Wax strips for hair removal — what to choose, comparison, reviews, instructions for use

Currently on the market are a large number of wax stripes of different quality from different manufacturers. To select the product that will suit you best, you need to obtain detailed information about the most popular brands.

There are special strips for the face and even to remove hair in the eyebrows, legs and arms, bikini area.

You can pick up the strips according to skin type:

  • sensitive;
  • dry;
  • bold;
  • normal.

Also the stripes are different sizes, the thickness of the paper layer, a layer of wax and its quality.

The technique of removal at different areas of the body

The bikini area by yourself, you can remove the hair only at the line of underwear, pubic hair and skin in her inner thighs. To get deeper by using stripes will not work, because if you cut the strips into thinner, you can’t always stick the strip in the direction of hair growth and, most importantly, fix the skin with your other hand before her tear.

On the face with strips to remove hair above the upper lip or above and below the eyebrows.

In the armpits it is better to strip with hair helped to tear someone from the household or girlfriends. So, first, you need to tear off abruptly, and secondly, it is necessary again to fix the skin with your other hand.

When doing hair removal in the underarms myself, to comply with the first condition and can still work, but the second might not happen that will lead to a large number of remaining hair and need to clean the skin with tweezers, or the bruises and abrasions on the skin.

On the hands and feet to remove the hair strips the most simple and quick way.

In the field «track» in the belly technically remove hair is not difficult, but that’s painful.

The pros and cons of their use


  • accessibility: no matter where you are you can enjoy waxing your own and very quickly;
  • no need to grow hair, wax strips can capture and remove hairs from 1.5-2 mm long;
  • efficiency: one strip can be used several times, as long as continue to adhere to the hairs;
  • the effect duration to 4 weeks, depending on the speed of hair growth;
  • prolonged trauma to the follicles can lead to progressive impaired growth of hair.


  • painful procedure;
  • the wax remains on the skin and gives a feeling of stickiness;
  • not all hairs are captured at once, or have to re-glue the strip, or to clean the hair with tweezers;
  • there is a risk of developing an Allergy to the wax or other components that are part of it;
  • if it is bad to fix the skin, then place the strips can be bruises;
  • if it is wrong to remove hair, there is a chance of breaking the hair at the skin level, which would lead to rapid new hair growth;
  • wax strips remove vellus hair, that can give a growth of coarse dark hair; this is especially true for hair removal on the face;
  • skin irritation after hair removal may persist for about a day.
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Usage instructions

In one package, as a rule, are from 8 to 16 strips, a special oil-soaked wipes and instructions for use.

  1. On clean and dry skin need to apply a thin layer of talc or baby powder.
  2. You need to take two strips, glued with a layer of wax, and heat them between your hands for a minute.
  3. Then divide the strips and glued them to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Smooth the strips to the skin, intensely pressing down on them with his palm.
  4. Fix the skin below the strip with one hand. Second hand sharp movement of the tear strip from the skin against the direction of hair growth.
  5. If the skin is left hair, you need to re-powder the skin with talcum powder again to glue the strip to smooth and sharply to tear.
  6. The remaining isolated hairs can be removed with tweezers.

The types of wax strips for hair removal

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Strips Veet

Firm wit presented on the Russian market several types of strips for hair removal.

  • Ready to use wax strips three types for sensitive, normal and dry skin. Designed wax strips for hair removal on the legs.
  • Strips Suprem Essence with the scent of roses and essential oils. Designed for feet.
  • Strips Suprem Essence specially designed for the face.
  • Strips Suprem Essence bikini and underarm.

Caramel (caramel)

Manufacturer of wax strips «Caramel» has decided to please customers not only quality products, but also a variety of flavors, among which are vanilla and strawberry. In General, you can choose for every taste.


The manufacturer offers a special wax strips:

With avocado for sensitive skin.

Coconut for dry skin.

With almonds for coarse hair.

Separately presented strips of cotton for intimate depilation. In each set, for hair removal gel is a special care.


