XiVE implants (XIV): review of catalogue, price and reviews

Sooner or later he has to deal with such a problem as loss of teeth. Xive implants (XIV) will help in the short term to recover them. Provide an overview of the catalog, prices and reviews from patients who have already tried these models for yourself.

In the market of our country has long been known that German company offering high quality products for dental operations, as well as a Toolkit for physicians. Despite the high for our citizens value, it is safe to say that the quality justifies the price.

About the manufacturer

Xive implants (XIF or XIV) are a result of DENTSPLY Implants. It appeared after a merger of such well-known brands such as Astra Tech Dental and DENTSPLY Friadent. Thanks to the experience and innovation of these firms, their products always meet the highest requirements of dental surgery.

The main production is in Germany, and the products differs throughout the world due to successful innovations in the technological process. At dental implants of the highest quality, the company sets an average price range, making new artificial teeth available for most customers.

The main feature of the production in 2008 was the possibility of computer forecasting the whole process of installation, integration and further exploitation of each patient. Due to this is offered so called robotic treatment.

Features and technology

Most developments have led to the fact that Xive implants differ from other similar products a number of features:

  • special surface treatment with etching at high temperatures helps the cells of living tissue around the implant to grow faster and do not lose their characteristics;
  • manufacturers have paid great attention to variety of sizes of rods and abutments, which extend the range of action of the doctor implantologist and allow operation even in tight or hard to reach places;
  • smart color helps perfect the concatenation of all the elements together, thereby providing structural strength;
  • thread is done so to the maximum extent possible to firmly fix the product in living tissues;
  • titanium high quality, its coverage and design features of the rod contribute to the rapid healing of wounds after surgery;
  • this material guarantees the absence of any allergic reactions;
  • a special form of a rod designed to minimize trauma to the tissues and bones;
  • coating it with a special film speeds up the healing process;
  • availability to install on the first period of the temporary abutments and crowns, thereby providing full functionality of the dentition and nice appearance;
  • for special occasions, manufacturers have created a system for simultaneous implantation, which involves the implantation of a rod and the attachment of crowns in a single session;
  • they can be installed even in cases of bone deficiency;
  • used to replace one tooth, several, a number of or as support for removable dentures.
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Working with the products Xive, doctors find it very convenient, since the different color marks indicate the matching components. In addition, the catalogue provided not only implants and abutments, but also various devices and instruments that are needed for carrying out quality procedures. For the purpose of convenience of selecting the desired products manufacturers have identified five major sections.

The first part is the planning stage, and offered a choice of the following subsidiary items:

  • abutments of different diameters, lengths and shapes;
  • bushings and pins;
  • depth gauges, designed for accurate length determination of the products;
  • trial implants for the preliminary selection of the design.

The second section provides a wide range of surgical items for the full implantation without restrictions. Here are all the types of implants Xive covering maximum variation cases prosthetics:

  1. Xive S Plus – universal set of implants with the dimensions of the rod 11 to 18 mm, the diameter of which is 3-5. 5 mm. For a convenient notation compatibility of implants and abutments have the colors for each diameter of the inner fastening. With the help of these products be of classic implants and single stage.
  2. Xive TG variations of diameters is much smaller, only three. And stem length ranges from 8 to 18 mm. This series is intended for carrying out transgingival implantation in which there is no need to make the cut. To do this, make a small puncture and insert a rod in there, minimizing trauma to the bone and reducing pain of the patient.
  3. Xive0 – with special diameter of 3 mm. this construction is used in cases of a narrow gap between teeth or in the most difficult places to conduct classical operation. They are also used in small sized alveolar crests, bone defects and other situations where conducting conventional implants is difficult.

Orthopaedic section of the product catalog allows you to choose the abutments and other elements to further prosthetics. Thus, there is provided:

  • conventional abutments;
  • special mount for removable or other types of prostheses;
  • the necessary materials for interoperatively check index;
  • abutments Cerkon of high quality alloy of zirconium for maximum strength of the structure;
  • products AuroBase for particularly complex cases of implantation.

