Diet for weight loss that really helps to lose 15 pounds in a month: how to take levothyroxine

Many women and even men are very worried about the excess weight. Not just a couple, extra pounds, and do many extra pounds. Most of them want to lose weight not only to become beautiful and gain confidence in themselves, but also to get rid of the health problems that often accompany people with obesity.

Is it possible to lose 15 kg in a month?

There are diets that actually help you lose weight in a month at 15 kg. But the chosen diet need to be combined with wholesome recreational activities, physical activities and other activities that will help effectively get rid of the fat that had accumulated over the years.

The selected diet should help in the following:

  • to put in order the metabolism;
  • establish a process of digestion;
  • to reduce the appetite.

Diet for weight loss must be provided so that the body is always supplied with such substances:

  • vitamins;
  • trace elements;
  • liquid;
  • fiber.

For weight loss 15 kg within a month practicing different diets: a three-week, and month, and a special diet «Minus 15 kg.»

Three-week diet for effective weight loss

To lose 10-15 kg for three weeks, you must follow the diet and rules:

  • abstain from alcohol, sweet and sparkling water, flour and sweet, pasta and potatoes;
  • the first 2 day fast, a day is allowed a maximum of 2 liters of milk or yogurt, a glass of tomato juice and 100 grams of black bread;
  • the next 3-4 days eat protein foods. Breakfast includes coffee with milk and black bread with butter and honey. Lunch – 200 ml meat broth, and about 100 g of boiled low-fat meat varieties. In the afternoon, drink a glass of milk or tea with honey. For dinner – 100 g of boiled meat or two boiled eggs, cheese and yogurt;
  • the next 5-6 days eat only vegetables and fruit. In the morning for weight loss good to eat for 2 orange or Apple, lunch – salad and soup (without potatoes), lunch by analogy with Breakfast, and dinner again prepare a salad, eat black bread and drink tea with honey.

For effective weight loss in this diet fruits and vegetables eat fresh, as they have more vitamins, fiber and micro — and macroelements. This diet will help you lose weight if you practice it a maximum of once in 2 months. During the period of respite can be everything, but within reasonable limits, do not forget about dairy products.

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Program for effective weight loss «Minus 15 kg»

This program is a comprehensive method for weight loss, and is more efficient and useful than a regular diet. Weight loss program «Minus 15 kg» calculated month. If you observe it correctly, it will help you to get rid of excess weight.

Her key rules are the following:

  • Wake up early, ideally you should have 2 hours to return to work to perform the procedures. Go to bed early, too, to the number of hours of sleep was normal;
  • charge, try to do not only in the morning, but afternoon and evening;
  • load much muscle, suitable weight training of any kind with a duration of 30 minutes;
  • within half an hour do light action. It can be dancing, jumping rope, running, step aerobics, and more;
  • do stretching and a few exercises for developing flexibility;
  • after exercise, wash the sweat from the skin by means of a contrast shower. In the bathroom you can wipe your face and chest area with ice cubes and RUB the problem areas with a mixture of vegetable oil and iodized salt sponge of medium hardness. After water procedures wipe the body with a towel;
  • do yourself a massage: RUB the feet, feet and gradually move upwards to the neck and head. When massaging the problem areas you need to stretch the muscles that are under the layer of fat, it will make the rubbing more effective;
  • eat throughout the day varied, and better to do it every three hours, in portions of 300 g max. Do not bite and chew your food well, eat it in small pieces, fit in a teaspoon. The diet should consist of natural foods, thermal processing should be minimal;
  • try to resist the negativity and get positive emotions, be confident in yourself.

As you can see, this program for weight loss is important not only some diet, but a way of life and even way of thinking.

Weight loss in a month diet for a week

Now let’s look at weekly diet, thanks to which you will be able within a month to lose 15 kg and more. The methodology of this diet is that to produce a result, you cannot correct it and to change the sequence of days.

Drink plenty of water – at least half a liter a day, alcohol and sweets are strictly forbidden.

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Before you start a diet, you need to clean the bowel using an enema or a laxative. The first few days can be a headache and weakness. With a sharp rasslabone can appear the smell of the mouth, skin rashes, and coated tongue.

The first cycle of the diet for three weeks looks like the above three-week diet with protein, vegetable and hungry days.

Then during the week you need to eat the following:

  • on Monday you eat only apples (pounds per day);
  • Tuesday during the day you should eat 1.5 kg of boiled chicken without skin;
  • diet environment consists of cucumbers and tomatoes in equal proportions. All they need to eat 1.5 kilograms in total;
  • Thursday eat pounds of lean boiled meat during the day;
  • the menu on Friday included 0.5 kg of Dutch cheese and a liter bottle of still mineral water;
  • on Saturday, the day drink a liter of kefir with fat content of 1.5 percent, eat a pound of boiled fish and lean 2 eggs, hard-boiled;
  • Sunday equal portions eaten pounds of solid Dutch cheese and drink a bottle of red wine.

Levothyroxine and its role in weight loss

Levothyroxine or L-Thyroxine is a hormonal remedy to restore your thyroid function. Opinion about him is very contradictory, first it was used only in the presence of reduced function of the thyroid gland, but later learned that this drug helps to get rid of excess weight. Thanks to him you can get per month from the maximum number of kilograms.

The pros and cons of the drug

Thyroxine has such positive properties as a means for weight loss:

  • helps burn fat;
  • suppresses appetite;
  • accelerates the process of metabolism;
  • stimulates the Central nervous system;
  • improves performance and endurance, reduces the need for sleep.

The disadvantages of this tool include the possible side effects. So, what can be observed:

  • allergic rashes;
  • agitation and insomnia;
  • osteoporosis;
  • diarrhea;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • tachycardia;
  • the heat and sweating.

If you have no problems with the thyroid gland, Thyroxine for weight loss make still possible, but only under the condition of implementation of the recommendations.

How to take L-thyroxine for weight loss?

To start and finish treatment with this tool, you must slowly and carefully. The first 4 days take 1 tablet a day, then two days take 2 tablets per day, respectively, and then 3 tablets. When you need to reduce the intake of medication, gradually reducing it to «no», reducing the daily dose to one pill. The course lasts from 4 to 7 weeks.

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Take this product only after approval of a physician. During the completion of the course, follow these guidelines:

  • take tablets half an hour before eating, wash down with water.
  • be physically active: run, do exercises, walk and ride a bike. You can practice weight training, you not only lose weight, but add muscle mass. If they are hard for you, we can restrict exercise and walks;
  • during taking the pills eat only low-calorie and healthy foods. Include in the diet of vegetables and fruits, whole grain meals, oatmeal, and brown rice, lean fish and seafood, and dairy products with low fat content. Particularly useful are celery, cucumbers, lemons, tomatoes and lettuce that remove toxins from the body;
  • drink more pure non-carbonated water, juices from fruits and vegetables;
  • correctly combine this drug with other drugs. For example, dietary Supplements based on calcium or iron you need to drink only after 5 hours after administration of L-thyroxine.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to lose weight 15 kg during the month. The main thing is you really want to do it and to properly prepare for a selected diet or program for weight loss.