Mask for oily skin – face, in home, from the oatmeal:

Distressed leather delivers a lot of inconveniences to its owner. Shiny and oily an hour after washing your face and regular acne and comedones spoil the appearance of women. With improper care, all these symptoms are accompanied by flaking, and that is baffling. And how here to understand, what to use?

If the problems on the face is very neglected, for the treatment you can find natural products, from which you can prepare face masks at home. They are prepared easily, have a minimum of contraindications, and the result can sometimes give odds to purchase care cosmetics.

Why you should try:

  1. Cheap.
  2. Quickly.
  3. Naturally.
  4. Effectively.

Many girls these arguments is sufficient to make a choice in favor of cosmetics, prepared on your own.

Indications and contraindications

Before carrying out beauty treatments at home, be sure to read the contraindications to them. Sometimes, improper use of funds, the skin becomes even more covered with pimples, and a woman throws care, considering that everything is homemade mask. But this is the wrong approach.

Indications for use of homemade masks

Most properly will be able to assess the condition of the skin dermatologist as he is the expert in their field.

If visiting cosmetology for any reason, you should try to do it yourself.

The mask will benefit if:

  • on the epidermis Shine appears in an hour after washing;
  • on the face of observed black spots, inflamed pimples and pimples;
  • skin is oily, but because of the aggressive dryness began to appear peeling;
  • Allergy is observed during the application of the purchase cosmetics;
  • use them for prevention, not waiting for the emergence of problems.

Remember, the sooner the epidermis will begin to get proper nutrition, the less chance that will begin to appear disturbing signals in the form of acne. Therefore, prevention is the best way to fight.


The use of masks in the presence of contraindications risk that the effect in the best case will not happen, and time will be wasted. At worst, you may experience more acne, dry skin or allergic reactions.

You cannot use any mask if:

  • on the face of observed open sores after squeezing pimples, abrasions;
  • leather more than 30% covered with purulent sores;
  • the patient has skin cancer, eczema and other serious diseases;
  • there is a tendency to allergic reactions (in this case you should initially go through an Allergy test);
  • after 2 weeks of use there is no improvement or the number of spots has increased.

If there are any contraindications, efficacy of homemade masks you should consult the doctor. Sometimes, the lesions are bacteriological in nature and no special creams, antibiotics will not do.

General rules for cooking

Below mask for oily skin not just laying on the surface, but work should follow the rules of preparation and storage of such funds. This will help not to waste time and see the result after a couple of weeks.

  1. Hands before cooking should be thoroughly washed. This should be done with those products that go into the composition (of course, if it is not honey or powder form).
  2. Should be allocated for preparation of the mask special dish, which will not be stored food.
  3. All ingredients must be fresh, with a good shelf life, natural and, if possible, homemade.
  4. The mask should not be stored in the refrigerator more than two days. Because the procedure should be carried out twice a week, better every time to prepare a new batch tools, designed for single application only.
  5. You should stick to the specified amount of all ingredients, try not to cook on the eyes.
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How prepared is the mask, its effect on the skin. Violation of rules may entail the dressing of infection around the face with the appearance of new spots, or lack of action, in principle.

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Popular recipes of masks for oily skin

There are many recipes of masks that promise miraculous results after the first use. Should not believe it.

The natural ingredients act gently, so it is impossible to achieve smooth skin in one day. Only with regular use will noticeable result.

At the first signs of improvement should not stop home treatments, enough to halve their number and carried out once a week.


This mask is used for the normalization of lipid metabolism, good the sebaceous glands and prevent the first signs of aging.

Fungi, in yeast, are composed of many:

  1. vitamins,
  2. antioxidants
  3. phospholipids that favorably affect the state of the cells.

Yeast is added to many store-bought cream because of their beneficial effects. Cheap component allows to reduce the cost of funds, and also finds successful application in the preparation of home care products means.

Suitable for:

  • oily and problem skin, prone to rashes;
  • dry, with the first signs of wrinkles.

Yeast mask mattifies the epidermis, while not over-drying. Such a component is most effective if you combine external resources with the use of yeast inside in pill form.


In order to prepare a yeast mask, you should take:

  • 3 tablets of compressed yeast or 15 to 20 gr. finished powder;
  • tablespoon of white clay;
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice (if Allergy is present, this component should be removed).

Mix all ingredients to obtain a homogeneous slurry. Optionally, add more water. To apply on face for 15 minutes, then rinse. Use twice a week. The course is 2-3 months.

