Yellow teeth: causes: how to get rid of

Yellow teeth — the scourge of our time. A lot of people wanting to meet the generally accepted standards of beauty, visiting the dentist, offers a variety of cleaning and bleaching, in the end did not achieve the expected result. What are the reasons that turn yellow gummy organs? Is this a disease?

When yellowed teeth — is the norm

Yellow teeth, the true causes of which may vary, in some cases, are normal. It is considered that the yellowish tint occurring in the darkening of the enamel. However, this is not always the case. If teeth are yellow from birth, the problem lies in the natural color of the tooth. Itself healthy enamel clear. But the color of the dentin located under the enamel can vary from white to bluish, yellowish or brownish. Pathology it is not.

The same origin may have a problem when yellow teeth in adults. Dentin tends to be yellowish from birth. However, the layer of enamel in his youth hides this feature. In middle and old age, the coating becomes thinner, becomes visible the true color of the dentin. Option is a situation, in which the body does not have the yellow tint, but the enamel, estancias and acquiring microdefects, starts to refract light. This creates the illusion that the tooth is badly yellowed.

It is important to remember that natural yellow tint appears on all «chewing bones» is almost uniform. Separate the yellow spot on the tooth may not have a natural origin and is a symptom of pathology.

Pathologically causes yellow teeth

The pathological cause of yellow teeth can be many factors that in one way or another affect the state of the enamel and dentin.

Smoking, strong tea and coffee

Abuse of caffeinated beverages and tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, hookah) result in a yellowish coating. With proper daily oral hygiene plaque from the teeth fails to remove brush. Subsequently, it hardens and acquires a thick consistency. To remove education alone is not possible. RAID does not penetrate through the enamel and not damage the dentin.


Why yellow teeth, often ask the people working in the chemical industry. The fact that acid sprayed in the air are deposited in the mouth, destroying the enamel and thinner. Typically, the process starts with small yellow spots. After the yellow teeth become widespread in the mouth.

Misuse of drugs

Some drugs, including tetracycline antibiotics, lead to the fact that the patient has formed a yellow stain on the teeth. Dentin is destroyed thus, the masticatory apparatus develops with a violation of the anatomical proportions.

The action of tetracycline is most noticeable when it is used in children (syndrome tetratziklinovykh teeth).

Food coloring

Some food colourings have the ability to penetrate into the cracks of the enamel, staining of dentin in the uncharacteristic color. Such effect have not only the chemical pigments contained in soda water, jelly, some candy. Dyeing effect is present in carrots, beets, pomegranate.

The abuse of sugar

Sugar, like other carbohydrates, is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Yellow teeth are the result of excessive propagation of microorganisms, waste products which are thinner and dissolve the enamel.

Drinking water with high iron content

Yellowed body may be the result of long-term use of water rich in iron compounds. This phenomenon is ubiquitous in the suburban villages where the population uses water from wells and natural sources. In the waters of Meschersky lowland contains a huge number of metals.

Internal medicine

Response to questions about why his teeth yellow, can be contained and in the presence of a therapeutic diagnosis. As a rule, that yellowed his teeth, complain patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency, Addison’s disease, fluorosis. In the latter case the stains are formed more on the upper edge and can be in the form of a Crescent.

Lack of oral hygiene

How to remove the yellowness from the teeth, and think people previously neglected rules of personal hygiene. In this enamel plaque, which stains tissues brown or yellow. Color change and contribute to acid secreted by the microorganisms.


In adulthood and old age formed secondary dentin, which is yellow or brownish tint. Clean the teeth from yellow secondary dentin is impossible.

Teeth whitening

How to get rid of yellow plaque on teeth? Depending on the causes of the pathology of different methods and solution to the problem. So, in the initial stages, when the teeth just started to turn yellow, you can correct the situation by using whitening toothpastes and gels. With deep lesions of the enamel used aggressive methods of bleaching and remineralisation of teeth. Yellow by nature, whiten teeth, applying veneers and Lumineers.

Pastes and gels

The essence of the action of whitening toothpastes and gels can be:

  • Mechanical grinding of the surface layer of the enamel due to the presence of abrasive particles;
  • Chemical bleaching with an active oxygen.

To use a pasta of this kind should be no more than 3-4 times per week. Their constant use can cause tooth sensitivity, excessive thinning of the enamel and worsening the situation with the color of the masticatory apparatus. In the primary stages of plaque can be removed and regular pasta.

Aggressive bleaching

Aggressive bleaching can be carried out using:

  • Ultrasound;
  • Laser;
  • Mechanical impact tools of a dentist.

The assurances of the organizations involved in the ultrasonic cleaning method allows to remove up to 95% of deposits. After that, the patient undergoes polishing enamel aerosol jet.

Laser whitening begins with the application of a special gel based on hydrogen peroxide. After that, the gel is exposed to laser radiation. Method is the most advanced to date, but after him many patients complain of increased sensitivity. Before cleaning the teeth, the doctor performs their treatment and rehabilitation.

Mechanical treatment allows to remove the stone, after which the dentist applies a gel containing hydrogen peroxide. Also use the gel is remineralization. Yellow teeth in this case acquire a beautiful white color.

Veneers and Lumineers

How to get rid of yellow teeth if it is innate? For this purpose, veneers are thin translucent plates that mimic the healthy enamel. For their installation, the dentist grinds off the top layer of natural enamel. Layer of the veneer needs to be thicker than the more yellow is the normal color of dentin.

«Lightweight» variant of veneers are the Lumineers, can give deliverance from the problem of people not wanting to grind off the enamel. Lumineers are removable structures that do not require grinding of the enamel and can be removed at any time at the request of the patient.

Traditional methods of whitening


One of the famous recipes, allowing you to remove plaque, is a soda. It can be used as a standalone tool or add to pasta. The use of soda is allowed not more often 1 time a week. Otherwise, there will be a thinning and destruction of the enamel.

Some experts in folk medicine recommend the use of clean wood ashes. To do this, dip the brush in a container of a therapeutic substance, and create procedure in the usual way. Similarly to the first method, cleaning ash is not more than 1 time in 1-2 weeks.

The use of hydrogen peroxide in home whitening is unacceptable. The drug can cause severe chemical burns to the gums and destroy the enamel. Before to remove the yellow plaque on the teeth from using other people’s tools, you should consult a dentist.


If you know what yellow teeth, it is easy to prevent this phenomenon. The main preventive measure is twice-daily cleaning. This allows you to remove the plaque as of his education, and also to remove acids and other harmful substances before they begin to destroy the enamel.

To preserve color, it is recommended to abandon the use of raw water. Better if the liquid is strained through filters that are designed to remove mineral salts and metal compounds.

Of course, you must limit the intake of tea and coffee to a reasonable level. Completely abandon these products is not necessary. 1-2 cups of beverage per day will not cause visible damage. Better if after each tea or a meal people will rinse with a special mouthwash or brush your teeth. Smoking should be deleted completely or switch to electronic cigarettes. The latter is also harmful to health, but a negative effect on tooth enamel, they do not have.

In addition to the above, need to undergo regular preventive examination at the dentist. The doctor has the technical ability to thoroughly explore the far corners of the mouth, which is impossible to do at home.

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