Hula hooping for weight loss: before and after, exercises for rotation of the Hoop, score and reviews losing weight

The hula Hoop is a Hoop for weight loss, as well as an excellent trainer, whom is very simple to do at home. The usual hoops a hula Hoop is different mounted therein inserts-balls and weighting. It not only helps to tone the body while working with hula hooping away the extra pounds from the buttocks and sides, improves the waist line, the formation of the figure.

What is the hula Hoop and its benefits?

Hula hooping for weight loss used in combination with other actions — as a «solo» exercises a special effect to get rid of extra pounds does not. However, this Hoop brings a lot of benefits: it is swapped back and thighs, exercise the oblique and direct the abdominal muscles. To roll a Hoop with a hunched back, you will not succeed — and, consequently, improves posture and more. Will hula hooping get rid of the belly? Yes, and in a relatively short time. At the same time to make the body slimmer and to adjust the waistline.

Hoop for weight loss effective due to the effect on fat deposits in the body inside and out. On the one hand, even a short 25-minute workout burns a lot of calories. The rate of combustion is exactly the same as during the run — but to run to remove the effects of eaten need an hour. Twist the Hoop to the music or TV show much nicer and easier. On the other hand, weight loss with hula takes place and due to external influences. Subcutaneous fat is broken down Hoop according to the scheme, which is similar with anti-cellulite massage.

And in addition to losing excess weight, playing with hula-hoops is:

  • Massage hips, waist, and, most importantly — the internal organs located in the abdomen.
  • Training for the blood vessels and heart.
  • Strengthening the core muscles responsible for posture, abdomen pulled in and straight back.
  • Good exercises to improve coordination and control of the body.
  • Energetic and good tone.
  • Work with the spine and improve the flexibility of the back.

Varieties of hulahoop

Thinking about the classroom with a Hoop, then the question becomes — how for weight loss to choose a hula Hoop? Since they are different purposes, different weight and types.

  1. The usual hoops (unlike European countries, it is something we had not called hula) is a great option for beginners. The easiest plastic or metal circle. He can help to develop the habit, it pretty easy to twist, it does not leave bruises, as not infrequently happens with a weighted and massage hulhumale. But that does not mean that to go to the next level don’t need — but with a wrap to start more pleasant and easier.
  2. Collapsible hula Hoop — probably the most convenient option for training outside the apartment, as it’s very easy to transport. However, the room it will save much space because it will fit in a small case or bag. This is going to wrap just a few seconds. That round collapsible, does no harm to have additional weights or beads to massage, but these models are quite ergonomic.
  3. Massage hula Hoop — one of the most effective, as it directly massaging effect is the key to burning fat, especially when the body massage is so intense. Around the perimeter of the Hoop «face» inside are bouncy balls, as a rule, 15-40, but the most popular option is a rubber 20-25 balls medium diameter. Incidentally, the balls are made not only of rubber, they are equipped with an air bag or made of plastic. This affects the produced effect on the weight of the Hoop. Small and large balls at the different massages, it is desirable to have two options.
  4. Wrap with weighting — the perfect remedy to the usual hoops go to the final task of the exercise — weight loss. In the Hoop inserts steel wheel weights, increasing the weight. Twist it harder, and therefore large efforts have the best effect. Modern models are made portable: they have the ability to adjust the weight of the Hoop, slowly increasing it by adding a load. The weight of this Hoop can be of 1.4-2.6 kg, depending on the chosen model.
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What kind of Hoop is better for weight loss? Probably that one where there are balls for massage and more weight, but to start with this hula Hoop is still not necessary. Balls will stuff bruises due to abuse and habit from school can tire quickly, and that all classes will end, and the ring of honor will go behind the cupboard, in the shed or on the mezzanine. Therefore, it is desirable to start with a basic wrap, slowly turning to more complex.

How to choose a hula Hoop?

At the time of purchase of the Hoop need to take into account not only presence of massaging balls, the weight and ergonomics, but also how it fits you specifically. First we need to determine the size — need very easy to determine by putting the Hoop around you. The best option when the top of the hula Hoop in this position reaches the lower ribs, or a little more to aperture.

That is, the diameter depends directly on the growth, and is chosen individually. What happens when a hula Hoop will be much more or less? These «trainers» don’t need to take by inheritance from slimming your sister or girlfriend. If the size of the Hoop will be more than you need, then you simply will not be able to turn. If it is less, the effect of these exercises will be minimal, because you can’t exert maximum effort.

The weight is also easy to determine by experimental means. Throw the Hoop, setting it a little above the waist, place a slightly bent leg at the knee and start to twist. Even without skills, you will be able to see how fast it falls. Pick the option that you will be able to rotate, but putting some effort. To get involved in conventional lightweight models is not necessary.

