The diet of minus 60: the reviews thinner, the description of the power system, photos before and after weight loss

Diet minus 60 – it is the author’s method of weight loss Catherine Mirimanova, received a large number of positive reviews this diet helps to lose significant excess weight, and also teaches on a regular basis to eat right. Diet minus 60 represents a complex of measures, which include dietary menu that allows Breakfast to eat favorite foods, psychological motivation and physical activity. What products can I eat in this food system and how effective directly diet, consider further.

How does the diet?

Power system slimming minus 60 is not limiting in the diet, giving the ability to eat whatever I want, including sweets. The General positive feedback from doctors about the diet may be recommended as women at any age with different levels of excess body weight.

The basis of nutrition is the relationship between the absorption of different types of products and necessary for digestion time of day. Reviews dieters who have tried diet, indicate that the approximate ratio of weight loss to be about 3-6 kg per month and in individual cases up to 12 kg.

Following are the basic requirement diet Mirimanova, the observance of which contributes to the achievement of the desired effect:

  • Confectionery. Sweet products can be part of Breakfast, but mostly only in the form of dark chocolate.
  • Mandatory Breakfast. Eating in the morning allows you to «run» the body. Diet allows two breakfasts (full and light), if you want to Wake up early in the morning. Morning diet is almost unlimited in the choice of products.
  • Rice made a couple. According to your taste, this rice is different from cooked, but much more useful.
  • Spices and salt. Salt can be used, but do not need to get involved, and spices you can choose absolutely any.
  • Alcohol, coffee and tea. Diet gives the opportunity to pamper yourself with these drinks, including Breakfast sugar. Favorite alcoholic drinks should be replaced with dry red wine.
  • Potatoes and pasta. They are perfect for Breakfast or as a lunch with cheese and vegetables.
  • Intake of bakery products. White bread can be eaten for Breakfast, and a slice of rye bread is allowed for lunch when eating meat dishes.
  • Water. Diet implies the consumption of water, but to the extent that the body determines as necessary.
  • Early dinner. The last intake of food has to go as soon as possible (within 17:00-20:00 PM).

The main advantages of the diet minus 60 for weight loss

System minus 60 is suitable for people who do not withstand sudden and severe limitations in food. Multiple positive reviews and the before and after photos, prove its efficiency in the fight against excess weight.

Among the major advantages diet weight loss system Mirimanova are the following:

  • The diet does not require careful calorie counting and relies on a separate feed, so it is very easy to respect every day.
  • Products in the diet diet for a week available to anyone.
  • The ability to eat favorite foods, to damage your health and significantly to lose weight.
  • Diet will not be a stress to the body and over time will be constant power supply system (daily is added to the two rules of the diet), and is of little value for weight loss products are gradually moving away from the allowed list (as evidenced by the reviews).
  • Power system minus 60 takes into account the stressful situation or calendar holidays, which can lead to disruptions in healthy eating. Moreover, the increase of weight takes place gradually, not immediately.
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Diet menus

The style of eating involves a restructuring of the body, as well as a list of products having a certain time of day:

  • the Breakfast should occur before 12:00;
  • lunch about 13:00-14:00, but not later;
  • dinner – usually until 18:00, but no later than 20:00.

List of recipes for the week can be very simple, requiring only the observance of certain rules on the choice of food.

A menu for every day


Power system minus 60 allows quite nice to start the day because it allows you to eat chocolate, flour, biscuits and ice cream and drinking soda water (if you want much). If you eat immediately after you Wake up for you not quite familiar, you can replace a full Breakfast with a light snack. In this case, after a certain time, followed by another Breakfast, but with a full diet.

The full Breakfast menu can include the following dishes:

  • Sandwich (meat or sausage), ham and eggs (omelet with herbs), and coffee.
  • White bread, vegetable stew with chicken, coffee.
  • A slice of bread, mashed potatoes with fried chicken, coffee.
  • Macaroni and cheese, coffee and sweets.
  • A sandwich, milk gruel from all cereals, tea or coffee.

Snack fit:

  • Juice and a banana.
  • Cup of tea and yoghurt.
  • Cheese, coffee and biscuit.
  • Coffee and a sandwich.


Power system minus 60 permits a hearty meal that can be cooked in a double boiler, through stewing or baking. It is desirable not to add the sour cream and mayonnaise. Potatoes and meat are not combined, because the second dishes and soups need to cook only from any one of the ingredients. Smoked and marinated products are allowed, as well as seafood and fish. From drinks are allowed to drink kefir, tea, juice, yogurt or wine.

The approximate menu for lunch includes the following dishes:

  • Stewed cabbage and the goulash soup (cauliflower or pumpkin), and fruit compote.
  • Vegetable stew with chicken, meat soup, juice, fruit salad.
  • Chicken with peas, cabbage with potatoes, tea.
  • Mushrooms with steamed vegetables, vegetable soup, tea.


