How much and how to engage correctly on the elliptical trainer to lose weight: training and instructions

There are numerous ways to lose weight fast, but the workout on the elliptical trainer is the most enjoyable of the options. When doing ellipsoid creates a low pressure on the ligaments, due to which they are not injured, like during the class on treadmills. How to use elliptical exercise equipment for quick weight loss, we will cover in this article.

The main advantages of elliptical machines

First, you need to analyze the benefits of elliptical trainers for home use. This will give the opportunity to find out, whether really it is safe and to lose weight quickly without harm to your their ligaments. Absolutely any ellipsoid mimics running, but unlike treadmills not harm the knee joints. The user operates a foot pedal exerciser that eliminates the shock foot. Pressure on the ligaments is obtained only from the weight of the person.

So, let’s turn our attention to the advantages of this simulator, which are:

  • Health safety – now it is clear that the ellipsoid for weight loss at home will not damage the ligaments or the joints, as well as with the simulator not to fall or stumble, in contrast to the treadmill.
  • Ease of operation – to run this trainer for the home is quite simple, because you will not need to invite the instructor, who would control your actions. In addition, choose a specific load can be an experienced way, but it is only diversifies trainings and you will add fun.
  • Possible exploitation of children – there are varieties of elliptical machines, regulating the difficulty level of pressure on the pedals or skis, because even teenagers or young children is not only possible, but even necessary to train on them.
  • The ellipsoid can be a full workout to lose weight – the elliptical trainer can be used as a warm-up, and then move on to power exercises and activities. Or are they completely replaced by full-fledged cardio workout.

Recommendation: Parents who are trying to do something their kids can pay attention rowing machines for the home. To do on ellipsoids fun, no pressure on the joints, therefore to instill in the child a love of exercise is no longer a problem.

Using sensors to lose weight is now even easier – today, many models of elliptical exercise machines for weight loss have special sensors that control the heartbeat of the user. Due to this, you track the necessary rhythm that needs to happen training. Keeping it a very quick way to lose weight.

All these advantages should convince you that train on elliptical for weight loss not only possible, but necessary if you want to throw unwanted weight.

A set of exercises for pear

Now, let us consider a complex of the most effective exercises and programs for an elliptical trainer for weight loss.

Using the right combinations of these exercises any person can create an individual exercise program to lose weight quickly and efficiently.

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But before you start, you must clarify, regarding training on the elliptical trainer:

  • Training required to continue for at least one hour, depending on level of fitness.
  • You need to deal with an hour and a half after the main meal.
  • When training on the treadmill to lose weight need to exclude passive holiday, this means that if you need to restore the respiratory system, this should be done in a low intensity running, but not fully stopping.
  • Optionally, it is possible to consider classes with projectiles or to add additional strength exercises to further work with the upper part of the body.
  • If you do not feel very well, it is better to reduce the intensity of training or even miss a workout because the load on the heart becomes too large, and this should not happen.
  • Control the heart rate sensors to keep a heartbeat on your desired frequency.

Well, now to the review exercises for weight loss.

Jogging on the elliptical trainer

It should start with simple Jogging, which will be the warm up for your muscles, joints and ligaments. It is very important at this stage of the lessons do not start too fast, you need to increase the pace slowly. So, the necessary condition will persist much longer, and sessions on the elliptical trainer at home will be most productive.

  • starting the run, hold the first «horn» of the ellipsoid, so that his feet felt the skis and quickly caught the necessary rhythm;
  • when you need to switch to the moveable handlebars, so the work will be connected to the upper part of your body;
  • control the breath, the best technique is to do several times in breath and two steps of exhalation;
  • Classes for weight loss are held for 12 to 17 minutes if you haven’t done the workout. When working out on the elliptical machine worked almost all muscle bundles in the legs, buttocks and thighs.

Recommendation: don’t abuse warm up – injured on the elliptical trainer for weight loss you will not be able to, but breath get knocked down, which will lower the quality of your training.

