What exercise at home most effective slimming: description of exercise equipment for home, reviews and photos

The issue of health is very important, because in life nothing is more precious than health. And this is the truth, because there is no way even in conditions of advanced modern medicine to purchase health or to borrow it from other people. Is not a secret that a huge role in the quality of health programming exercise, and given the obesity problem that develops in modern humans, usually due to improper life image, interest in sports is gaining popularity.

Thus, we propose to get acquainted with the most effective machines which can help you to get rid of excess weight and lose weight. These devices can be used in the home and in training in the gym.

What exercise is best for weight loss?

We offer you a rating of the best and most efficient training equipment that is designed for weight loss:

  • Treadmill.
  • Elliptical or cross trainer.
  • Stepper.
  • Bike trainer or stationary bike.
  • Trainers manual type.
  • Rowing machine.

Below we try to consider the above position in the rating of the equipment in more detail to see how useful they are.

Elliptical trainer

According to user reviews this simulator, it is the most effective and excellent «tool» in getting rid of excess weight and weight loss. Its mode of action, the simulator creates a simulated fast run, however, this run is more similar to ski walking. This particular trainer is often offered by cardiologists for people who suffer from certain diseases of the cardiovascular system. Thus, this device will be able to successfully serve for the full cardio.

The level of harmful effect on the joints of the load appearing at work on the simulator fairly small, which made him use operation for people who not long ago suffered different kinds of injuries. Intense 30 minute workout using this type of device allows you to burn more than 400 calories.

The ellipsoid will suit you if:

  • You don’t want to spend money on additional electricity, which requires electric treadmill.
  • You have sore joints.
  • You basically do not like to run.


Today treadmill is truly one of the most popular exercise machines for aerobic sports. This equipment is in almost any sport and the gym, as their role in getting rid of excess weight and weight loss almost inestimable.

It’s pretty simple – you need to enable the device to be placed on the track, set the speed and press «start». This is the most comfortable kind of aerobic devices.

The intensity of the training process is regulated individually for each and will depend on the angle of the moving webs and the speed of his movement. Beginners, experienced instructors, it is recommended to start with the usual steps that mimic everyday walking.

During weight loss the intensity of running must gradually increase, and thus, the blade speed needs to be increased. It should be noted that the sharp increase in loads is harmful to human health, because of the need to increase the speed slowly.

A stationary bike or exercise bike

Fans of Cycling great pleasure to be training on a stationary bike, as an effective tool for a pretty fast and high quality weight loss. The bike is made in several types and can be horizontal and vertical (relative to the landing of the user).

The second embodiment of the exercise bike similar in design to those familiar with each bike, but only without wheels, and the first will be the best option for people who have back problems.

When choosing exercise bike it is necessary to pay great attention to the models with monitoring of load level and automatically adjust the resistance of the user. The distance covered, speed of workout, time spent – all this and more set on the bike yourself.

It should be noted that modern simulators of this type have additional function: bottle holder, counting calories burned, heart rate sensor and so on.


This machine simulates climbing up the stairs. It will be the perfect solution for those who have a history of certain problems with the knee and foot during movement. Picking up the equipment of this type, you need great attention to strengthen the stability of the simulator.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine is an excellent option for people who want to lose weight. For many people it is considered one of the most unloved of equipment of the sports hall due to the fact that the exercises on this equipment is quite time consuming and difficult.

But the complexity is a direct indication that the device provides an excellent effect. To compare the effect, you can only rowing, kayaking, and, accordingly, exercises on it fairly quickly bore the student.

In return the effort you will be able to obtain a significant weight within a small time after the start of classes with him. The simulator facilitates the effective simultaneous work of the muscle groups of the lower and upper parts of the human body, as a result, and achieved the corresponding effect, with the ability to lose weight quickly.

Despite the complex structure of this equipment it is not traumatic, but a small duration of training on it gives you the opportunity to compensate for the duration of workout on other machines. The modern model of rowing machines are equipped with a ventilation system.

Nothing to combine the lessons on the simulator to lose weight?

If you still decided and established a home trainer, you do not need to limit yourself workouts. There is a relatively cheap sports equipment, which will dilute your classes, improve the shape and help in losing weight. Below we give a list of the most popular and in-demand of sports equipment that can come in handy at home and in gyms.

Useful sports equipment for figure correction:

  • rubber;
  • expander;
  • jump rope and some others.

Exercise equipment for weight loss

We must highlight these shells, which can effectively help to combat excess weight on the belly:

  • The disk rotation. Disk usage is very simple, thus it will not require significant cash outlay. Rotation on the sides enable you to strengthen the belly muscles. To use the disk you need every day for half an hour.
  • Fitball. Exercise ball is a fitness ball, today has gained huge popularity and appreciation among people of different age groups. Fitball – this prosthetic ball, which can be of different sizes. It is made from special materials which promote effective effect during exercise.
  • The hula-Hoop. People born in the Soviet Union used to understand the definition of a hula Hoop is a simple Hoop which rotates around the belly. To do with hula-hoops can be absolutely everywhere, at home and in the gym.

The principles affecting the efficiency of the simulator

A kill yourself at the gym, and then start tightly dinner — 10 PM. How much time is needed to do this diet to lose weight?

The meals must be approached with care, given that a lot of the energy you spend on the treadmill. What does it mean? In your menu has to be sufficient amount of carbohydrates is the main energy source. But for the recovery of the body is a protein, so don’t forget to add it to the diet. On the table are required to be fruits and vegetables, meat and cereals. But the most important thing — a lot of normal drinking water, drink about 2 liters daily.

What time of day to train? Since some consider themselves to be early risers and some owls, and the time you need to pick your own. The best time to practice is when you have the desire to do. Only in this case you truly get pleasure, not violence.

Duration of the training and approaches will depend on the level of training, weight and health status. For beginners it is better to perform several approaches for 7-20 minutes. And only accustomed to this rhythm, the body will easily respond to load increases.

How to choose a suitable simulator?

To date, all of the above equipment can be purchased and decide at home. The main caveat in choosing devices for the house the size and design, you need to pay attention to such things.

And yet, how not to be mistaken with a choice of simulator for home? Such concern is understandable and justified, as anyone with a problem wants to get rid of them once and for all.

The most effective exercise for getting rid of body fat and weight loss is the elliptical machine because it loads perfectly muscular frame of the whole body, does not create much noise as a treadmill, and relieving stress on joints. But the rest of the device is not much inferior to him in those criteria. That is, we must also pay attention to the stepper, exercise bike, rowing machine and treadmill that we have described above.

Daily deal approximately one hour in gym for 3 weeks. Twist Hoop and do exercises for abs, squat. Plus proper nutrition. The weight is just melting away!

Lena Moscow

An elliptical trainer is a great assistant in the home weight loss. Legs become attractive and beautiful. The figure is lifted, the pounds go away.

Olya the city of Tula

I am for 3 months with the cardio trainer with a 65 kg weight 54 kg, was engaged every day for an hour, very happy, did not miss very much, you could even say in love with him, I regret that they had not bought it, and thought about her figure.

Ian Ufa

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