Firm Byly introduced wax strip face, body and bikini area, with different compositions and seductive fragrance. With the chocolate.

With green tea and mint.

Especially for young skin.

Strips of gold.

With thermal water.

In addition to waxing strips firm offers a number of remedies for skin care after hair removal.


Markell introduced to the market two series of their wax strips: delikat and Deluxe mini. With the small price they are very good with the hair on both body and face. The only drawback is the lack of napkins, instead of them coming in the packaging sachet of butter.

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Avon introduced wax strips for body and face. In a set of 10 strips and 2 wipes.


Oriflame «Silk Orchid». The kit includes hair removal strips with natural beeswax and almond oil. Wipes impregnated with the composition, soothes the skin and slows the growth of hair. They are intended for hair removal from the skin of the torso, arms and legs.

There are also special strips for your face.

Deep depil

Floresan offers buyers strips specifically for dry skin.

Stripes, suitable for men and women.

And strips for the face.

The wax strips from Floresan are quite democratic in price. From packing 20 strips, wipes and special care gel for the skin.


At Kliven has stripes for the body

And specially for face and bikini


Wax strips for hair removal Depiflаx go in packs of 10 and 100 PCs Acquiring greater, you can save considerably.

Contraindications to hair removal wax strips:

  • not enough long hair in the place of the alleged depilation;
  • scratches, abrasions of the skin in the place of the procedure;
  • viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin in the acute phase;
  • the increase in body temperature, chills.

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How to make the procedure less painful

Usually at home the most simple, and at the same time the most enjoyable method of pain relief is a hot bath.

The skin is first necessary to steam, and then wipe dry. It is also important to practice the skill to tear a strip with a rapid movement, then the pain will be minimal.

Can be applied to the skin before the procedure, gentle scrub and gently massage the skin to remove dead cells. This will facilitate hair removal and will make the procedure less painful.

How to remove wax residues from the skin

The wax often remains after using the wax strips. To remove it, you can use special oil-impregnated wipes that come in the package. Oil not only save your skin from wax and stickiness, but also nourish it, accelerate the recovery procedure and give softness.

If wipes end earlier strips, you can use the following methods:

  • take an ordinary tissue napkin and wet it in the oil, such as sunflower or olive, will also fit fat cream;
  • to stock up in advance a special lotion for the skin after waxing in which the wax is removed good;
  • to try to wash off any wax residue with soap and water: the method is least effective against wax and least useful for injured hair removal skin;
  • applying to the skin a cotton cloth and heat it with a Hairdryer: the wax will melt and stick to the fabric.
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How to care for the skin after the procedure

It is not recommended to sunbathe for a few days, to visit thermal treatments and exercise, wearing tight clothes from synthetic fabrics, nylon tights.

A few days after the procedure, it is recommended to use scrub and a moisturizing cream to prevent ingrown hairs.

How to quickly relieve irritation after hair removal

Quick ways to get rid of red dots on skin in place of remote hair, quite a lot. And almost all of them available, you will just have to try and choose the best for you.

  1. Panthenol spray or cream will help the skin to recover faster. But this is assuming that you will start to use them in time, i.e. immediately after the procedure until the skin has not yet managed to blush.
  2. Chlorhexidine, Actovegin, Solkoseril, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide will also help to reduce the severity of inflammation. You should consider the fact that all of these funds have dried the skin, then they need to be mandatory to use a moisturizer.
  3. Tea tree oil or aloe Vera juice is well dissolved in a small amount of oil or cream applied to the skin after the procedure and allow to absorb. Just do not need to apply to the skin pure tea tree oil, it can cause even more redness.
  4. Cream or face cream with calendula, chamomile, aloe.


Product Price in RUB.
Avon «Silk kidea» 400
Avon «Silk Orchid» for the face 330
Cliven body 20 PCs 430
Cliven for face & bikini 24 PCs 307
Veet 12 PCs 359
Byly gold 10 PCs 315
Byly face 12 PCs 215

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