Gymnastic wheel with handles: press exerciser, exercise wheel for weight loss, description and video

Many people naively believe that the owner of a beautiful relief press may be the only one person who regularly visits the gym. But this is absolutely not true, and thanks to the wheel press, you can do different exercises, just without leaving your apartment. This is a simple and rather ingenious device that will give you the opportunity to do relief and have beautiful abs in the quickest possible time.

What muscles work during exercise with a wheel?

The video is loading not only the abdominal muscles, work the muscle group almost the entire body. Through exercises with exercise wheel, you can make your muscles of steel in the quickest possible time. Let’s look at which muscles are activated during exercise with a wheel to press:

  • Strengthen your back muscles;
  • Pumped abdominal muscles;
  • Tightened legs;
  • Pumped hands.

The most significant load of the gymnastic wheel for press passes to the stomach and back, so don’t be surprised when they for the second day will start to hurt.

Attention! In no case do not need much to strain in the process of doing exercises with roller press because there is great risk that the next few days, you will be severely tormented by the pain in the abdomen and back.

This is the most common mistake beginners learn this simple trainer for home use and then give yourself the maximum load. We must not forget the basic truth – in the process of exercises with a gymnastic roller to press the fibers of the muscle do not work as during twisting, because if you never before was not engaged, it is advisable not to overdo it.

Important! Even professional athletes who go from twisting at the wheel for the press, not in a hurry to gain momentum in order to prevent pain in the muscles, which then will not allow full-force training.

You need to use the principle of progressive loading of the human body which was once offered master Joe Vader, the father of bodybuilding. He recommends starting exercise 7-11 repetitions in three approaches, to allow the muscles to quickly get used to physical load in the process of exercise wheel for abs.

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Advantages and features training video

If you are thinking of what exercise to choose for their home workouts, we recommend to look closely at gymnastic roller press. Exercises with gymnastic wheel will involve almost all the muscle groups of your body, as a result, they will begin to develop in proportion and natural.

Aside from this advantage, there is a whole list of other main advantages:

  • The video is available to anyone who wants to pump up the press. Due to its low cost anyone who has a desire to train the body without leaving the apartment, can afford to buy this machine.
  • The video is very easy to use. Exercise for abs at home video is no big deal, because of difficulties with the development of technology you should appear.
  • Gymnastic roller press will allow you to lose unnecessary pounds. With training on the home trainer you one hundred percent probability will be able to lose weight without any effort. All due to the fact that exercises with the roller force to engage the muscles of almost the entire body, as a result, the process of removing fat deposits increases significantly.

Important! Exercises with roller press are to remove excess weight, but are completely useless if you don’t take control of your diet.

The gymnastic wheel is suitable for each family member. The roller is a universal machine, because this equipment can be absolutely anyone.

There are many other advantages of these home trainers, but they are not so important as listed above.

Equipment exercise wheel for abs

Before you start to give a significant load on your muscles, you need to carefully develop a technique. What you need to remember about the rule of progressive increase physical activity, and not try to carry out immediately a large number of approaches with very frequent repetitions.

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To work out the abdominal muscles there are some very simple and effective exercises with roller press:

  • Roll the wheel for the press, while on his knees. The most easy exercise, which is primarily recommended for beginners to master athletes. With the help of it, in the future it will be possible to do more complex exercises that most will be able to load your abdominal muscles. Sit on your knees and rest on the roller after you start to move forward. You must then return to its original position and repeat a certain number of times.
  • Exercises with the roller in position fully lying down. Then, when you master the previous exercise, you can begin to perform complex lying. Technique exercise wheel for abs is exactly the same as described above.
  • Exercise for pumping the muscles of the ribs. Sit on your knees, focusing on the gymnastic trainer. Then keep a flat back and produce work only by hands. Perform the movement back and forth in order to load your oblique abdominal muscles. This exercise with gymnastic trainer is working fine not only the muscles of the ribs, but also strengthens the triceps, biceps and Delta.
  • Exercise wheel for abs is lying down. This type of rolling can only be done when your roller has grooves for the feet, without these grooves, you have nothing. Install the feet into the grooves, and bending at the waist, start to pull the wheel yourself.

To perform the exercises necessary for 9-11 reps in several approaches. Then these figures should increase slightly, but immediately so do not want to prevent injuries to your joints and muscles.

Recommendations for exercise wheel for abs

In order to avoid many mistakes and incorrect actions during exercise, we recommend you to read the tips that give all fitness instructors are my newcomers:

  • Start more slowly if you do not want to lose. Smooth and slow the beginning of classes will provide an opportunity to prevent needless injuries.
  • Try to keep the back wheel. Do not let your lower back SAG in the process of performing the first exercises to reduce the pressure on the joints.
  • Get weekly training in the home. In the diary put the date of your workout, set of classes, which to her was the result you showed. This will help to control the growth of success, and in the future will show what direction you will need to move to give different lagging muscles.
  • Chart exercise on an exercise wheel. Include a set of pull-UPS, sit-UPS, push-UPS and other advanced exercises for abs that workout, you are not monotonous.
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Now you know how to conduct exercises with the roller, I learned about a set of exercises that can help develop abdominal muscles, but also understand why the required weekly. It is desirable to exercise the simulator at least four times a week, and in this case the result will not keep itself waiting long.