How to make a hula Hoop?

Exercises with a Hoop for weight loss have some rules, the implementation of which can provide you safety and give you the opportunity to quickly achieve results. Why follow the following tips:

  • Pick a spacious place to turn the hula Hoop in the cluttered room with lots of fragile and small items is tantamount to an earthquake. If the apartment is not enough space, you can go to the stadium or in the yard.
  • Twist the Hoop only on an empty stomach, if you do exercises in the daytime or in the evening make sure that you’ve at least 1.5-2 hours after a meal. The active load on the muscles in the waist area for working on the digestion of the stomach is invalid.
  • Monitor the correct lesson: hand it is desirable to raise it up a bit, not to interfere, squeeze your buttocks and press your back align. When you execute the lessons you want to breathe evenly. It is advisable to start with 6-8 minutes of training the morning and evening, gradually going for longer workouts several times every day for 1.5 hours.
  • Starting the exercises with a hula Hoop, turn it in the direction you prefer — it’s easier to adapt to a new trainer. But after a time, certainly alternate sides: bias in the loads can leave you unbalanced waist.
  • It is advisable not to drop the Hoop — it takes precious time. Better, if you feel that it falls down, accelerate the rotation, make it more intense and sweeping.
  • If, turning to massage Hoop, you have bruises on your hips and waist, then you can wear tight pharmacy belt or just roll up the scarf. Most of the time, bruises appear only in the first week, and then, if the skin is not very delicate, it gets used to the loads. If after a few weeks of work with a Hoop bruises are not, then you need to choose a machine with small balls or absolutely without them.
  • To rotate the Hoop was fun — turn on cheerful and upbeat music.
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To enter a charge into the habit, quickly get used to the new trainer and in the short term to improve the shape, do these exercises with a Hoop for weight loss.

Swings and tilts (all exercises are done in standing position, feet shoulder width apart):

  • In front of me hula hooping in straight arms, pull the body in different directions. At the end of the turn not directly see, and in the direction of rotation is increases the twist.
  • Lifting the Hoop over your head, bend by turns in different directions. Align the tilt, connect the dots smooth line. Turning the body back, do the maximum deflection.

When you rotate the Hoop on the waist:

  • During rotation place hand in hand and try to hold them in this state for at least 5 minutes. At this time, preferably without using hands and without dropping the Hoop, put it on thighs and back. This exercise is designed for the glutes.
  • Expose one leg, bending it slightly, use thigh. Replace the feet and the direction of rotation of the Hoop.
  • Interlock the palms in the castle above the head and stretch, trying not to drop the Hoop. In this position, try to rotate the hula Hoop for at least a minute in different directions.

For feet and hands:

  • Set one arm to the side and rotate it to the Hoop. Replace the arm. For exercises better suited easy the hula Hoop weighing up to 1 kg.
  • Put your arms forward, stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Spin hulahoop between elbow and wrist, alternately removing one hand, then the second. So you will be able to pump hands and employ the abdominal muscles and chest.
  • Lie on the floor, bring one leg up at a right angle. Rotate it to the Hoop, replace the legs every thirty seconds.
  • Spin the Hoop on the leg on the ankles, holding her forward, then to the side. Replace feet.
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Reviews about hula hooping for weight loss

Reviews of people who have already used the wrap for weight loss, mostly positive.

  • Most girls say that hula hooping really helps to return beauty to the figure, freeing it from the accumulation of fat on the thighs, sides and stomach. As evidence of some post their photo taken before and after workouts.
  • Reviews of doctors about the possibility of using hula hoops to lose weight also give a positive evaluation. But gastroenterologists do not recommend it to patients who have problems with the work of the digestive tract.

How effective workout with a Hoop for fat people? Reviews of people who managed to cope with the hated excess weight, are eloquent proof that they will definitely give a positive result, but at the same time, you need to connect several additional factors, among them an important role is proper nutrition.

Weight loss with a hula Hoop

I’m working with a hula Hoop for the past 2 months. The result is obvious. Waist became slimmer. The most important condition is that the lessons should be done regularly. And remember that in parallel with the load, it is imperative to follow a certain diet. Otherwise, the effect will be.

Vika Moscow

Hula hooping is a good thing, but, as in every method of weight loss requires endurance. Yes, bruises are provided, but in addition to the wrap must still comply with the timely and proper nutrition. 70% of the result of weight loss will depend on the power, with regular and helpful.

Marina Yalta

I enjoyed halahup 2 months. The first days were hard, but gradually got used every day and increased the time. A month later there was a noticeable result, the main thing is to spin every day and not to miss.

Lena Kiev