Barium enema bowel – what it is, how it’s performed?


  • The survey
  • Complications of the procedure
  • Widespread diseases of the colon and rectum led to a qualitative development of different methods of research of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). One of such methods is barium enema. What is a barium enema? This x-ray method of examining the colon with the use of special x-ray contrast solution (barium sulfate, etc.) and obtaining a series of successive x-ray images. Such a procedure helps to detect diseases of the colon in different stages, as well as in any age group of patients. It is important to note, that barium enema intestinal is always conducted subject to the special indications and contraindications to the method, and only after clinical examination of a patient by a doctor. Unlike colonoscopy, this x-ray method is less invasive, allowing you to use it in childhood.

    General description of the procedure

    Conducting a barium enema is always carried out only in a medical establishment. This method of roentgenologic examination of the colon allows you to explore all of its divisions: ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid and rectum.

    Indications and contraindications to

    A barium enema can be done to patients who have established indications for examination. These include a number of clinical symptoms, able to indicate lesions of the colon:

    • If the patient is present in blood, mucus or pus in the stool, or pain in the abdomen, it may indicate the presence of pathological processes in the body. The main purpose of the survey is to establish the disease that causes these symptoms. As a rule, they can occur in inflammatory conditions (colitis, sigmoiditis, proctitis), polyps, ulcerative process or diverticula.
    • If the patient has pain in anus or pain are common in the course of the rectum, it may also be indicative of proctitis, polyps in the rectum, or of violations of the tone of the sphincters.
    • The most important indications for radiographic studies, is podozreniya the tumor process, since the large intestine most frequently among all the other departments of the gastrointestinal tract affected by cancer. Also barium enema allows to detect metastases in the colon.
    • Another indication is acute or chronic intestinal obstruction. At the same doctor doing the barium enema for the detection of the narrowing of the lumen, which is necessary for definition of further tactics of treatment.
    • Chronic disorders of stool (constipation or diarrhea). In this case, a survey is done to detect disorders of peristalsis of the wall of the large intestine that may be a manifestation of inflammatory and other processes.
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    Who can direct the study? This is a group of people having certain symptoms bowel or indirect signs of diseases identified through other types of surveys.

    These indications for the barium enema should be strictly observed, which allows to increase the efficiency of examinations of the intestinal tract and reduce the risk of complications from the procedure. While there are definite contraindication for barium enema:

    • Decompensated diseases of the internal organs (coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, respiratory failure, etc.) in which to do the survey not due to possible deterioration of the human condition.
    • Suspicion or confirmation of perforation of the bowel wall.
    • The presence of pregnancy.
    • The acute stage of inflammatory diseases with a primary lesion of the end of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Identification data contraindications restricts the study of the large intestine x-ray method.

    Preparation for the procedure

    The first step of proper preparation for the procedure – talk with your doctor about the advisability of using this method, the course of the meeting, and about the possible risks associated with the use of barium enema or abandoning it. After this, the doctor explains to the patient as needed to properly prepare for the barium enema. The most important stage in the preparation of cleansing the colon can be carried out in three different ways.

    Use of medicines

    The main drug widely used for colon cleansing in an adult or a child Fortrans. The drug is used under a special scheme described below. It is important to note that if the barium enema is scheduled for the morning, then at lunch the day before the patient should refrain from eating.

    To clean the intestines with the help of Fortrans in the following way. A bag of the drug is prepared in one liter of clean water. Next drink one Cup of the resulting liquid every 15 minutes. The onset of action of the drug after 1 hour. Expiration occurs 3-4 hours after drinking the last round. After the bowel is cleared, it is possible to only drink plain water or vegetable broth.

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    The use of enemas

    In the past the most popular method of cleaning the colon – the use of enemas. Enema is done for patients, in advance adhere to a certain diet. Patients had to abandon pastry, confectionery, fatty foods, and foods that increase gas for 2-3 days prior to the examination. The night before the procedure and the morning of the barium enema has produced the formulation of enemas, providing a colon cleanse.

    The use of pharmacological methods of bowel cleansing is «gold» standard.

    Colon hydrotherapy to prepare

    If the patient is in the Department of gastroenterology or proctology, he can carry out colon hydrotherapy. This technique make patients at impossibility of use of drug purification. Colon hydrotherapy is the washing of the colon large amounts of water (20-25 litres). As a rule, the patient should be well examined before the destination of this type of training. Any one of these methods can be replaced by another if necessary, or for medical reasons.

    When assigning a barium enema the patient should properly prepare for it psychologically. If required, the attending physician may be involved in the preparation and psychiatrist, able to calm the patient.

    The survey

    Many patients are concerned about the issue, and how is the barium enema intestinal? This method is always done in a medical hospital in the radiology office. The patient is placed on a special tilting table for optimal access to the large intestine.

    The initial stage of the procedure consists in carrying out the sigmoidoscopy, allowing a doctor to assess the condition of the anal canal and rectum. It is clear various violations patency, stenosis, etc., which can limit the use of the main procedure. If the disease is not detected, the patient is placed in the position Simps: falls on the side, flexes the foot, bending the top leg closer to the belly than the lower. Lubricated with sterile glycerin tube is introduced into the anus, and then, controlling life threatening emergencies functions, introduce a solution of barium sulfate to 2 liters for an adult. After that, the patient turned over on his other side, allowing the radiopaque solution to completely fill the colon. Conducted the first series of shots.

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    After the first shots under tight filling of the intestine, the patient is withdrawn in the toilet, where he emptied. Produce a second series of images, allowing to estimate the elevation of the colonic wall. Those who did the procedure, continue to observe for another 3-10 hours.

    Barium enema be held for children by the same rules, taking into account the reduction of the volume of injected radiopaque substance.

    Complications of the procedure

    The negative impact of the barium enema after the procedure occur very rarely, subject to rules of training and methodology of the study itself. One of the most common complications are discomfort in the abdomen. It can also hurt the anus in connection with the introduction of the rectal tube.

    Very rarely can occur perforation of the rectum, inflammatory changes in the intestinal wall or the formation of granulomas Barievich. As a rule, adequate conduct barium enema eliminates these effects.

    Barium enema bowel, what is it? This x-ray method of examination of the colon, which consists in using a contrast agent injected into the lumen of the intestine. This procedure allows to assess the patency of the intestine, to identify within its walls pathological processes and tumor growth. Due to the high efficiency of the method and because complications in this type of survey is extremely rare, the popularity of the barium enema in patients and physicians is large enough.