Zaedy in the corners of the mouth: causes and treatment

What is zaedy in the corners of the mouth? What are their causes and how is the treatment of this widespread disease? On all these questions we try to answer in today’s article.

Zaedy is a disease that is caused by yeast-like fungi (Candida) and streptococci, it is striking in the nooks and corners of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

Zaedy on the lips – causes

The first thing you need to understand why there zaedy. The main reason can be called the activity of microbes, the fact that in the human body are constantly streptococci or a variety of fungi.

In the normal condition of the body they do not cause any health problems, but it is necessary to weaken the immune system, as these microorganisms trigger disease development.

What still having zaedy in the corners of the mouth? The causes can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Microtrauma, windburn and hypothermia of the face — this can be attributed to too high and too low temperature affecting the entire body. Prolonged exposure to the cold or other adverse for the human body conditions.
  2. A small amount of vitamins — first of all do not have enough b vitamins in General and vitamin B2 in particular. The characteristic features of this problem include the appearance of such skin imperfections such as peeling, etc.
  3. Diseases of the body arise in diseases such as syphilis, HIV infection, tuberculosis, anemia, etc.
  4. Commitment to bad habits:
  • alcohol and Smoking — exposure to substances that are in these products, often weakens the immune system and adversely affects the mouth;
  • habit to hold in mouth for foreign objects (especially it is typical for children);
  • bad care of a mouth, a habit not to wipe your mouth after eating or drinking.
  1. Diseases of the skin — in children characterized the cause of the zaedy on the lips can be diseases such as cheilitis, which is an allergic reaction to a substance (allergen), characterized by the stimulation of the lips, especially in the corners. Diseases such as impetigo, provoked by a Streptococcus, can affect not only the body but also the skin, the surface of the lips.
  2. Incorrect use of dental prosthesis.


Classification of zaedy on the corners of the mouth depends on the etiology. Thus, the disease is divided into the primary form (caused by pathogens: Streptococcus, allergies) and secondary (e.g., tuberculosis).

The primary form is divided into:

  • strep — it can be transmitted through household items, or through contact with already infected person (eg, through kissing), it is characterized by extreme pain when opening mouth that makes serious discomfort. A characteristic difference is the presence of the solid crust.
  • candidatesa – is caused by a fungus of the genus Candida and different from streptococcal absence of the solid crust so that it remains invisible when the mouth is closed, but that does not mean the absence of discomfort. A characteristic feature is a grayish plaque, which can be quite easy to remove.


To determine which form of the disease occurs in a particular case, it is necessary to look, how to look photos of different types.

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Streptococcal Zayed

Candidatesa Zayed


In order to understand when did Zayed, of course do not have to go to the doctor, but if the problem passes after a few days, constantly crack and deepened, and conventional treatments don’t yield results – this is quite an alarm bell (it is immediately necessary to consult a dermatologist and the dentist).

But if the doctor will not be able to quickly deal with your problem and the etiology of the disease, he may refer you to another specialist and more tests, then you can be in the office of the venereologist, neurologist or an allergist.

Additional research is needed to determine the exact reasons for the formation zaedy and may include the following measures:

  • histology — send tissue sample from the affected area to check for the possibility of cancer (in recent years the most frequent and essential research, when the origin of the disease remains not fully understood);
  • a comprehensive analysis of indicators of the immune system;
  • check for the presence of certain bacteria, after which can be much more effective to carry out remedial measures (of course only in case if the cause of the disease are bacteria);
  • analyses the status and composition of the skin of the patient (often zaedy occur in people who have certain problems with the skin or the whole body).

All these measures are crucial in the case when the doctor can not establish the etiology of the disease and treatment risks to be ineffective, or even harmful. Of course, not always the usual Zayed requires an integrated approach to their treatment, but neglected security measures are not worth it.

How to treat zaedy in the corners of the mouth?

It should be noted that quickly, the more urgently one day, to get rid of this extremely unpleasant and annoying disease is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. There are several methods of treatment for different age groups and different conditions.

How to get rid of zaedy adult?

If it is determined the origin of the disease and there is no doubt that this is Zayed, we can start treatment. So what exactly should I do to remove them:

  1. To abandon, at least temporarily, from bad habits (Smoking, drinking alcohol, holding in the mouth foreign objects).
  2. Review its regular menu (to remove too spicy and acidic foods) and add more foods containing vitamin B2 (cabbage and potatoes, meat and dairy products, etc.)
  3. To refuse to walk that threaten strong hypothermia or windburn to your face.
  4. Start taking complexes of nutrients.
  5. In parallel with these measures it is necessary to use medical forms of treatment ( primarily ointments and other essential drugs). About them will be discussed below, but before using them you must consult with your doctor.

