Molokochay for weight loss: photos and reviews of the results of the diet after tea with milk

Molokochay for weight loss results and losing weight reviews say about the magic properties of the drink. Per day you can shed a few unnecessary pounds. For most people molokochay is already part of everyday life. What is the popularity of this drink?

What is molokochay, and what are its properties?

As is clear from its name the main components Morococha are tea and milk. So, by and large, it is familiar to every drink. And like the idea of using it as a means for weight loss seems absolutely incredible. But still…

The habit of using milk in tea came to us from time immemorial. Today, it’s hard to say where the first time began to drink tea with milk. This drink drink in our country and in England, for the Eastern peoples milk tea has long been an integral tradition. The Indians make a great drink, green tea, spices and milk, Kalmyks added to the drink Bay leaves and various spices, and in Mongolia for tea with milk, add flour, butter and spices, making it a complete meal.

Tea for weight loss, or molokochay, is much easier, though there are different ways of cooking. Most often used green tea, but if you want, you can choose a simple black tea. It is brewed with milk and used without the use of water, or pour boiling water and then added milk. Big difference no, it depends on the taste of each person.

But whichever way you prepared molokochay, he shows excellent results. The day of this diet you can lose up to 2 kg. This effect is due to the properties of the drink, which has a very strong diuretic effect. Molokochay from the body removes excess water and thereby reduces the weight. Thus, it should be understood that the number of fat cells will continue for the «full» weight loss needed to resort to physical loadings.

Molokochay is a great remedy for the tendency to swelling. In addition, it helps to detoxify, as it removes from the body toxins. But not worth much to abuse Morococha, because, despite its miraculous properties, it can not replace normal food.

Advantages and disadvantages

Molokochay combines two unique product, each is useful separately, but together they perfectly complemented. Thus, the tea leaves are alkaloids that affect the body irritating effect. But the milk softens it. This tea helps the body better digest milk, minimizing in this «fermentation».

Examining the benefits Morococha it is impossible to say on such basic properties as:

A small amount of calories gives you the opportunity to consume this drink in any amount:

  • drinking tea with milk favorably affects the nervous system.
  • no sense of hunger during consumption Morococha gives you the ability to easily transfer certain restrictions in food;
  • molokochay normalizes the output from the body the excess of bile;
  • this drink is useful in renal failure and cardiovascular disease.

In addition to losing weight, periodic fasting days on the milk tea contribute to the improvement of health of nails, hair and skin.

But since «perfect» products just don’t happen, you need to say about the negative actions Morococha:

  • very strong tea can cause strong excitation of the nervous system, and this for her is fraught with confusion in the future;
  • excessive consumption Morococha sometimes leads to dehydration, due to severe fluid loss is complicated by the metabolism, there may be General fatigue and headaches.
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There are a number of contraindications to the use Morococha:

  • very high or very low blood pressure;
  • allergic to proteins that are in milk;
  • intolerance to the milk sugar (lactose);
  • tendency to fainting;
  • chronic kidney disease, the pancreas or the gallbladder system.

If none of these contraindications, it is molokochay will bring you only benefits. Of course, if you eat it in normal quantities and to implement all recommendations.

How to cook molokochay?

There are many options for making this drink. And how to make the tea for weight loss reviews are completely different, but the higher the probability to pick up your prescription, to lose weight.

The traditional recipe No. 1

Boil a liter of milk, add 3-4 teaspoon of any tea, it is advisable to choose sheet. Keep it for 15-25 minutes, after drain and you can use.

The traditional recipe No. 2

In a separate bowl, make a strong tea, let it steep and then add to the hot milk.

Tea with milk «in English»

A glass of tea a good heat, a couple of times to rinse it with boiling water. Add 1/3 of the milk, and then pour to the top of the strong tea.

«Extreme» recipe

Z-4 tsp tea leaves pour in half a liter of boiling water and let boil for 12-17 minutes Then let stand for approximately 12-17 minutes and add hot milk. This molokochay do not want to use for heart disease and strong excitability of the nervous system. Also, do not consume this drink shortly before bedtime as excessive overstimulation can be a cause of poor sleep.

Very often, many people who have used molokochay, complain in a review that it is poorly tolerated. This can be explained. As milk tea devoid of carbohydrates and has a strong diuretic effect, the people of intellectual labor guaranteed weak performance, deterioration of the General tone, dizziness, pain in the head. The lack of glucose can make a spoon of honey, it must be put on the tongue and slowly dissolve.

Also people who can not tolerate milk tea, we can recommend a slightly improved version on like an Indian masala – spices and sugar.

Molokochay «masala»

Will need a pinch of ginger powder, dried Basil, ground walnut, cinnamon, add any grain of pepper, cardamom seeds, a few «flowers» carnations. All this grind in a coffee grinder, but not in «dust», you will need small pieces. After boil water in a small saucepan (water should two times less than milk), pour in boiling water sugar and spices. Simmer for a few minutes, put 1 tsp. of black tea, add the boiled milk and again bring to boil. Then straining and can be used.