Here you can find a corner adapter, gingiva formers and the necessary tools for conducting orthopedic manipulations.

Special attention deserves the section with the demo material that every dentist can purchase a for clarity, visual effect used products. Here available to order any printed materials and CDs with explanatory information.

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In addition to finished structures and elements for the full implantation, the catalogue provided the materials for the manufacture of quality products. This is a special alloys medical metals (mostly titanium and zirconium), the most biocompatible with living tissues and does not cause allergies or rejection. As well as orthopedic, plastic and ceramic to create crowns.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the Xive implant are:

  • high osseointegration, in which the tissues heal quickly and naturally surround the artificial core;
  • availability of implant insertion of this company in different sizes and anomalies of the structure of the jaw bone;
  • a tight fit of all elements to each other;
  • convenient doctor’s work during the selection and fixing of the abutments due to colored marking of products depending on their sizes;
  • the thread leads to a better anchoring of the implant in the bone and prevents it from falling out or loosening;
  • shortened installation period design even in two stages, since the tissues heal very quickly, within 1.5-2 months is possible to fix a permanent crown;
  • high quality materials are used, reduce the risk of adverse reactions, allergies or rejection of the system;
  • high stability and structural strength means long life, manufacturers provide warranty for 5-10 years, but this is not the limit with careful use;
  • the ability to perform the surgery in one session, reducing surgery and providing the patient psychological comfort when the tooth appears after the first visit to the doctor without having to wait for full recovery;
  • minimum number of contraindications, even a senior age or some bone pathology will not be an obstacle for implantation.

With all of the above characteristics in these products there is only one relative disadvantage to most of our compatriots, they can be very expensive. However, the quality of products fully justifies such expenditure. Xive implants are much cheaper than similar models from other manufacturers at this level.


If we talk about total cost of products, the firm offers a narrow range of differences in prices for each different implant lengths and diameters are approximately the same, which gives the ability to easily and quickly calculate the total amount required for implantation.

In addition, the company periodically makes promotions and discounts, when to buy the same kit is available at a lower price. For example, if the classical implant is about 12 thousand, then buying wholesale 18 or more pieces offered a substantial discount, and each item will cost 7000-7500 rubles.

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Some sets included additional tools, or other items as a gift. So, if dentistry offers to make implantation using Xive, it will be beneficial for both the patient and for the clinic.

Tool kit the company sells for 28 thousand rubles, dental impression materials, 6,5 thousand. The abutment can cost 2500, and the price of implants will depend on their complexity. So, classic straight may be offered at a price of 8000, and corner – 10 thousand rubles.

Don’t forget about the doctor’s work. Also the final price have to include the crown, the cost of which varies significantly depending on the chosen for its creation of the material. The average set for implantation of one unit will cost the patient at 30-40 thousand rubles, and the same amount will need to pay for the entire installation process, from diagnostic procedures to the fixation of the last element of the structure.

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Among all of the proposed choices, I was most impressed by several German manufacturers of implants. Among them, the cheapest was Xive. In the result I am satisfied with the quality as the whole procedure and the postoperative period passed quite easily, the fabric really quickly healed.


It was difficult to choose a single implant, since almost all of them are considered to be quality and reliable. But I decided not to skimp on teeth and bought a set Xive. Now my smile is no worse than Hollywood actors.


I had to spend implantation two times. The second used implants of this company. I can say that they do root faster and the pain is much less. After a month I did not feel a foreign body in the gum.

Further questions

► Xive implants or Nobel – which is better?

The significant difference between these products is not observed. Each uses different technology to cover the surface of the rod, which provides almost 100% survival rate of artificial material. Quality assurance manufacturers give 10 years in both cases, although their products can last longer. The price range of these products is in the average category, although the American implants will be slightly more German.