Rules fractional nutrition for weight loss: principles, menu, table

People, tried myself to a fractional power, can with certainty say that the positive result is not only weight loss but also in improving health. But first and foremost, this diet is recommended for people who have problems with the stomach, intestines and liver.

Today for many it has become their way of life, when in shortage of time we fail to follow their diet, and often we limit ourselves in the amount of food eaten, satisfied with fast food for lunch, and for dinner eat so much, how many did not get our body in a day. Such an uneven meal and can not affect the condition of the body which leads not only to disruption of the vital systems, but also to nervous breakdowns.

What is fractional power and fractional diet?

Given the great popularity of the fractional power, many people who are dissatisfied with their health, trying to figure out what is the meaning of this power. Under fractional power means a system in which a person takes food at least 5-6 times a day. The positive effects of such a chart is shown not only in weight loss but also in reducing appetite. The main principle of fractional diet is that people should eat at least 5-6 times a day, eating food only in small portions. These changes allow the power to maintain a low appetite, which increases the efficiency of burning fat reserves, after all, with such moderate food intake the body gets fewer calories.

Most of us, if drawn to the system power supply six-session, for the sole purpose of losing weight. And although not everyone can have a day five or six times, then even with 4-5 meals per day is already possible to avoid overeating, with the result that the meal is easily converted into something like snacking.

How to go to split meals for weight loss?

If you have a burning desire to move to a fractional diet, we do not think that it would be too easy. The body will be hard to survive such a restructuring, and therefore, it is possible that you hang on for long on this diet. You may even find yourself weak-willed man, however, would be wrong. To any changes people need to prepare, and therefore fractional diet need to do the same. In order for your body to properly embraced the power supply system, you should use the following tips, and then switching from a fractional power will be without negative effects for your body.

Tips for switching to another diet for weight loss

  1. During the first few days you should reduce the number of servings. The number of meals should remain unchanged.
  2. Subsequently start to reduce even further the amount of food consumed at one time, and simultaneously increase the number of meals, bringing them up to 5-6 times a day.
  3. After a few days your body will start to get used to split meals, and then you can think about choosing the right products. In your new menu does not have to be harmful products, from them you have to give and to include only more useful.
  4. Try to eat from smaller plates, it will help you achieve the feeling of satiety when consuming smaller amounts of food.
  5. The best effect of this diet provides if you eat food weighing up to 200-250 g.
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Fractional eating for weight loss menus for a month

This diet will start giving results, if you stay on it for months. That’s how much time it is necessary that your body got used to it. It is unacceptable to miss at least one day or afford to eat one of the prohibited products. In this case, you will not be able to develop the right habit, and you’ll need even more time to get used to fractional diet.

If you know what amount you consume food is not enough, we should not scoff at his body for a whole month. Smaller meals should consist of such products to after every meal you not feel hunger. So in between main meals it is recommended to arrange the snacks. During them you can eat raw vegetables or fruit. It is better to divide them according to the following principle: before lunch it is advisable to eat sweet fruits, and after lunch — vegetables.

To a fractional power system has borne fruit, you should also consider the following tips:

  • Proper water regime: you must provide your body with plenty of water following this rule — one kg of weight should have per day 30 ml of water. In other words, a person weighing 80 kg needs a day to consume 2.4 liters of water. However, it is important to choose the right moment, so it is advisable to drink water 20 minutes before meals and 1-1. 5 hours after. This will help prevent the dilution of the gastric juice.
  • The first meal should include carbs, which will help you with this fresh, sweet fruit, and cereals from whole grains.
  • For the second meal it is best to eat protein foods in combination with any vegetables except potatoes;
  • Last meal complete proteins from vegetables.

If you follow these guidelines and keep in mind the list of hazardous products that you have to opt-in for the first fractional month of the diet, your body during this time will develop a habit to eat properly.

Menu fractional power every day

This power allows the person to choose any time for a meal. One of the recommendations to be followed, says the dinner should be at least 2 hours before bedtime. Let’s say you have a habit to get up every day at 7:00 in the morning. In this case, when the fractional diet for weight loss menu providing 6 meals will consist of the following dishes:

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  • 7am: start the day with carbs — oatmeal, sweet fruit and honey.
  • 10 am: as a snack you can drink yogurt or kefir;
  • 12:00: lunch is better to eat protein foods, boiled meat, steamed vegetables or whole grain bread.
  • 16:00: afternoon tea is better to prepare vegetable salad and boiled chicken breast.
  • 19:00: for the last snack it is best to choose dried fruit.
  • 2100: for the last meal is recommended to cook steamed vegetables and fish. Vegetables you can use any except potatoes, and fish can be submitted grain bread.

Thus, the last time the food enters the body at 21:00 PM. However, if and after it you will feel hunger, you can arrange additional snack of fresh fruit or vegetables. Preferably if it will be sweet apples eating that you quickly come the feeling of satiety.

Fractional nutrition for weight loss menu for the week (table)

Regardless, pursuing you goal is to lose weight or simply improve your health, you can easily get it, if you go to a fractional power. The above menu is not final, so if you want you can change it regularly, adding favorite foods. However, they should always be helpful and accommodate your disease if any.

Why power by the clock helps to lose weight?

If you decide to go on a busy diet plan, you should not think that you will have to comply strictly with the food. The intervals between meals can be any of 2, 3 and even 4 hours. However, if you follow the advice of nutritionists, it is best if the meals will be held once in 2 hours. But it is unlikely many of us will be able to follow this eating schedule.

Due to what this diet allows you to lose weight? The positive effect is achieved not only by eliminating from the diet of harmful products, but also to limit intake of calories. Your contribution makes the water regime, which the body toxins and toxins. This allows you to speed up the process of weight loss.

Fractional diet is very similar in its effects to juicing. The body easily tolerates the lack of calories, because it experiences less stress than when a person eats at least 3 times a day. Proponents of three meals a day I can confirm that for dinner, usually have to eat large amounts of food because when the body requires nothing can be done about it.

The pros and cons of fractional nutrition for weight loss

The harm that can cause fractional diet of man, is manifested in the diet, since not everyone can sustain it due to the nature of work and employment. It is unlikely that people would be so attentive to his diet, even to work would take a thermos of useful products. So many refuse such attention to your body and satisfied with what I can afford to eat.

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Only when health indicate deterioration, a person can change their views on food. However, even if the work does not give you the opportunity to go to a refined diet, you can start to get used to it during the holidays. During this time, simply adjust their habits in the days when they feed at home.

However, the fractional power a lot more advantages than disadvantages. The positive effect is not only slimming but also getting rid of problem areas. You can also remove the symptoms of many diseases. It would be better to work and nervous system, you’ll be less likely to be annoyed by trifles.


Fractional diet — one of the most affordable and effective ways to lose weight. That is why it is so popular among people who want to lose weight. Afford to adopt the system power supply may be few, since its main principle is 5-6 meals a day. Many of us free time is very limited, so only a few ready so be sensitive to what, when and how much they eat.

However, all changes dramatically when there are serious problems with health. Then the person begins to think about how not only to replace harmful products useful, but to increase the number of snacking and reduce portion sizes.