How to tighten belly: exercise for weight loss lyashek, Mahi for fat reduction on the thighs between the legs

Women constantly strive to look as beautiful, but meet along the way a lot of obstacles. So, to cope with the fat on laskah feet can be very difficult. Hard to get used constantly to exercise, and for some, the problem is the transition to sustainable foods.

Naturally, exercises for belly slimming and lyashek need to do all the time, it is desirable to perform the entire systems. In addition, it is imperative to warm up before workouts, monitor your diet and over time to increase the load.

Choose the main directions of training

Consider the basic principles of weight loss lyashek and exercises for this:

  • You need to think about what physical activity is, first and foremost, you will make the emphasis. If you prefer natural exercises, it is necessary to determine the schedule that you will be doing, what exercises you can Supplement. For example, you do daily exercises and exercises for weight loss lyashek, and 3 times a week go to the pool.
  • If there are some doubts as to the magnitude of the loads, the complexity of the exercises, the workout is accompanied by pain or discomfort, then you need to seek the advice of a doctor.
  • You need to identify how the body is predisposed to training, objectively assess your capabilities. Do not forget that immediately to seek significant amounts of stress is not worth it. You need to keep healthy and not to sacrifice them for the sake of orderliness and beauty.
  • For your diet you need to follow quite strictly. You need to not only achieve results, but also to keep the body in great shape. You can make complex systems, but the extra pounds will still appear. Just food should not stand in the way of your achievements.
  • It is best to discuss a set of lessons with an experienced instructor. If you decide to do yourself, making training plan, we must not forget that you need to deal with a certain algorithm. In addition, you need to take into account characteristics of the organism.
  • Fans of training at home, you need to think about the gym. Of course, an inventory can be simple gymnastic stick, ball, jump rope. But the bike can achieve more.
  • Many girls have been able to appreciate exercise for weight loss legs and lyashek on the fitball. In fact, this big ball deliberately won the love and trust, but you need to use them correctly and not to dwell only on the ball exercises. Certainly Supplement the other exercises.
  • Approximately for 10 days you will need to choose the best options tune in to the new regime, and to monitor the condition of the body.
  • To determine exactly what exercises are required for weight loss lyashek specifically, you need certainly to try out different systems, to test the effect of training in all directions. For example, some exercises can be very tiring, but with some you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.
  • Be sure to get a workout journal. Record all accomplishments, your feelings, the result after class.
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Recommendations on how to organize the process of training?

Remember the simple algorithm of carrying out of training and preparation. You will not make difficulties to do exercise for weight loss legs and lyashek, if you can carefully follow the main points.

  • First, pick up some of the main areas of training. For example, you try walking, swimming, running and four compound exercises;
  • Pick a place to train. You can train at home, some prefer more in the gym. But all the same it is necessary to Supplement home training, because you need to do exercises, or daily one set of exercises;
  • It would be great to get advice from the instructor and take lessons from him, talk to your therapist and nutritionist. You need to identify the most effective for you exercises, training schedule and optimal load;
  • It is advisable to do exercise for weight loss legs and lyashek, not pumping up the muscles. For what it is necessary to combine the load with natural exercises. It is possible to walk up the stairs, down the street, swimming or Jogging;
  • Don’t forget that without proper nutrition you will not be able to lose weight. Do not overeat before bedtime, to include in the diet protein food, to consume more fiber, be sure to eat fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • You need to drink more fluids. Immediately before and after workouts is not necessary. Dinner or lunch is best about an hour after your workouts;
  • Take the time to up the daily exercise schedule. You will be required to follow the reactions of the organism to exercise. During the week you probably will be able to know roughly the best mode;
  • Do not forget that only a month it is possible to achieve any results. If certain changes take place very quickly, it probably indicates overload. In addition, you should not just throw volume, and to make the thighs and legs abruptly lost. Your goal is to make the legs a beautiful, toned, athletic, to prevent the emergence of wrinkles on the skin;
  • Only at the gym you will be able to create the ideal conditions for high loads. Do not attempt to organize complex exercises at home.

Qualitative fitness will certainly need to follow a clear schedule, sleep, proper nutrition. Also remember about the workout. Make sure to warm up initially any workout exercises. Leg swings and arms, bends, turns and the establishment of respiration is very important. On the warm-up should take at least 10 minutes.

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Best exercise for weight loss legs and lyashek

Most of them you already well know, it’s just usually people don’t think how can help classes when doing the standard complexes on exercise in school and at University.

Now consider the best exercise for weight loss legs and lyashek, but there are exercises in natural conditions, for example:

  • run;
  • swimming;
  • walking;
  • regular walking;
  • tennis, volleyball, basketball;
  • walking up the stairs.

Here are the best exercises. From them you will be able to pick up a few, but the best option is to try all options and determine the most suitable, making for themselves a complex.

A simple exercise is lying

You can do fitness right in the bed only when he heard the alarm rang:

  • Lift the leg as high as possible. After you spread them apart and then gradually brought together. Do this exercise 12-15 times.
  • You can also lie on your side to perform leg swings, that is, the exercise «scissors». But, this exercise will be much more effective if you lie on a flat surface.

Exercise for weight loss lying down, for those that you do not need special training, and run them immediately after sleep.

How to reduce the size lyashek and reduce the amount of feet without pumping?

This is best suited to exercises with a rope. Enough to do jumping 20-30 minutes daily. And in a month you will see positive result.

Squats for leg slimming and lyashek

Excellent help to lose weight squats with dumbbells, but there are other exercises:

  • You can do plie. Why the knees and socks bred at the sides, feet set shoulder width apart.
  • After the need gradually sit down as deeply as possible and then stand up. First, it is easier to hold something with your hand.

You can use one dumbbell and hold it in front of him, and during squats to build on it, setting between his legs. You can also do squats with gymnastic stick, placing it on his shoulders. This will allow you to keep the posture.

Other exercises for losing weight in legs and lyashek:

  • You remove excess fat with lyashek and your abdomen and back when you actively do on a bike trainer. Surprisingly, this «Bicycle», which is performed lying on the floor, is also quite effective!
  • In lying position you can also lift your legs or torso, supporting the body pressed to the floor arms outstretched.
  • Exercises with the ball, too, show excellent results. You can squat holding a ball between wall and back. Some prefer to sit on the ball and perform leg swings.
  • Leaning back in his chair, you will be able to stand on one leg, and the second to slowly take away. The main thing is to keep a smooth back and supporting leg. If you do the exercise 25 times, you literally physically feel the effect of the tension on the hips, all muscles. The exercise is quite simple but effective.
  • With gymnastic stick behind one leg squat on a «ship». You can also pull the leg out to the side and lift it as much as possible, while retaining a flat support leg.
  • Remember the leg swings. They can be performed in different positions, combined with emissions far we take them.
  • Browsing is also possible to perform the exercises. Feet before a pull, after a divorce on the sides and reconnect. Do not attempt to lift very high legs when you are in a sitting position! It traumatic.
  • Do and exercise for weight loss legs and lyashek from the outside. What you enough daily 50 times to squat. You will frighten leg. Helps to another option. You need to sit on the floor, take your arms behind you and lean on them. After the need to pull the legs forward as high as possible to raise them. Raise and move your feet, perform the swings at a time.
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To get rid of very large lyashek possible, with no hard mode and strict diets. But the principles of healthy eating still need to follow. You need to think about safety, health, and to prevent significant overloads.