Exercise bike or treadmill: pros and cons, which is better for weight loss

Today, the exercise bike is a popular device that helps people to keep good form at home. And it brings much more favor, than many expect. The positive effects of training on a stationary bike is not only restricted to burning extra fat and weight reduction.

Man strengthens cardiovascular system, relieves stress and supports good muscle tone. One-hour workout on a stationary bike to burn about 400-500 kcal. Usually on a stationary bike work the leg muscles, buttock muscles, and partly oblique muscles of the abdominals and back.

But the bike has a competitor — a treadmill, so a beginner athlete it is important to decide which one is the best to choose. And to answer this question, we need to compare them to.

Whatever you advise others, you don’t realize how convenient and efficient one time or another trainer until you do it. And it’s not necessary to spend large sums on the purchase of the unit, which in the future you are not useful. You can do much easier — take any model of exercise bike or treadmill rental.

What exercise is best for weight loss?

To better represent the worth of these devices, you must know what positive and negative aspects they possess.

The advantages and disadvantages of exercise bikes

Bicycles available today can be divided into several types depending on the location of the pedals:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.

The most advanced models of equipment include so-called threshold training. Classes are part of the computer that regulates the load with the frequency of the heartbeat.

More inexpensive models have a smaller feature set, but it does not prevent novice athletes to effectively lose weight.

  • regularly working out on a stationary bike, can strengthen the cardiovascular system, maintain muscle tone and to burn fat stores;
  • against the background of improvement of work of vessels is the restoration to the optimal level of blood pressure. With frequent training on the exercise bike in the body begins to produce vital enzymes;
  • the positive effect of training involves the removal of nervous tension and improving immunity. Classes last one hour can burn about 400-500 kcal.
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However, the use of an exercise bike can not all people because of its features.

  • this device to maintain yourself in good shape not suitable for people with thrombophlebitis, and serious problems of the spine;
  • you should also refrain from training on a stationary bike people diagnosed with cardiac asthma and acute heart failure, without the consent of the attending physician.

The advantages and disadvantages of treadmills

Practicing on treadmills, a person has the ability to choose the level of desired load. On the belt you can walk briskly or run at an accelerated pace. The variation of the load paths is achieved due to the incline. Today in many sports shops you can find many different models of simulators, among which there are standard mechanical track, and the more modern electric.

Unlike the stationary bike, a treadmill allows you to evenly distribute the load. Typically, when training on a stationary bike involves mainly the muscles of the legs. During exercise on a treadmill begin to work all muscle groups.

  • because during practice at the track you can not only Jogging, but also walking, this allows you to increase the calories you burn;
  • the benefits of training lies not only in strengthening the cardiovascular system, but also in improving lung function, improving immunity. Doing on the treadmill for about 1 hour, you can burn on average 600-700 calories.

The main disadvantage of the treadmill is that with frequent training in humans who have problems with joints, can worsen the condition.

Comparative analysis

Most of us have to live in apartments, which by its dimensions do not reach the gyms. Therefore, this parameter also influences the choice.

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Of course, the bike is more compact and therefore more preferable option than the treadmill. If necessary, it can be moved to another location without dismantling.

Besides, during training on a stationary bike is relatively low noise level.

To conduct training on a treadmill only if you have more free space. They can cause serious discomfort to others due to high noise level. Especially notable are classes on it if on a treadmill is training people with more weight. In this case, you can feel the vibration. Not everything is in order with the security of this device because in some cases people may inadvertently injure themselves while on a moving canvas.


If we assess the views of buyers, the special superiority, none of the options there. Therefore, whatever devices you choose, you will not make errors. However, mindful of the fact that long sessions on a treadmill can damage the joints, it is best to choose an exercise bike.

Keep in mind that to train on a stationary bike or treadmill, so you need every day. If your training will be once a week or even less frequently, the significant changes you will not notice.


Today, many of us don’t have enough free time to play sports. And to keep myself in good shape, many people choose alternative options — an exercise bike or a treadmill.

However, the problem with which one to choose for weight loss, because each of them has its pros and cons. Most importantly, what should pay attention when choosing an effective exercise for weight loss at home — security. In this respect, more preferable is the exercise bike.

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Sitting on it, it is almost impossible to injure themselves. However, this does not apply to a treadmill where it is easy to damage by negligence. So if you want to protect yourself from such troubles, it is recommended to choose an exercise bike. An additional reason to buy this device is its compactness, because if you need to move it to another place or room, you will easily cope with this task alone. And this can be done fairly quickly, because you don’t have to disassemble and reassemble it again.