Can I warm nose in the sinus: to warm the nose with salt, egg at home

Than warm nose in the sinus?

Sinusitis is a serious inflammation, which is characterized as a negative process in the upper respiratory tract. Its treatment involves a range of activities that should be implemented both in the hospital and at home. Most often when first symptoms of the disease, doctors prescribe a procedure of heating.

People with chronic sinusitis knows how to warm nose in the sinus. But the patient, who is diagnosed for the first time, is the counsel of experts raises many questions. Patients often wonder, can I warm nose in the sinus and if Yes, how to do it. This article will give answers to all the questions.

It is allowed to warm the nose

During the formation of the inflammatory process in the maxillary sinus of a patient waiting for a comprehensive treatment. One of the mandatory physiotherapy exercises becomes warming when sinusitis at home.

Warming up in the sinus dry heat is one of the oldest but effective methods of treatment for inflammation of the sinuses.

For many years, dry heat has become a popular method of treatment after which all patients reported a positive result.

But it is very important to carry out the procedure correctly, otherwise there may be unwanted complications and serious consequences. So listen to the advice of the doctor and thoroughly examine the mechanism of the warm nose in the sinus.

When properly designed process heating maxillary sinuses, the patient’s blood vessels expand. In the presence of acute disease, this process provokes the blood flow to the affected area and impaired function of the mucous membrane in respiratory organs. Such effects increase the nasal congestion.

Without having difficulty breathing through the nose becomes even more problematic. And under the influence of heat, and pain in the affected area becomes even more unpleasant, increasing the swelling of the mucosal and significantly worsens the patient’s state of health.

In the presence of nasal purulence or any bacteria may not only the deterioration of the treatment process, but also the development of negative and harmful pathogenic microorganisms. When further penetration of bacteria through the respiratory tract, the patient may develop pneumonia or even more serious consequences.

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Therefore, to carry out the heat treatment of sinusitis in a patient with advanced stage and traumatic nature of inflammation is not desirable. Purulent sinusitis warming and not treated.

Such aspects need to figure out before the treatment in the office of ENT. Therefore, to carry out the heat treatment alone is not recommended. Thus, you can only increase the inflammation and cause chronic stage of the disease.

To find out the true root cause of the formation of disease in the maxillary ways only after examination of the patient and a complete diagnosis. Therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease seek medical help of doctors.

Remember that the effects of thermotherapy, if improperly performed, or the formation of undesirable processes in the body are destructive. Often this treatment sinusitis can lead to periostitis, otitis media, edema of the eye, vascular lesions, impaired function of the brain. In severe cases develop meningitis with purulent lesions of the brain, swelling of the sheath, and brain abscess.

Therefore, to treat sinusitis, this method is only possible in the absence of an acute process. Be careful, that the patient had no swelling or purulent discharge.

Treatment sinusitis dry heat valid at normal swelling of the mucosa or in the case of chronic inflammation of sinusitis, in remission.

How to perform the procedure

Before implementing all the procedures of treatment, it is important to clarify once again the absence of undesirable factors. It is important to remember that warm forehead in the sinus should be only in the absence of pus or severe swelling.


The heat treatment of sinusitis is only one way to get rid of the disease. It will relieve the patient from the mucous accumulations in the nasal cavity, normalizes breathing, will improve the flow of mucus and feeling sick in General.

Not provide treatment without medical advice. In consultation with a specialist, check the time of treatment and number of treatments per day. Usually, patients at the initial stage of sinusitis is prescribed twice a day for no more than five minutes at a time. The number of days in each case individually, but it should not exceed ten days.

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When warming up the sinuses when sinusitis is most often used:

  1. Hard-boiled egg. For the procedure raw egg is a little cool, and then applied to the affected area. Pre-egg should be wrapped in a napkin or a loose towel.
  2. If no eggs, substitute an ingredient for a poultice from a decoction of herbs. It is best to use a decoction of subarea, Bay leaves or roots of the raspberries. Wrap the broth with gauze cloth, moisten it in hot water and apply to the inflamed area for five minutes.
  3. Long for treating sinusitis, used salt. To do this, put a small amount of the ingredient in the pan, and then place in a paper bag. Apply to the affected area, but make sure that the compress was not burning.
  4. In the treatment of sinusitis, you can use melted paraffin. Apply a warm ingredient, pre-placing it on a thin towel.

The most popular question when inflammation of the paranasal sinuses «sinusitis warm salt?». This method of treatment is not prohibited, but make sure that the patient had no temperature at the time of the procedure.

The egg should not be too hot or burning, so before the procedure, cool it to a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. Warm nose egg can no longer than a few minutes a day.

Effective way to get rid of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses include the heat reflector of Minin. Patients often wonder whether it is possible to warm sinusitis blue light. This method of treatment has gained great popularity because of the noticeable results immediately after application, so to use this way of treatment is necessary at the initial stages of sinusitis.

The correct application of the blue lamp involves the following manipulations:

  1. Place a lamp forty inches from the affected area.
  2. Keep your head at a slight angle, so that light from the lamp falls exactly in the affected place.
  3. To carry out the procedure with the help of a reflector of Minin in hospital and at home.
  4. The course of treatment should not exceed seven days, and each treatment should last no longer than ten minutes.
  5. During exposure to blue light, ensure that the patient is not broke distance.
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Warm up the sinuses using the installer Minin is known for its result. So use this method of treatment is necessary immediately after diagnosis is not purulent sinusitis.


This method of treatment sinusitis refers to a very common methods. It can improve the health of the patient immediately after the procedure, but remember that to treat inflammation of the maxillary sinus only by heat treatment is impossible.

In the course of treatment must include some physical therapy as well as drug therapy. All physical therapy should take place under medical supervision and only within a hospital.

In the case of severe pain and other acute symptoms of thermotherapy of the nose should be postponed and take advantage of more modern technology.