When is the best time to do a colposcopy, what day of the menstrual cycle?


A colposcopy is an endoscopic technique that allows a well to visualize the vaginal walls and the cervix. It can help to conduct a survey to clarify the diagnosis, and treatment of the patient. This article is about whether to do a colposcopy during your period, in other phases of the cycle, during pregnancy, and that will help avoid complications after the procedure.

When assigned?

The gynaecologist may refer the woman for this procedure when:

When using colposcopic method possible:

  • Achieving better visualization of the vaginal walls and cervix and PAP smears with suspicious sites with high accuracy.
  • The definition of purity, or of malignancy of the disease, allowing the doctor to make a choice of further tactics of conducting and determines the Outlook.


Colposcopy in women is usually not done:

  • During the period of oocyte maturation and ovulation.
  • During menstrual bleeding. Colposcopy when menstruation complicated the doctor’s work and increases the risk of infectious complications.
  • In acute inflammatory processes of genital organs to their relief.

Pregnancy does not preclude the procedure, but introduces some limitations, for example, colposcopic treatment can be carried out only after childbirth as a consequence of medical procedures in the field of internal genital organs among women the situation can become bleeding, miscarriage and premature birth.

The diagnostic process in pregnancy is difficult due to physiological changes of the cervix under the influence of sex hormones. So, if possible, the gynecologist puts the research and treatment on time after the birth.

Colposcopy in different phases of the cycle

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When determining on what day of cycle is best to perform a colposcopy medical community concurs that the best time to perform colposcopy of the cervix ─ early phase of the cycle, namely from 3 to 7 day from the last day of the month. Why in this period it is best to do a colposcopy? Because it is the time endoscopic picture is most easily distinguishable for the doctor. For example, in the middle of the cycle, during ovulation in this area produces a lot of viscous mucus, which can impede the examination and even to distort it. In the period of menstruation visualization is also difficult and, furthermore, increases the risk of getting in a woman’s body is infection.

In cases of emergency when you need urgent colposcopy of the cervix, doctors do not have to wonder on what day and what time of cycle to have a colposcopy.

Gynecologist in communication with the patient, ascertains the day of the last menstrual period, if necessary, the appointment of the study, explains the purpose, the essence of the procedure and expected results.

The doctor recommends a colposcopy at the monthly. Most of the manipulations can be planned so that the appointed day falls on the first half of the menstrual cycle.

In some cases, you can do a colposcopy a few days before menstruation. Basically, it refers to medical procedures such as laser coagulation of the cervix or using a cold or diatermokoagulyatsii. Such therapeutic effect can provoke monthly. So, provoked by menstruation after colposcopy promotes natural rejection formed after the manipulation of a scab and speeds the healing of tissues. Also colposcopy before menstruation prescribed before the planned surgical intervention on the organs of small pelvis.

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After the procedure

After a colposcopy, especially carried out with the biopsy within the next 2 weeks, there may be abdominal pain pulling character, and menstrualnopodobnoe allocation in a small amount. Don’t worry, these effects are temporary.

In order to prevent complications in the next 2 weeks you must:

  • Carefully observe personal hygiene, but not to go to bath, to bathe, to wash only in the shower.
  • Do not use tampons, if necessary, permits the use of gaskets.
  • Avoid taking drugs affecting blood clotting (medicines, part of which is acetylsalicylic acid).

So when is the best time to do a colposcopy and what day of cycle to choose is determined by the specific clinical case and purpose of the study. The final decision is made by the attending physician.