Outdoor drive health grace for weight loss: exercise for the waist and abdomen trainer, description and video

In technical terms, a circle or disk is two metal round plate (diameter of approximately 24 cm), connected by a special bearing, which they rotate relative to each other. But it should be noted that the technology improved, and now in sports shops instead of a metal disk, you most likely will see a range of health made of durable plastic, with different «twists», which include comfortable massage of the foot, and the sound of different music in the process of rotation.

This simulator is quite useful for performance training for weight management and slimming in the office during the holidays, at home, in the Park, the gym, but everywhere, wherever you want, as it is absolutely undemanding to transport, and takes up little space.

What is the feature of disk health?

Perhaps the main useful properties of this simulator is its availability to use, simplicity and low cost. Since it can easily buy any person that actually is a big advantage.

First load the disc health is aimed on the muscles of the abdomen and waist, although it is also tightens and strengthens muscles of legs, thighs and buttocks, increases the elasticity of the spine and, in General, the health of the body, increases blood circulation, intestinal motility, mood, promotes overall weight loss and a positive effect on coordination.

That fact is important, that the person who performs exercises on disk health, he can determine the duration and amplitude of rotation. Because the higher the motion amplitude and longer duration, the more quickly come to the tone of the muscle and intense energy consumption. With only a 30 minute drive will allow you to burn about 300 calories.

Women who want to shape a slim and beautiful waist, you can use the drive without any fear and for a short time to obtain excellent results of weight loss.

How to do the circle of health: rules and description

For safe usage of your disk needs to be installed on non-slip and secure surface. For example, it can be training a rubber Mat or even conventional most importantly, to avoid slipping.

Sometimes beginners at first, in the course of employment, dizzy. To reduce this phenomenon to monitor the head position and to abandon a very sweeping, dramatic spins. To avoid loss of balance put beside her chair in order to sit and not to fall from dizziness.

Some, it seems that the correct use of a health disk is easier, but it isn’t! Below the waist is reduced, it is necessary to rotate only the lower part of the torso, the shoulders must stay in place. If you’re not strictly adhere to this rule, the effect can not be expected.

  • For increased blood circulation and result half an hour before exercise should drink a glass of warm water.
  • Lessons on the range are a great way to warm up the body before exercise.
  • The result of the abdomen and reduce the waist will be much more noticeable, if in the process of working on the disk you’ll have to use a Hoop.
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Exercises on disk health slimming

In addition to the positive effect of weight loss on a health disk, it is also an excellent exercise for the maintenance of body tone.

Come home from work tired, and you have absolutely no strength left for your family? No problem, just need to work out on the treadmill for 5 minutes, and you are guaranteed to feel a huge burst of energy.

Many people believe that exercising with a disk only one rotation. But it is not! Exercises there are many, for example, it is possible to twist with my hands and feet. You can’t train on the same lap, and at the same time. Let us consider in more detail the exercises on the disk.

A set of exercises on the circle:

  • Original position: you become a circle, close set with 2 chairs (backs to you). Put your hands on your back, feet slightly bend at the knees and turn to the left and at the same time the upper torso to the right, after make diametrically opposite cross-rotation. All you need to do 10 times in all directions.
  • Initial situation: all the same, but instead of the backs of the hands rest against the wall in front of him at shoulder level. The exercise is done similarly to the above. 10 spins left and right.
  • Then all too, but hands spread to the sides. Make the rotation, but at 12 times.
  • The following exercise is almost indistinguishable from the previous one, but the hands need to drop down and while turning the torso to breed them in the opposite direction from the rotation. Only 8 times.
  • Put the circle on a chair and sit down on it, palms on his knees. Moving my feet (heels to toe) first left and then right. Only 5 spins.
  • The initial situation is the same, but when you rotate the right hand taps the left side and Vice versa. So, 5 times.
  • Stay in this position, but the palm of your hand close behind the head and secure the upper torso. Make the bends of the feet different directions for 7 times.
  • Original position: put the disc on the chair and sit on it so that its left side touched the backrest. Push off both feet and rotate the chair 180 degrees. Then return to original position. So 5 times.
  • Original position: put a circle on the floor, sit on it, bend your legs and put your hands on your waist. Pick those feet up, left, right. Only 5 spins.
  • Original position also, but palm put on your feet. A total of 4 times in all directions.
  • In this exercise, all the same, but clasped hands behind head, lock the upper torso. Make the bends of the feet different directions for 5 times.
  • Sitting on the circle, put hands on waist, legs in front of him at shoulder width. Straighten the right leg as far forward as possible, then repeat with the left leg. So for 7 times.
  • This exercise is done standing up. One foot stand on the circle, hands put on the waist. Do spins on one foot in different directions. After change the leg. So 9 times.
  • Stand with your right foot on the circle, and the left put on the chair, and the left hand should be at the waist, and the right to rest against the wall. Expand the bottom of the torso to the right so that you left elbow could touch his right hand. After change the leg. And so on 9 times in all directions.
  • Stand with your left foot on the circle and both hands put behind his head. Expand the torso to the left, spreading simultaneously in hand. Return to starting position, and then change the supporting leg and do the same thing. And so for 7 times.
  • Take the circle in your hands, carefully squeeze it and rotate the dial with two hands in opposite directions.
  • In this exercise you will need 2 circles. Feet shoulder width apart, each foot on a circle. Rotate them inwards at the same time, and then turn out. And so on 9 times.
  • The initial position is the same, but the legs need a little bend in the knees. After the turn both legs to the left, and raise right hands, and Vice versa. So 9 times.
  • The constitutional position of the same, but bred only feet first inside, then out. Do this for 9 times.
  • Initial position: two circles on the floor, put them on the palm of your hand and take the position for pushups. Lower torso, bringing both hands inside, after viprasys, placing the palms outwards. So 9 push-UPS.
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After this set of exercises it is advisable to do a little stretching, doing 5 strong breaths, and slowly a few minutes walking around the room, then you can relax.

You can do this program every day, it takes less than half an hour. The beginner is better to start with 4-5 spins, gradually increasing the amount so the body can get used to the loads.

The elderly need to be addressed very carefully and attentively. Also it’s best to obtain consent for classes at the doctor.

Contraindications to the use of the circle of health

This machine has some features: people who are suffering from discogenic sciatica, or have a history of any problems with the circulation of the brain associated with atherosclerosis, you should not engage on the circle, in order not to aggravate the health situation.

Such an affordable and simple exercises can help in a relatively short time to achieve this task – to be the owner of a beautiful and toned stomach and slim! Also using a floor disk health slimming you can tighten the thighs and buttocks.