A yeast infection in virgins: causes and treatment

All diseases of the intimate sphere, including thrush, people tend to associate with promiscuity. However, it is far from the true state of Affairs, because many diseases of gynaecology meet the girls, who had no intimate experience. So to the question: «does a yeast infection in virgins?» you can answer: «Yes, of Course».

Thrush – a simple name candidiasis. The disease is caused by excessive growth of the fungi Candida. In normal condition they are present in the human body, not only genitals, but also in the mouth, in the intestinal tract. Under the influence of negative factors, the activity of other beneficial microorganisms is inhibited, which allows the fungi to flourish.

Symptoms of thrush

A yeast infection in virgins tied to sexuality and it is called vaginal candidiasis. The development of fungi, the vagina. The disease occurs pronounced signs, however, at the beginning his painting can be quite blurry: discomfort in the intimate area, tingling, tingling. If the girl isn’t sexually active, then she may not pay much attention to the character of discharge from the genital tract. However, after a few days the discharge becomes more abundant, and to ignore them is already a girl.

Symptoms of thrush:

  1. White cheesy discharge with sour odor reminiscent of sour milk products – hence the name of the disease.
  2. Can be itching of the vagina, which with the rapid development of the disease is just unbearable.
  3. Pain during urination.

Symptoms may occur in women who are not having an intimate relationship. To determine the exact diagnosis you need to contact the medical facility to the children’s gynecologist. If this person isn’t, then the little girls parents turn to the pediatrician.

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To be sure the correct treatment, the doctor before diagnosis will have additional study – swab. Smear on the definition of vaginal candidiasis in any way not dangerous for girls and young women not living a sexual life: breaking the hymen when this manipulation occurs.


A yeast infection in virgins does not apply to sexually transmitted diseases, or, according to the modern classification to diseases, sexually transmitted. Violation of the microflora of the vagina can develop thrush. Why is a balance of microorganisms can be broken? The reasons are many.

Vaginal candidiasis appears as a result of:

  • infectious, catarrhal diseases;
  • of low immunity;
  • the use of antibiotics;
  • the use of hygienic tampons, rare to replace them;
  • the use of panty liners with chemical fragrances and untimely replacement of pads as «dailies», and used during menstruation;
  • wearing synthetic underwear, tight tight jeans, tights;
  • hormonal disorders, including puberty;
  • violations of the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • frequent use for intimate areas, lubricants, deodorants, detergents;
  • available other gynecological diseases;
  • promiscuous.

Thrush can be a cause of more serious problems, in particular, various diseases of the reproductive female system. And it deprives future ability to become a mother. In addition, thrush can become chronic and cause infection of the sexual partner.

Yeast infection treatment virgins

Usually after diagnosis a gynecologist appoints local treatment – salves, suppositories, solutions, and oral, that there are drugs in pill form.

If oral drugs do not raise any issues with vaginal treatment virgins can be difficulties. So, the girl and her parents often worried about, will not break the hymen with the introduction of candles. To avoid problems, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Douching for virgins you can replace cleaning, especially for little girls.

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In any case, the treatment should take place before the end. This will completely get rid of the disease. During treatment, you need to lay off the dairy products, sugar, sweets.

Prevention of the disease

Girls are not sexually active, and prevent diseases of the intimate sphere is easier than adult females

  1. From birth, it is necessary to wash away the girl properly, moves from front to back to from the rectum, the microbes did not get on genitals. This should teach a girl when she starts to perform personal hygiene procedures itself.
  2. It is necessary to observe elementary rules of hygiene – to wash, time to change the sheets, gaskets.
  3. Avoid wearing tight clothes, synthetic swimming trunks, thongs, strips-«dailies».
  4. Not to abuse antibiotics, especially without a prescription.

A healthy lifestyle will help prevent many diseases, including thrush. Exercise, complete nutrition, the alternation of movement and rest, avoiding harmful habits strengthen the immune system and restore health.