The work of his hands

And now we need to work with your hands to make the most effective use of muscle tissues of the upper body. All you need to do to take over the handlebars, tilt the body forward, moving your entire body weight on your toes and make the movement of the hands by the maximum amplitude.

The hand movements are required to have amplitude much larger than in normal running, but you need to monitor the balance to exercise without breaking the equipment and comfort.

The work of his hands will cause strain to the upper body, thus, the process of burning calories and losing weight you will be able to overclock to the maximum.

  • at this stage you need to increase the pace;
  • to connect hands;
  • to control your breathing, so it is not lost when training;
  • with the help of sensors, to increase the heartbeat to 135-145 beats per minute;
  • keep doing the exercise for 12 to 17 minutes.

The body is 100% addictive to the training, because after hours of practicing on the simulator, your body will no longer burn fat at the same speed. When this happens, start to vary the tempo and time maintaining it. Do the exercises on the simulator harder to shock muscle tissue and again to make them go away calories.

Planted running

Next lesson is planted run. All that is required is to take the pelvis a bit back, a little sit down in the simulator and continue the movement. So the additional load on the quadriceps and shins, which worked much better. Exercise on the elliptical trainer at this pace can last approximately 7-12 minutes, and then you can go on an easy run, if you are very tired, or your respiratory system needs time to recover.

To restore the respiratory system when exercising on the elliptical trainer can only be in the active pace.

Don’t forget that if your training for weight loss on elliptical trainer should not show the shortness of breath that can get to complete the exercises. Plan your training so that gradually let myself down under a certain temp. No need to jump in the pool, trying to make a high rhythm and fast weight loss on the elliptical trainer.

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Race for the fastest result will not be able to help you to lose weight quickly; quite the contrary, can reject far back.

Sprint on the ellipsoid

This exercise will force your muscle tissue to work well, but it should be done only after several weeks of regular classes in the simulator. Sprint is performed as follows:

  • move your body slightly forward;
  • do not connect to the work of the hands;
  • start maximum fast and hard to pedal, simulating a very fast run;
  • try every second to increase the rhythm;
  • after reaching the maximum of your ability, continue to keep the pace on the treadmill;
  • after you go on an easy run.

The exercise is conducted within five minutes. Taking into account the degree of preparation you can increase the time of the race, the number of runs in training, and to vary the rest time between races at a sprint.

This exercise on the elliptical trainer for weight loss at home is an excellent choice when you decided to make muscle tissue work much harder and to surprise your body.

Advice and guidance training on the elliptical trainer for weight loss

All the above exercises work great for your muscle mass, accelerate to the maximum the process of weight loss. They can be combined together to workout on the elliptical trainer was much more diverse, and more effective. First, you can select a system 15-15-15-5 – this means that the first three exercises are done for 15 minutes, and then made a sprint for five minutes. After the combination is repeated a couple more times, considering how much time it will continue your training.

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Now you know how to properly train on the elliptical machines to lose weight, but it will not hurt to take note of a few recommendations from the experienced instructors of aerobics:

  • Follow a diet. Cardio training will only increase daily amount of combustible energy but if you eat very often or much, quick weight loss will be a big question.
  • Do not do never on a full stomach. No aerobic exercise does not have to occur immediately after a meal. You must wait at least an hour and a half and only then proceed to the execution of comprehensive exercises to properly lose weight.
  • Make your daily routine. Without the right idea of losing weight at home on elliptical trainer may simply fail. If you don’t eat right or enough sleep – you will not be able to efficiently train, will quickly get tired and soon give up.
  • To lose weight need to do in the evening. No need to run to the ellipsoid Sutra, it is advisable to postpone classes to a later time. To get on the equipment you need in the second half of the day closer to 17:00.

Through adherence to these simple and simple guidelines and programs, you will be able to determine how to properly engage on the elliptical trainer in order to lose weight in a very short time and not to bring harm to your health.