Zaedy the child: what to do?

If children have zaedy, it can be associated with a weak immune system and the presence of a large number of microbes, which contribute to the occurrence of such problems. How to deal with this disease, especially if it occurs at a very early age, for example, of infants?

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Zaedy not occur in children themselves, and should treat not the outward manifestation of the disease, and to treat comprehensively, to influence the cause of the disease. Most often it is a weak immune system and excessive number of bacteria and fungi.

Thus, treatment should begin with the use of multivitamin complexes, immunity of the whole organism, improving the microflora of the oral mucosa. In parallel, it should use the medical ointment with a note about the possibility of their application in a particular age.

Important! It should be remembered that before applying the ointment to come it should be carefully washed with warm water, then dried. Healing ointment is recommended to apply several times a day, but preferably not more than three, this number can be correlated with the doctor’s recommendations or instructions of the drug itself.


For getting rid of zaedy at any age you need to use the ointment, it can be combined with other drugs or treatments, but by itself is a mandatory part of it. What ointment is best to use in this case?

Before you anoint come with that particular drug, it is necessary to understand in detail the specifics of their application.

  • when Zayed noninfectious origin can be safely used dissolved fukortsin, which should be spread on the problem area up to 3 times a day. This tool can be bought at any pharmacy, and it is one of the most common treatment plan;
  • if Zayed is of streptococcal origin, it is necessary to use ointment based antibiotics, such funds can be used only with permission and on the advice of doctors. The most effective are ointments on the basis of erythromycin and sintomitsina;
  • tetratziklinova ointment which is used in infectious diseases of the skin;
  • ointment levomekol quite well suited in the treatment, because in its composition it has both antibiotic and immune-boosting elements;
  • also helps and creams. So, bepanten, which has in its composition dexpanthenol, enters into active interaction with the cells of the skin and stimulates its recovery after a troubled period;
  • effective is the drug acyclovir, which specializiruetsya on the fight against herpes virus;
  • to strengthen the immune system is perfect aevitum.

Treatment of folk remedies. Step-by-step instruction manual with recipes!

Because most people who show zaedy, treat them at home, it is necessary to tell and about traditional folk methods.

Most often recommend to use rose oil or tea tree oil. For effective treatment you must follow this sequence of actions:

  1. To make wool comfortable tampon.
  2. A little bit to soak it in.
  3. Applied to the problem area (the procedure is repeated up to 5 times a day).

A variety of oils (e.g., olive) to reduce the negative impact zaedy on the skin, these oils need to treat the skin around it.

For faster healing of the skin can be applied aloe leaves:

  1. To do this, take a small (to 3 cm) piece of the leaf of the plant;
  2. Cut it so that the inner side of the juice can be applied to problem place and keep it to 10 minutes. This procedure can be repeated several times a day.
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Another interesting fact is that folk remedies not only cure can come, but to diagnose problems associated with it. According to Ayurveda, the appearance of this problem indicates problems with the gastrointestinal tract (it should be treated with tincture of aloe Vera).


The main preventive measures are as follows:

  • check the condition of the immune system, it is possible to take vitamin complexes, preparations strengthen the immune system of the body. Your diet should proceed from the same principles (eat foods with lots of b vitamins);
  • also check the condition of the mouth, avoiding injuries of the lips, chapping them and hypothermia (for this purpose you can use hygienic lipstick);
  • try to eliminate or minimize the effect of bad habits;
  • another element of prevention is the regular examination of the body. If you will find problems from a gastroenterologist, dermatologist, venereologist or dentist in advance that they will not go to the stage when they start to appear zaedy as side effects of many diseases.

Video: zaedy in children — tips for parents

Further questions

► What vitamins to take?

The most essential is the reception of the complex of b vitamins or a diet containing foods (cabbage, dairy products, meat). The most essential vitamins is vitamin B2.

► Herpes, and Zayed are one and the same?

No, what unites them is not until the end of a specific etiology and a certain external similarity of symptoms. Zayed – appears only in the corners of the lips, and its occurrence is related to the weakening of the immunity and lack of vitamins. Cause trust is often a virus, and a herpes on all mucous membranes.

► Appeared zaedy during pregnancy

It is best to consult a doctor who will recommend the correct treatment in accordance with the position of the patient. Any independent actions or omissions may jeopardize the fetus.

► Long pass zaedy, what to do with it?

In this case, as soon as possible you should consult with a therapist who can send the survey to other professionals.

► Zaedy occur before menstruation – is this normal?

Most likely it means a lack of vitamins A or B. menstruation Before the deficit of these vitamins can only deteriorate, which leads to such problems.