Corn porridge for weight loss: the benefits and harms, the composition, the calorie content

Corn grits is among the most popular crops that people cultivate for many centuries. And although in recent years there were many alternative products, the interest in this cereal is not reduced.

It is wrong to think that corn could be widely disseminated thanks to the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs engaged in the cultivation of maize, grain which is eaten. The main success factor for corn grits is called its universality, because for most people today, it is a must in the diet.

However, it is wrong to assume that the consumption of corn grits is the body only benefits, because it, like other products, has harmful effects.

The versatility of corn

Its structure is corn porridge is brought to a powder grain is ripe, dried corn. This product contains a lot of vitamins, can be eaten as a separate dish, and garnish. Chefs use corn flour to prepare various foods: bread, delicious scones, in conservation and salads.

Often, polenta is used in fillings for pies, also it can be added to cereals and soups.

Many centuries ago, corn was the object of worship of the Indian tribes that lived on the American continent. This grain they raised to the rank of a goddess. And maybe they had reason, because the corn has healing properties, therefore, widely used in folk medicine.

The most valuable part are the corn silk hair, and the grains used for the preparation of special medicines. It is useful to take a tincture of corn for the treatment of hepatitis and to combat infertility. On the basis of the stigmas it is possible to prepare a healing broth, which helps with diarrhea.

The types of cereals

To prepare corn porridge using cereals of the same name. It is usually divided into several types, each with a different method of treatment:

  • large rump. Her mostly do cereal or sweets «Air grain». The raw material for this cereal are pieces of corn kernels of different size;
  • polished cereals. It is made from pieces of kernels of corn that have different values. In the process of cooking groats can be ground on a special machine. Therefore, in consideration of the grains we can also see a few rounded shape;
  • small croup. It’s used to make sweet sticks.


Corn is a very tasty product, which contains large amounts of vitamins. It is no coincidence she received the title of «Queen on the table.» If we turn to its composition, it has very little allergenic components. This explains the recommendation of the doctors to feed young children porridge made from corn grains.

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Often dishes include corn on the menu of patients with disorders of the intestine, which are called celiac disease. It is the only grain crop that can be used for cooking. This is due to the absence in the composition of corn and the gliadin protein fraction.

At the same time corn and its flour is rich with plenty of other useful components:

  • vegetable protein. It is needed for normal body functions;
  • lysine, histidine, tryptophan, arginine and cysteine, which also needs the human body;
  • unsaturated fatty acids — arachidonic, linoleic, linolenic, depends on the level of cholesterol;
  • vitamins B1, PP, B2, E, N, A, Nickel, calcium, copper, potassium, iron, silicon and phosphorus.

Experts recommend to include corn porridge in the diet to patients who have problems with the quality of the blood, diabetes and various allergies.


An equally important issue is the caloric value of corn. For dieters, too often there is a corn porridge is not desirable. The fact is that in 100 g of this product contains 328 kcal. So, if you want to taste this dish, it is best to eat small portions. When you eat this cereal quite quickly comes a feeling of satiety, especially if you serve it with vegetables or salad.

Corn porridge. Use

The uniqueness of corn gives the ability not to lose the useful properties even after the heat treatment. When it enters the body, it contains vitamins and minerals are quickly absorbed. To drink corn porridge is useful due to the following properties:

  • To protect against depression of the body must be provided in sufficient quantity витаминамиВ5 and B1. So this product and corn meal must be present in the diet of people suffering from neurosis;
  • To the skin to remain young and beautiful, people should not feel the deficiency of vitamin E. If he will be present in the required amount, it will help to make your hair more healthy and durable;
  • Vitamin PP helps to normalize the processes in the body.
  • Polenta (Mamaliga) is rich in vitamin a that is needed for people who frequently catch colds;
  • Composed of Hominy there is silicon, which depends on stabilization of the intestine;
  • Phosphorus, which are rich in corn flour, has a positive effect on the skin, accelerates the process and makes it more resistant nervous system to external stimuli;
  • Thanks to dietary fiber in the body will not be long delayed, toxins and decomposition products;
  • in carbohydrates and carotene contained in corn flour, are especially in need of people who are difficult to lead an active or sedentary life.
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Polenta is considered a useful product due to the fact that accelerates the delivery of vitamins and minerals in the blood, which helps to improve the health of the body.

Also porridge from corn has a cleansing effect, removes hard fats, and also helps to restore the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Possible damage of the cereal

Despite the presence of corn porridge large number of useful properties, eat only it is undesirable, because at some point can manifest its negative impact. So you need to follow the main rules when eating any food product — all should be in moderation.

Polenta is no different from other products, so it has not only useful properties, but also may cause harm. A large part of any cereal has fiber, which share is not less than 90%. So with regular use a person will be a sense of saturation, but the cells will stay without food. When the body gets too many vitamins, there is such a thing as a glut. At a certain point the body can no longer make a new batch of nutrients. In this case, a person might need attention of a specialist, who will have to apply complex and long-term treatment.

Be aware that polenta is a low-calorie product. So, if your weight is not up to standards, then you should exclude for a while the corn from your menu. It is unacceptable to eat this porridge in peptic ulcer disease, especially during periods of exacerbation.

In the presence of certain chronic diseases first thing you should consult a physician or dietician to learn, will not cause any harm to the polenta, if it is to start eating every day. Further, it does not hurt to find out what quantities you can eat this dish.

The use of corn porridge for weight loss

According to nutritionists, Breakfast is to start best with nutritious meals, then they will provide the feeling of fullness well into the evening. After all, in the morning, the body begins to Wake up and enters active mode after a relaxing sleep.

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Eating in the morning, corn porridge, you will not only prepare the stomach for eating, but also saturate the blood with vitamins and beneficial enzymes. Enough to eat in the morning only a small bowl of corn porridge, to feel a surge of energy.

The use of corn stems from the fact that in its composition contains special substances, which are easily excreted from the body of harmful toxins and fats. If you stick to a diet in order to lose weight, you can eat porridge, but without oil. Otherwise, try to replace it with olive oil. People who want to lose weight, you should cook porridge without salt.

Many women are interested in, what does it eat corn porridge during pregnancy? This product it is desirable to include in the diet if pregnancy no deviation. This product will help to develop the future of the child as it improves the process of transporting natural elements from mother to fetus.


Corn grits is a unique product that is different from many other cereals by its unusual chemical composition. Thanks to him, a mush of corn can give patients and children. Overall, this product has many useful properties, so it is recommended to eat not only healthy people but also patients suffering various diseases of internal organs.

But it should be remembered that corn grits benefits and harms are at the same time. Especially careful need to be with her those who are dieting. However, to avoid the negative manifestations of this product can be, if there is a corn porridge in small quantities.