Last meal means low calories, because all foods are cooked in the steamer or boiled. The diet includes dairy products low fat with fruits, vegetables, cereals prepared with milk, and meat or fish should be consumed without any side dishes. If the meat is in the diet substitute for fruits and vegetables, they can be combined with rice. Sugar for dinner is completely under the ban. In the case when after dinner I want to snack, you can eat something fruit or a piece of cheese.

Menu of the last meal consists of the following dishes:

  • Cottage cheese casserole, steamed and a Cup of coffee.
  • Vegetable salad with butter and a Cup of tea.
  • A small piece of chicken without skin and a Cup of tea.
  • A glass of juice and cottage cheese with fruit (Apple, kiwi).

Exercise with diet minus 60

Daily exercise for weight loss added to day mode after getting used to the new diet, but the activity and the duration of training should be commensurate with personal abilities. The basic rule to select the exercises is a sense of comfort when performing. Also important is the regularity, because if your power does not allow much to do, then you can use self-massage. Time of day is chosen absolutely any.

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The developer of the diet also proposes to use its own set of physical exercises to save the result and weight loss:

  • Exercise «cat» — deflection forward of the waist, in a pose on hands and knees, and the shift in the position of the upper arms with curved backs (5 to 15 times);
  • Mahi to the side of the leg from a standing position (up to 10 times on each leg increasing to 25);
  • Mahi back foot, in position on all fours (from 15 to 25 reps);
  • Work body from prone position – legs bent at the knees are on the chair, and upper body lifts (5 to 10 reps);
  • Jumping scissors (bring up to 10 times);
  • Lifting the legs (at an angle of 45 degrees), in a lying position and keeping them in good condition 20 seconds (5-7 reps).

A positive attitude

To do exercises and to reorganize the food – this is not a complete list of additional funds to help with weight loss. Analyzing their reasons and feelings from the problem of excess weight, learn to motivate yourself for the future and not to repeat previous missteps. Power system minus 60 includes a series of mental adjustments, they serve as additional motivation for the upcoming changes:

  • You can’t blame yourself for those extra pounds. You must accept yourself as you are, and start moving forward, adjusting for a positive effect.
  • If you decide to lose weight, it is impossible to delay is a wish for the next day or for a month, otherwise the goal will never be achieved.
  • Periodically high appetite in women (due to hormones) is quite natural. In this case, increase the amount of food throughout the day in proportion at every meal.
  • Losing weight does not require superhuman efforts. Man must change your Outlook on food and learn to plan their daily menu.
  • Change your daily diet when you diet minus 60 gradually, otherwise dietary restriction can lead to failure. The weight must go slowly, as it was here.
  • Deciding to lose weight, a person must do for himself, and all the rest is additional leverage to achieve the result. The unbelief of others should not be an obstacle to achieving the goal.
  • Excessive weight in kilos to lose, should be divided into the number 6. This number will be the first task you want to achieve.

Reviews thinner people with the before and after photos

The main cause of failures in the first stage of the diet – lack of confidence in their own strength. For this reason, many put off the beginning of it, trying to find any event or special occasion. No need to torture yourself with doubts – start today! Before you will become slim, you need to take this, what you are now.

To lose weight it is necessary only for fun, and not to please other people or fashion. You can follow a diet and may not is your personal choice, and only the people can decide what to do. But if you still chose the power supply system «Minus 60», you know – millions of women have passed this way and achieved the result, and it means that can you. Most important – do not skip Breakfast and lunch in the early stages so that they you were just a necessity. Of course, lightning effect to be expected is not necessary, but is not necessary to tighten the conditions of diet.

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System minus 60: the before and after photos

Before I got pregnant, my weight was 55 kg, with an increase of 1.57 m. But after pregnancy I gained 9 lbs. And now after reading the power supply system Mirimanova, I figured it was for me. «Minus 60» is probably the most affordable and light diet. It is not necessary to devote considerable effort and suffer because can not eat something sweet. I noticed that the diet has become my lifestyle. In 3 months I lost 5 pounds. Need to lose another 2 and I’ll be happy. This diet does not give immediate effect, but the fact that he will not hesitate.

Elena 35 years old, Kirov

For 5 months the system Mirimanova managed to lose 11 lbs. For me this diet was perfect. I like to eat out, and in this diet there is no limit to the dishes, only exist the time constraints of the meal. Since 12:00 on the system it was possible to eat everything, I was included in the Breakfast, all very tasty, so during the day there was the temptations. A good diet also that great diversity of approved products and the shortage of time, diet lunch to feed the whole family. And most importantly, received over the 5 months the result is forever.

Natalia 28 years, Poltava

Breakfast for me is law. In this system food is allowed for Breakfast to eat sweets, and I ate them in the morning and in the afternoon. Though the diet allows pasta, I refused them – I just didn’t want. Not to mention physical exercise. I could never get to perform some complex exercises. System «Minus 60» perform what you can. I think that in this diet there are as advantages (you can eat any food) and cons (not all the time is the option to not eat after 20:00).

Tatiana is 27 years old Moscow