If some don’t like the taste of this drink, it can be slightly improved, instead of adding a Cup of tea with additives of fruit or chopped fruit. You can put in molokochay Melissa or mint, they, in addition to the taste, will give a tea with excellent aroma. But some will improve this drink and in other ways, not for the diet, and to increase its healing properties.

Molokochay with ginger

About the magical properties of ginger have long become legend. Supposedly eating the result weight loss seen very quickly. And actually the ginger increases metabolism, which in turn speeds up the process of weight loss. To add it to molokochay, you need to make tea the traditional way, put 1 tsp of pureed ginger root and after 20 min. drain.

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Molokochay with garlic

You can put ginger instead of garlic, he is also an accelerating effect on metabolism. To do this, mash 3 cloves and add 1.6 liters of milk. To set the drink on a small fire and let it sit under the lid for half an hour. The milk is then necessary to remove from the heat, pour 3 teaspoons of tea and steep for 20 minutes strain the mixture.

Molokochay with red pepper

Also make molokochay with red pepper, it also increases the effect of weight loss through increased metabolic processes. What is traditional molokochay, but before any use of the drink you need to add pepper on the tip of the spoon. The most important thing to add pepper in the glass and not the total capacity, where all the drink.

Storage Morococha

Of course, ideally, it is best to prepare a drink before the actual use, but this does not always happen. Because usually done serving for the day. The drink is not need to pour in a thermos or tightly cover, it can turn sour. It is desirable to keep the beverage in the refrigerator.

How to use molokochay?

This drink should be used for diet during fasting days. If for several days to use only molokochay, instead of trying to lose weight, you can cause yourself harm due to the lack of nutrients. Because classic discharge continues for several days.

For reviews of nutritionists, to consume molokochay need one Cup through times in 2 hours. In addition, throughout the day, between the use and unloading of the drink, you must drink at least 2 liters of still water. It will not allow dehydration.

Time days of discharge is calculated individually in a particular case. Some do fasting day once every 7 days, some every 30 days, and for some every 3rd day fasting. It depends on health.

The total number of daily servings of about 1.6-4.5 l But if the body does not take the required amount, it is not necessary to force yourself, you can drink as much as you can.

Molokochay often used for other purposes, not for days of fasting and diet. Use it to suppress feelings of hunger. In this case the drink is consumed 30 minutes before eating, one Cup. Moreover, the standard portion is reduced by half. This diet can be used up to one week.

You can add a milk tea and a regular diet. It is advisable to use a diet drink instead of dinner because the calories that you got for Breakfast or an afternoon snack to spend during the day.

The effect of using Morococha

Weight loss when you use of this drink will depend on the personal characteristics of the organism. For a fasting day, you can throw up to 2 kg of weight. Its subsequent use on the weight is not affected, because molokochay not remove the body fat and removes excess fluid. You can only reduce the amount of food due to the properties of the drink to dull the feeling of hunger and to lose weight.

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Features of use

Using molokochay, it is necessary to listen to opinions and advice of nutritionists, namely:

  • in diseases of the stomach, no need to add beverage additives in the form of pepper, garlic, ginger etc. are not Desirable to have very strong traditional recipe;
  • a drink are best used in the form of heat when it is cold, it needs a little heat. Any cold food or drink slows down digestion;
  • when you use a tea with milk to drink more fluid to compensate for its lack.

Molokochay, most likely, can not be called a diet in its classic sense. It is rather an additional means on the way to a beautiful figure, but still, multiple reviews say about its popularity and, consequently, effectiveness.

Drink molokochay for weight loss

I diet like, a week have got rid of about 4 lbs. But has a little trouble «with a chair», but I decided with the help of ingestion on an empty stomach olive oil, though probably it is possible and sunflower. What’s the diet like, is that it is very simple and excellent «cope» with gusto. There are only get rid of the habit to eat something in front of the TV, and that no diet will not help.

Vika Samara

Diet molokochae I too as a mother, doing unloading on it almost every week. But my only main goal is not to lose weight, but only to save weight. And this diet with it. Why acquire a packaged green tea bags with different flavors, so drink a lot easier. Then a liter of tea mixed with the same amount of milk, enough for the whole day. But the toilet need to run often as a diuretic works.

Elena Moscow

Used unloading and diet on molokochae only once. Before that, I read in the reviews that you will need often to go to the toilet, but I have the plan, everything went as usual. Directly had an OK day, but it all started in the night. The whole night I couldn’t sleep, thinking only about food. Barely fell asleep at night and hardly slept. In the morning the scales showed negative values of about 2.5 kg, but it was a terrible breakdown. After I vowed not to use this drink, despite the resulting effect.

Marina Kirov