Zirconia crowns for teeth price, photos, reviews

The possibility of prosthetics has advanced to the point where a crown can hold more than ten years. And top of this achievements were made Zirconia crowns for teeth. Their price, photos and testimonials of satisfied patients will present below.

Cermet has an ugly and unnatural appearance. Ceramic has a number of limitations. And spraying of the Zirconia gives the teeth a natural translucent white, makes a smile radiant and healthy.

Advantages and disadvantages

The popularity of zirconium crowns for front teeth and any other is determined by a number of advantages:

  • Natural translucency makes the appearance of the natural crowns.
  • The selected color of the enamel does not change with time.
  • The strength of the structure guarantees a long use of the prosthesis.
  • Reliable fixation of the crown provides a good fit to the tooth and the impossibility of development of pathogenic flora.
  • On this material there is practically no allergic, so they are suitable for most patients.
  • The security of Zirconia to human health. It is not rejected by the body, does not irritate gums, does not cause poisoning and any other negative reactions.
  • For the installation of a crown is not much need to grind healthy one.
  • You can install not only the front but also on the chewing teeth and even implants.
  • At the adjoining region between the crown and the gums, there is a grey hue.
  • You can create designs on a single tooth or an entire bridge of several adjacent units.

Of the minuses can select only a high price. This is due to the use of expensive materials and complex manufacturing technology.

Indications and contraindications

The need to install such bits are:

  • Diseases of the internal organs, which precluded the possibility of other ways of prosthetics.
  • Complete or partial absence of the front teeth.
  • The destruction of masticatory units.
  • The presence of telescopic structures of Zirconia.
  • Allergic reactions to other materials used in prosthetics.

Even if the patient have other ways of restoration of the dentition, he may choose zirconium crowns are the most durable and natural in appearance.

Among the contraindications noted by the minimum conditions:

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  1. The period of pregnancy.
  2. A severe deep bite.
  3. Bruxism – teeth grinding during the night. But even in this case, the doctor can find a way, for example, the use of special trays.
  4. Acute inflammation or infection in the oral cavity. For a start, they should be cured.
  5. Mental illness, as in most complex dental procedures.

The before and after photos

Manufacturing technology

To understand what it is – a prosthesis with Zirconia, otherwise, Pritam (Prettau), you need to understand the technology to create crowns on the basis of this material.

  1. In the first stage, poured a framework for future design. Do this by using a special milling machine, which is loaded zirconium oxide, and the computer design model of the tooth.
  2. In the second stage of the creation of porcelain crowns applied a lot of what do the outer part. It adds layers gradually annealing in a furnace to ensure high strength.
  3. Surface make, based on the selected hue, staining the enamel appropriately, so that the crown is indistinguishable from the natural numbers.

This technology is called CAD/CAM. Through the participation of computer and automation eliminated all mistakes and errors in the final result.

Installation of zirconium crowns on teeth

The installation process in the dentist’s office is as follows:

  • To start, remove the old seal and heal any inflammation, caries and other problems of the oral cavity. After all the sick units or to put gums crowns, no one will.
  • Next is the preparation of the tooth according to the thickness of the future crown.
  • To make a crown as natural forms, the doctor creates a mold of the jaw. Due to this, the crown design so that it does not stand out against the background of natural dentition.
  • While the patient will wait for a crown or bridge out of Zirconia, it will install temporary plastic counterpart, and will optocat respectively teeth.
  • A ready-made design try on and fixed with cement mortar. The doctor will definitely give advice on how to care for her, to use time lasted as long as possible.


Doctors give a guarantee on zirconium crown for life. This is a very durable material and if not destroyed, then it will last in original state for decades. But this will happen only in the case when you care for your teeth, and takes care of the design.

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The nuances of care

Dentists recommend to adhere to the same rules as for the care of their teeth. No special manipulation of the crown made of Zirconia is not required.

  • Daily brushing in the morning and evening, the proper vertical movements of the toothbrush and a good toothpaste.
  • Rinsing the mouth after each meal.
  • You need to unlearn the habit to see through solid objects, such as nuts, ice, thread, etc.
  • Every six months visit to the dentist will keep your teeth from neglected diseases and will provide an opportunity to detect emerging problems.
  • The use of dental floss for cleansing hard to reach gaps between your teeth from remnants of food.
  • It is time to treat any diseases to avoid their spread and occurrence of complications.


The cost of these crowns will be above the ceramic or metal. But due to the fact that they are installed once on a permanent basis, this luxury may be justified. The average price for Moscow 16,000 rubles, and in Kiev – UAH 5000. Usually dental clinics offer to purchase the entire package called «turnkey», which includes all visits and procedures, from diagnosis until the final stage of installation of crowns.

But you may come across other numbers. For this you need to understand what determines the price for Zirconia crown. And this:

  • the presence of additional diseases that should be treated initially;
  • the number of teeth that will be made to the design;
  • their contiguity or fragmentation in the place position;
  • the need to make a bridge, etc.

Peculiarities of rehabilitation

After the doctor will establish the zirconium crown, you should listen carefully to his recommendations. After getting used to it should be gradual. Often there are complaints of increased sensitivity when consuming hot and cold food and also some discomfort. To avoid this you need to:

  1. To refuse solid food.
  2. To take care of your teeth according to doctor’s recommendation.
  3. In the presence of such problems, as bruxism (grinding during sleep), night need to use a special mouthguard.
  4. If you are sensitive not to use too hot or cold foods.
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Over time, discomfort will disappear and you can use artificial teeth as family.

Video: dental crowns based on zirconium dioxide.



We are not faced with the need to put the crown, did not even know that they are so different. The doctor explained me in detail the differences in materials and designs and gave the opportunity to make a decision. I still have made a choice in favor of zirconium, because I do not like the dentist’s office and do not want to visit it continuously to change off the crown, which is finite. I’d rather suffer once, but forget about this problem forever.


The process of installation, preparation and pre-treatment took me more than two months, but I was pleased with the result. My teeth began to look even better than once upon a time. I have the feeling that I’m younger by a dozen years. But it wasn’t even a goal.


Don’t like going to doctors, especially the dentist. And therefore decided to choose zirconium crown or bridge to a time to do the restoration and don’t think about it. The result I am satisfied. The last two years I go to the doctor just for a General inspection, no additional procedures are required.