatment of loose teeth, often allows you to preserve them, so upon detection of the dangerous swing — you need to go to the dentist and to begin a course of restorative procedures. It is important to understand that simple activities to support the oral health will be powerless if a loose tooth due to mechanical injuries or diseases of the oral cavity.

Dental treatment

Is it possible to restore the stability of the tooth root after mechanical injury? Reply dentist in most cases will be positive, because if its integrity has not been violated, he again strengthened in the gums. The attending physician may establish a special bus, which will reduce the pressure on the loose tooth and not to allow the patient to chew them.

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If wobbly front teeth or molars because of diseases of the oral cavity, how to treat it — should tell the doctor. For example, in periodontitis, the patient is administered the self-massage of gums using a special warming ointment with menthol and at the time prescribed a diet with soft foods — cream of wheat, mashed potatoes, vegetables and fruit, steamed or baked.

When it comes to cysts or granuloma of the gums, then they must be removed by a surgeon and then undergo regression therapy with healing ointments and non-solid foods.

To not have a wobbly tooth in periodontitis or caries during treatment and recovery the patient may impose special dental splint, which will not allow it to move during a meal.

Home treatment

When people loose teeth — «what to do» often they ask the Internet, because to get to the dentist does not always have the time and money. Strengthen teeth roots and gums can be done at home, following a recommended diet and using cheap drugstore products, but it will help only if the integrity of the inhabitants of the oral cavity is not broken by shock or disease.


To strengthen loose tooth is possible by the proper diet that will contain a lot of calcium, iodine, fluorine, vitamin D and C, iron and phosphorus, because these nutrients help to increase elasticity of the gums and hardness of enamel. In addition to these items, you need to take into account the viscosity and rigidity of food, because these qualities can only aggravate the situation. In the diet to strengthen the teeth roots and the gums must include:

  • boiled or baked fish;
  • kelp;
  • buckwheat;
  • vegetables and fruits in baked or steamed;
  • citrus juices (after them is to rinse your mouth with water, so as not to irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth);
  • cheese and cottage cheese;
  • semolina;
  • baked potatoes;
  • vegetable oil and butter;
  • milk.


Meat, alcohol, coffee, cold food (ice cream, ice cocktails), various toffees and chewing gum, crunchy snacks and sparkling water are best avoided — they can erode the teeth, damage the gums and irritate the mouth.

Daily routines

To strengthen mobile teeth play an important role in the daily procedures that will gradually restore their health. First, people with this problem need to purchase a soft brush and toothpaste to strengthen gums — this will help not to injure and not to undermine the stronger inhabitants of the mouth. Secondly, it is necessary to carry out a short self-massage, with clean hands massaging the gums around the problem tooth or the entire jaw. For the best blood flow possible before the procedure to take in the hand ice cube — the contrast of temperatures of the oral cavity and fingertips will enhance blood flow.

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Pharmacy tools

How to strengthen the gums, if the tooth is wobbly, tell the pharmacy where you can find a variety of tools to restore the health of your oral cavity. On helping comes liquid mouth rinses, and gels/ointments for application after brushing from companies:

  • Forest balm;
  • Ointment;
  • Colgate;
  • Splat.

Proved successful in strengthening the gums ointment Solcoseryl, Asepta and regular propolis which needs to be chewed or applied to a loose tooth for 20-30 minutes. Toothpaste also best to take to the pharmacy, because here they are basically therapeutic, and in the usual shops selling tools for daily care.

You can Supplement pharmacy means a mouth rinse decoction of chamomile, oak root, sage, peppermint, and tincture of propolis or a solution of salt and iodine, but these recipes will not help to restore oral health.

At the pharmacy you can buy not only care, but also protective mouthguard, that people with mobile teeth, it is recommended to wear at night. First, it will reduce pressure on root of the tooth, and secondly, it protects the crowns from the damaging friction that can occur when the unconscious tension of the jaw muscles during sleep. To improve the efficiency of gels or ointments for the treatment can be applied before putting on the tray — so they will stay longer on the surface of the gums, since the saliva will not be able to wash them.

How to strengthen loose tooth and keep it off is to ask the dentist as to treatment is necessary to find out the cause of mobility. Sometimes the treatment can be carried out not by a doctor, at home, adjusting diet and using pharmaceutical auxiliary means. But it is better to prevent the loosening of the tooth roots, so each person needs to monitor the health of the oral cavity to avoid mechanical damage of the dentition, to adhere to a healthy diet and visit the dentist regularly.