Zastudil tooth: what to do, how to treat

What to do if you’ve got a cold in the tooth, ask your dentist. Affects the nerve that is the pulp under the enamel. Colds teeth can cause acute pain, as in nerve formations occur inflammation. If a person catch a cold nerve, we need to see a doctor, otherwise if you delay you may lose teeth because of various diseases of the gums. Many people wonder whether it is possible to chill the teeth? Naturally, the enamel and the pulp will not take no chill, but being in a tooth nerve damage can be quite easy.

What problems can occur

Under the influence of negative external factors there may occur complications due to an inflammatory process in the nerve endings of the teeth:

  1. Pulpitis. The disease occurs due to the penetration of harmful bacteria in the pulp. In humans, there is throbbing pain, which will increase dramatically when thermal or mechanical impact on the teeth.
  2. Periodontitis — an inflammatory process in the tissues around the tooth.
  3. Zastuzheny nerves in the teeth lead to the development of prostatita.
  4. Flux. When this person feels very bad, he has a redness on the gums, swollen cheek, lips, and in some cases and lower eyelids. In humans, increased temperature, there is a sharp pain that moves to neck, jaw and some parts of the head. In the affected area of the gums is a lump filled with pus.

The treatment of these diseases is carried out only by a dentist. Yourself problem people to eliminate, as any wrong actions will lead to tooth loss. The main symptom of a cold teeth is severe pain. It is unbearable, is tearing in nature. This is due to the swelling of the pulp, which compresses the nerve endings. Usually problems occur because of tooth decay, chipping or breaking of the enamel pieces, mishandling of the teeth when installing an orthopedic prosthesis.

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What not to do with the disease

When you lose a tooth cold almost did not help any rinses or pain relievers. They grant a temporary relief, but then there is the resumption of pain. Often people use special tooth drops, but at cold they are practically useless, and in some instances can cause harm. Self-treatment almost always leads to further progress of the disease.

Is prohibited in this disease is to use antibiotics, as they are virtually no able to help inflamed nerve. Before going to the dentist is better not to use painkillers. They interfere with the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

Patients often try to use traditional recipes. But success in this case is possible only after consultation with a dentist who, after examination, can tell what people’s recipes will help you resolve the problem.

Patients should know that there are other restrictions in the cold teeth. For example, it is forbidden to use various hot compresses, as they can only intensify the pain. The patient is advised to simply bandage the cheek from the damaged tooth with a handkerchief made of wool.

How to help the patient at home

If you can not see a doctor, you should try to alleviate the condition of the patient by the methods of alternative medicine.

It is recommended to roll the ball of wool (the size should be small), moisten it in rubbing alcohol or vodka, and then applied to the affected area. Wool should not fall on the gum, as it can increase the pain because of her burns.

Often used another popular, very effective fat. It can be used in fresh or salt form. In the area of the patient’s teeth, put a small piece of the product. It is held ⅓ hours. The pain gradually goes away.

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Some patients prefer to apply irrigation with Chlorhexidine. A few drops of the medication is diluted in 200 ml of warm water. Use the mixture for rinsing the mouth can be 3 times a day.

In some people the pain syndrome is after they chew a leaf of fresh sorrel. Sometimes it helps to cut in half a clove of garlic, which is applied to the gums near the tooth off. The pain almost disappears for 5-6 seconds, but can occur burn the gums. If in 1 Cup of boiling water to insist chicory for 10 hours, the resulting solution can quickly relieve pain in the teeth.

The use of different plants and products

Can be used in the following recipes:

  1. Take 0.1 l of alcohol, and they pour 25-30 g of birch buds. Insist on for 8-12 hours. For use against the common cold on the teeth in solution, moisten the cotton wool, put the patient on tooth enamel.
  2. It is recommended to wet the cotton wool in clove oil and apply on the gums. This recipe is used when the teeth have no visible damage.
  3. Make a decoction of sage in the pharmacy annotation specified on the box. The solution is cooled, but before use, dilute with warm water. It is best to rinse the resulting liquid to the oral cavity every 30 minutes.
  4. In boiling water put 5 tsp. of willow bark, powdered. Before use, the solution is diluted with water. Wash out mouth every 2 hours. Along with the IVA will remove pain and inflammation.
  5. Well-proven hydrogen peroxide diluted with water. Rinse your mouth with it. The pain passes quickly.
  6. Some people use made out of paper an analogue cigarette, where tobacco is sprinkled the powder of the dried leaves of the plant cat’s foot. Inhaling smoke is not necessary, just run it in the mouth. After 20-30 minutes the pain goes away.
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Effective is a solution of baking soda in warm water. To do this, 1 tsp. of product diluted in 200 ml of liquid. To apply this medicine it is recommended to rinse 4-5 times a day.

Prevention for colds teeth is of great importance. This files most often guilty of the disease is dental caries. Therefore, to prevent its occurrence it is necessary to systematically conduct inspections of the jaw in the dentist’s office, to take urgent measures upon detection of symptoms of tooth decay.

It is recommended to carefully observe the rules of hygiene of an oral cavity to remove food debris from the teeth with special liquids and dental sticks.

You have the right to choose clothing appropriate for the cool season, as to chill the nerve of the tooth can be because of the difference in temperature when leaving the house.