A teaspoon of sugar: calories, varieties of sugar and calories in the sweeteners

Sugar refers to high-calorie product, which big use can harm the body. Even with the limited use of sugar, the human body will obtain the minimum number of useful components. Worldwide nutritionists talking about the fact that sucrose is harmful to health and becomes the cause of excess weight, but to abandon this product, which is a large part of the confectionery product and just is considered to be a sweetener for food? What is actually calorie sugar and how much it can affect your health?

How many calories in sugar?

The question regarding the number of calories in a spoonful of sugar is concerned, not only athletes and people who are watching their excess weight. Many people with chronic illnesses are afraid that sucrose can have a negative impact on their health. For a start, you should understand the number of calories in a spoon of sugar.

Caloric sugar can be compared with the conventional pastry or a sandwich. If we talk specifically about numbers, then the 100 g of sugar pack almost 400 calories. In an average day a person can consume about 20-30 grams of sucrose. With simple calculations, it is easy to see that even one spoonful of sugar in your morning coffee can have a negative impact on health and, in particular, it concerns the deposits of excess fat in people who are located to this disease.

In a tablespoon of sugar is approximately 90 calories and this figure is required to know the fans eat sweet. In the usual cake or piece of cake just to be one tablespoon of this component.

How many calories in a piece of sugar?

Now on the shelves you can meet the sugar that is present in small cubes. This is quite convenient if you want to make your own tea or coffee, but another form does not negate the negative impact. As a rule, the cubes of this product is fewer calories and count their exact number is difficult due to the different amounts of pieces. Usually calorie cubes can be from 10 to 20. In order to accurately calculate the energy value, you need to know the weight of one cube and then to determine the amount of calories.

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Calorie brown sugar

People who are trying to watch your weight, find a similar substitute to sucrose. We are talking about brown sugar, which appeared on our market relatively recently. Like the other kind, so the calorie content is much lower, and in fact this is required for the body to get less harm. The brown product is the same sweetener, which means it can easily be used as a substitute for tea or coffee.

Nutritionists with the replacement fully disagree. Given these, we can say that calories in brown product a little less, but it can still cause significant harm to the body. If beetroot per 100 grams contains 400 calories, then brown the product has about 370 calories. As you can see, the difference is relatively small and certainly does not change the effect on the human body.

How many calories in a teaspoon of sugar? To calculate the caloric value of cane product is not difficult, when you consider that 100 grams of product have about 370 calories. Even if you take sweeteners in the form of brown cane sugar will still be a negative impact on the body.

Caloric sweeteners

Nutritionists do not only promote the idea of a complete renunciation of sucrose, but also offer many products which can be a substitutes. These include:

  • saccharin;
  • acesulfam potassium;
  • Sucralose;
  • aspartame;
  • the cyclamate sodium.

All of these products in some way can become analogues of sucrose, but they have their negative qualities. For example, saccharin, which appeared first among the substitutes, has no calories at all. That is, it can be easily added to tea, to pastry, without fear that the body will get a powerful dose of calories. In addition, this product is not a cause of the formation of tooth decay or affect blood sugar swings, but still many refused, considering his disadvantages. Saccharin has properties that can affect stone formation and the formation of malignant tumors. And just saccharin has an unpleasant metallic taste, which spoils the food or drinks.

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Aspartame is a sweetener that has no calories in its composition. Teeth from the use of this product are not destroyed, but he as well as saccharin may cause the formation of malignant tumors, which is an important factor to abandon it.

The sodium cyclamate unlike the previous types of sweetener does not possess properties to cause cancer, but there is its side effects. In the end, this product is prohibited to use pregnant women, children and other people with chronic diseases, especially if we are talking about the urinary system. If we talk about the energy value, the caloric content is completely absent, but there is an unpleasant metallic taste.

Acesulfam potassium has the least impact on the human body. Calories almost no teeth remain safe, as the level of blood sugar, but it is very rarely used especially in beverages due to poor solubility. The only use of this type of sweetener in the confectionery industry, but then have to combine with the natural product.

Sucralose, has many positive properties and the product is not cause side effects described above. Individual intolerance or Allergy may appear when you consumption of this sweetener. That’s why he became the most popular substitutes of sweeteners.

Calories sugar is the norm

Completely refuse from sugar in any case does not work, because this component is included in most food products. Therefore it is necessary to determine the rate of consumption of sucrose, which does not so much affect the human body. According to experts, the amount of sugar per day should not exceed more than 5% of the total number of calories consumed during this time. The norm is calculated based on the number of calories a day, and each floor will have its own settings.

  1. For the male requires per day more energy energy, so the rules of sucrose slightly higher. For example, for the average men per day are allowed to take about 9 spoons of sugar in different forms. It may be candy product, or just the addition of sucrose in coffee or tea. A larger number will have a negative impact on the body.
  2. Women are inferior to male in weight, and hence the number of calories per day should be lower. If we talk about Sahara, women are allowed to consume about 6 teaspoons of sugar in different forms.
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It is important to remember that this is a common rate. Allowed to eat the amount of sugar is equal to 9-6 spoons, but sucrose is found in almost all foods. So the extra teaspoon of sugar may cause non-compliance with rules.


Sugar is a product that we use constantly in our daily lives, but how many calories, very few people know, but the sucrose can cause many problems with health. This can be avoided only if you know the rate of consumption per day. In any case, the refusal of sugar full or partial positive impact on human health, as well as obviating the likelihood of developing diseases such as tooth decay or diabetes.