Of gelatin

Mask of gelatin are the perfect substitutes of collagen means. They help to get rid of imperfections on the skin, slightly her Mat. A nice bonus is a light lifting effect.

Using gelatin, you can:

  • to smooth the epidermis
  • to even out the complexion,
  • to rid the skin of dead skin particles.
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The result is noticeable after the first treatment, but full effects you need to undergo.


To make gelatin mask you will need to prepare:

  • tablespoon of gelatin;
  • 5 tablespoons of milk or water.

Pour the gelatin liquid and leave to ingredient slightly swollen. After this it is necessary to heat the composition in a water bath to room temperature and immediately applied.

With regular use the skin becomes clearer, is acne, smoothes first wrinkles.


The mask of oatmeal for the face for oily skin good by the way. The cost of this tool is a penny, and the result exceeds all expectations. This happens because of the viscosity of a slurry that dries on the face, slightly pulling the skin.

After eating:

  1. pores significantly narrowed,
  2. the complexion healthy and smooth
  3. glitter long is not worried.

If not one cosmetic product does not help, you should definitely try an oatmeal mask.


For preparation will need:

  • a tablespoon of oatmeal;
  • three tablespoons of water or milk;
  • 4-5 crushed aspirin (if present inflammation).

Before cooking thoroughly rinse the groats. Then pour it with warm milk or water. Add aspirin. The resulting slurry is a thick layer onto face. Keep until dry then wash off.


Yogurt helps with cleansing of the skin, reduces pigmentation, freckles and acne, vypilivaya them. Struggling with acne, significantly reducing their number.

The vitamin pyridoxine, which is part of the dairy product used in many care skin remedies.

If there is no time for home treatments, you can regularly wipe the face with kefir, and the result will not keep itself waiting.


For the mask, you need to prepare:

  • 50-100 gr. yogurt;
  • 1 tablespoon of white clay.

The ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass, then immediately apply on face. To use regularly, otherwise the result will not be noticeable.

Full face masks, if there are black spots, it is better to add white clay. Black can further clog the pores, but also successfully fights inflammation and oily Shine.

Alginate mask

This product is obtained from alginic acid contained in brown algae. Mask you can buy at the pharmacy in the form of a powder, which you simply dilute with water and apply on face.

Sometimes the composition is added to the blue clay, which helps enhance the effect of smooth skin, fights acne and other imperfections of problematic skin.

Alginate mask is best to use in the cabin due to some difficulty of its preparation. But you can master this skill at home.

It is necessary to carefully study the instructions on the package to use the components in precise proportions. The results observed are not worse than the salon.

How to apply and wash off

From how the product is applied to the skin depends on 50% the success of the whole procedure. Components simply will not work if you do not prepare the epidermis to the application of funds.

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What you need to do before the procedure hydrate?

  1. Thoroughly clean the face, use a scrub. This procedure will help to remove excess oil and dead skin cells that impede penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the epidermis.
  2. It is advisable to steam the face. This step will open the pores and also help the penetration of the mask into the skin.
  3. Apply the mask with clean hands or a brush, not very thick, if that does not require a precise recipe.
  4. Caring rinse the product under running water, without using soap. If one of the ingredients is oil, you can use a special cleansing gel, which will help to wash away oily film.
  5. After all procedures, the skin should be moistened with cream or serum.

If you ignore all the preparatory stages, the imposition caring mask just does not make sense. She can’t get inside, will settle on the surface and will not have any positive result.

Advice beauticians

Beauticians around the world are trying to convey to the girls a number of unspoken rules that will help for my skin to look attractive.

There is nothing complicated, and, if desired, each lady will be able to remember them.

  • Do not touch your face with dirty hands, clothes, to sleep on a bad pillow.
  • It is not necessary to overdry skin aggressive remedies for acne. If any, the alcoholic structure to cause pitting on the problem area.
  • Should be thoroughly moisturize even oily skin. This will help to avoid the allocation of the epidermis unwanted fat for their protection.
  • Avoid contact with the face of direct sunlight, protect it from cold wind, rain and snow.
  • Is to regularly use masks, scrubs, exfoliating peels done with acids. After these procedures, the epidermis also need to carefully moisturize.
  • Do not use expired makeup to avoid daily use powder.

If you do not provoke problem skin to excrete excess oils, moisturizing and nourishing it, perhaps, and more troubled, she will not be. Regular grooming will eliminate imperfections, will help the owner to gain confidence. At worst, there is always a cosmeticians who nowadays is able to solve any problems with the epidermis.

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